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'05 WI LB Travis Beckum (Wisconsin signee)





Oak Creek (WI)- this is the same school as Rhyan Anderson
Outside linebacker

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds
GPA: 3.2
2003 Stats: 98 tackles and 8 Int's

Bio Notes: An all-state selection his junior season.

Offers-Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida State, Minnesota, and Ohio State - He does not have a top 5.

Rivals rates him in their top 100 for '05

Will be a three-year starter in 2004. Considered the top junior prospect in the state of Wisconsin. Could play either safety or wide receiver at the next level. Named 2nd team all-state in 2002.

Junior Stats - Had 40 solo tackles, 12 sacks and eight interceptions. Named 1st team all-state. Will be one of the "TOP FIVE" prospects in the Midwest in 2004.

Coaches Comments - Travis played linebacker for us but he could play safety, linebacker or defensive end in college. Travis is great in coverage as well as being a terrific run stopper. We lock him up one on one with the opposing team's best receiver on 3rd downs. Travis will be more highly recruited than Rhyan Anderson (Miami). We've had a lot of coaches come through the school this year looking at Rhyan and when they saw Travis in the weight-room, their jaws dropped. One college coach said he looks like Kellen Winslow Jr. right now. Travis is the best basketball player in our school also. -- Oak Creek coach Joe Koch

article on WI recruits

Outside linebacker Travis Beckum of Oak Creek figures to be the most heavily recruited player in the junior class. In fact, Beckum might draw as much interest this coming season as Anderson did last season.

Oak Creek coach Joe Koch said Beckum already had offers from Wisconsin, Miami, Oklahoma and Iowa, among others. Wisconsin also has expressed interest in two other prospects from Oak Creek, defensive end Raymond Henderson and running back Orlando Lewis, according to Koch.
Insiders premium

tOSU, FSU, Miami, and Tenn are his top 4. He is not sure about his 5th school- it could be scUM or Wisky.

Most think Miami is the favorite for Travis and his teammate Raymond Henderson. They apparantly have wanted to go South, together with Rhyan Anderson for a few years now.

According to Insiders they both have offers from Miami while Rivals only shows a Beckum offer.

It is a long shot but at least we are in the running.
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Rivals Premium

Beckum lists the same top 4 and would like to add one more school to make an official to. He was considered a Miami lean early on but says that everyone is even and he won't have a favorite until after he takes his visits. Distance won't be a factor in his decision, unfortunately :biggrin:
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bigtimebuck4 said:
where would he play? we dont exactly need safeties, espescially if we are lucky enough to get AMW.

Well at 6'5", 220 pounds you'd think he'll either end up at OLB or possibly DE if he has the frame to add weight. The kid does have some serious wheels. Kurelic thinks we have a chance but with Rhyan Anderson already at Miami and the Oak Creek staff being Cane backers you gotta think the U is in the driver's seat.
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