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'05 WI RB Orlando Lewis


Illuminatus Emeritus
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Orlando Lewis
Running back
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Height: 5-foot-9 (Nike)
Weight: 194 pounds (Nike)
40-yard dash: 4.66 seconds (Nike)
Bench reps: 16 (Nike)
Vertical leap: 27 inches (Nike)
Shuttle time: 4.28 seconds (Nike)
Junior stats: 800 yds rushing, 14 TD
Insiders rating: ***

From the same school as current recruits DE Raymond Henderson and LB Travis Beckum, and 2004 recruit Rhyan Anderson (signed with Miami).

Lewis is the nephew of former Miami Hurricanes and Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Russell Maryland.

Favorites include Air Force, Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Northern Illinois, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin; he has no offers yet.

A sleeper with good bloodlines from a good high school program.