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'05 SC WR Rendrick Taylor (Clemson signee)



WR Rendrick Taylor (6-3 215) of Marlboro County will be the latest in an impressive line of major college prospects produced by Dean Boyd. "He is strong and physical and gets the job done," Boyd said. "He has good hands. His speed is really good. He's very physical. He's tough to bring down in the open field because he's so strong and he can...

Bennettsville (SC)
Marlboro County
Wide Receiver

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds

Rendrick Taylor Marlboro County 28 catches 788yds 30.3 avg 8 TD's

Probably a long shot to come out of the South (SC, Clemson, UT) but tOSU is expressing interest.

Marlboro County WR Rendrick Taylor (6-3 215) has an offer from Clemson and a couple of more schools are about to jump in with offers according to his coach Dean Boyd. USC and Maryland are close to pulling the trigger on offers according to Boyd. Taylor is also getting attention from Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, Alabama and Auburn. He attended Clemson's Junior Day and will go to USC's and possibly Georgia's. Last season Taylor had 26 catches for 811 yards and 11 touchdowns.
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Rendrick plays for the Marlboro County Bulldogs....they are a local school and Ive seen a few films of him. Marlboro keeps turning out athletes around here...Syvelle Newton and Robert Ayers have come from that school the past two years. In a rough and subpar season for MC last year, Rendrick was a stud..check out this pic of Rendrick.

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From SCVarsity

"He's a freak," said Marboro County head Coach, Dean Boyd. "He's got the potential to be the best player we've ever put out."

Taylor had more than 800 yards receiving last season and when lined up at safety, is scary with the lethal hits he delivers to receivers that cross his path.

"He's one of the strongest players on our team," said Boyd. "He's one of Coach Kaga's (strength coach) hardest workers on that strength team. To top all of that off, he's a good student and a good kid."
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At 6-2, 215 pounds, Taylor boasts a college-ready physique — he benches 330 pounds. What wowed scouts at this past weekend’s Nike camp in Atlanta was his 37½-inch vertical leap.

The Bulldogs’ offense in 2003 came together about midway through the season when Boyd made the realization there was no need to send Taylor on deep receiving routes.

“We finally wised up and started throwing short stuff. He’s just so strong that he’s hard to bring down,” Boyd said.

Taylor amassed 890 yards on 26 receptions. That’s 34.2 yards per catch.
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Offers Pile Up For Taylor
By Phil Kornblut
An impressive at the Nike Camp earlier this month has led to an explosion of scholarship offers for Marlboro County WR Rendrick Taylor (6-3 215). "He finished eighth overall out of 489 prospects at the camp," said Bulldog coach Dr. Dean Boyd. "He bench pressed 185 pounds 24 times. He ran the pro shuttle in 4.3 seconds. His vertical was 37.5 inches, third best overall. He ran a 4.61 forty." The newest offers are Auburn, North Carolina, NC State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland and Alabama. Taylor has also been offered by Clemson, USC, Kansas State, Stanford, Michigan and Duke. He continues to be a strong lean to Clemson. Tiger head coach Tommy Bowden watched him practice last week. "He feels strong towards both in state schools," Boyd said. Taylor will camp at Clemson and USC this summer and according to his coach, he may not take official visits to the in state schools saving his trips for out of state programs. Taylor previously has listed Georgia and Michigan as his favorites behind Clemson.
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