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'05 PA RB Steve Slaton (WVU signee)


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Steve Slaton
Running back / Cornerback
Fairless Hills, PA, Conwell-Egan
Height: 5-foot-10
Weight: 184 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
Bench max: 305 pounds
Squat max: 600 pounds
Vertical leap: 38 inches
GPA: 2.8
SAT: 920
Junior stats: 1,626 yds, 7.9 avg, 19 TD's; 2 INT's of defense
Insiders rating: ***

Nice videos - good speed, power, vision, moves, and sets up his blocks well. Not the sheer speed of a MoW, or the moves of a Ringer, but a legit major program RB. Has offers from Maryland (favorite), North Carolina, and West Virginia; has interest in Ohio State and others.

Slaton is also a track star: 6.98-60m/10.7-100m/22.6-200m/23.5-LJ

Fairless Hills is located between Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ.
I don't think tOSU is showing much interest but here is some free info on him. Slaton seems to like Maryland alot.



Steve Slaton, a 5'10", 185 lb., 4.35/40 running back/corner back from Fairless Hills (Conwell-Egan), PA is already getting interest from a variety of programs in and around the Keystone State. Considered one of the top prospects in both Pennsylvania and the Northeast, Steve is being pursued by programs like West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Notre Dame and Pitt, aside from PSU.

Steve (left, Bucks County Courier Times) is an accomplished track athlete as well, participating in events like the 60 meter Dash, the 200 meter, the 400 meter and the long jump. He boasts 4.35/40 speed and a strong stride, which serves him well on the football field and makes him difficult to take down on an initial hit.
Steve's impressive speed and strength earned him an All-Catholic First Team selection and and All-Pennsylvania Football News Class AAA Teams Third Team selection this past season.

His strength is illustrated by his ability to squat 525 lbs. He shattered the school's career rushing record with 4,171 yards on 423 attempts, or a stellar 9.9 yards per carry. He also scored 46 touchdowns through last season and still has his senior year to improve those numbers.

Recruiting reporter Max Emfinger gives Steve four out of five stars and lists him currently as the top running back prospect our of Pennsylvania. He is considered one of the top prospects in the state and likely will be considered the best from Eastern Pennsylvania by many.

Steve does not seem to have a clear cut favorite school at this stage, although when he was profiled as the Bucks County Courier Times' Athlete of the Week this past season, the only college he listed was Penn State. The battle for Steve will certainly intensify as more schools learn about his abilities, especially as he enters his senior season.


PA RB Impresses at Nike Camp
By Tony Villiotti
Date: May 19, 2004

Steve Slaton is one of Pennsylvania's top prospects and already has offers in hand from North Carolina and West Virginia. He attended the Nike Camp and PSU’s junior day this past weekend. Where does Penn State figure in? How did he like Penn State's junior day?

Name: Steve Slaton
Position: RB/DB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 pounds
40 Speed: 4.43 seconds
Hometown/School: Conwell Egan Catholic HS, Fairless Hills, PA

Steve Slaton, a major college prospect at both running back and defensive back, attended both the Nike Camp and Penn State’s junior day this past weekend. Lion News had a chance to meet him in person and talk to him about his performance at Nike and his future plans.

Not surprisingly, Steve tested well at Nike, running a 4.34 40, completing the shuttle in 4.18 and measuring 38.6" on the vertical jump. Steve has offers from North Carolina and West Virginia. We asked Steve if Penn State had talked with him recently.

“Mike McQueary came out a couple times. He came to my school and told me that they were interested.” For what position is Penn State recruiting him. “Running back and d-back.” Steve has expressed his preference for playing running running back. What has Penn State said about that? “They said they’ll try me at both.”

Any other visits planned?

“For the summer, I’m going to Penn State’s camp again and Maryland’s camp so far. I don’t know what other camps I’m going to yet.”

Who’s at the top of his list?

“I don’t know. Everybody’s on the same level.”

Where’s Penn State?

“Top 5,” he answered while acknowledging that that doesn't mean the Nittany Lions are 5th on his list.

What did you do during the junior day?

“We toured the academics and toured the football facilities. They show you how college life would be freshman year and throughout. I thought it was nice. I heard a lot of people say it was better than other schools. They let us walk around and see everything.

How many players attended Friday’s junior day?

“We went into two groups. I’d say about 40.”
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C-E's Slaton rushing to glory
[email protected]

This much is certain about the nonfootball portion of Steve Slaton's future:

Nothing is certain.
He has embraced, then rejected, the idea of working in physical therapy. Same with electrical engineering. His current thoughts run to sports management. But just to be safe, next fall he will enter the University of Maryland with an undeclared major.

So, is Steve Slaton wishy-washy? Not when it comes to his commitment to football. Not even close.

The 5-10, 190-pound, chiseled-from-stone Slaton is a senior at Conwell-Egan High. And since splashing onto the varsity scene as a freshman, he has worked and worked and worked.

His bench-press is 325 pounds. His time for 40 yards is 4.34.

"I'd love to get paid," he said, smiling.

He was talking about pro football, and the comment came after he mentioned how much he loves watching college football.

"It's so intense," he said. "They're working so hard, but not getting paid...They're trying to get paid."

Whether Slaton will become a ballcarrying whiz in the pros, or even as a Terp, is to be determined, of course, but there's no denying his scholastic impact.

With a 25-carry, 263-yard, three-touchdown effort Saturday night in a 27-20 win over Archbishop Carroll, he became only the fourth 5,000-yard career rusher in city history.

Slaton's total stands at 5,016 entering another Blue Division game tomorrow vs. Kennedy-Kenrick at Roosevelt Field in Norristown, leaving him behind 2003 West Catholic grad Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley (7,413), 1998 Frankford grad Eddie Gaskins (6,122) and 2001 Cardinal O'Hara grad Kevin Jones (5,728; now with Detroit Lions).

A total of 290 of those yards, a school record, came in his first varsity start and second appearance total. The victim was Cardinal Dougherty.

"It seems like a long time ago," he said. "I still remember it, though, even with so many games in between.

"It was a big shock. From having watched high school games every Friday night, I thought I might have to change my position, to maybe just d-back, for high school ball, especially to play varsity as a freshman. Most kids don't get to play too much until their junior year.

"It put a lot of expectations on me. And the team."

Most have been met. C-E is 5-1 this season and 21-16 from the day of Slaton's first start. The previous 21 wins had required 13 seasons.

"There's been a big excitement playing football here," Slaton said. "I feel I've helped the team as much as they've helped me in trying to get the school back on the map."

Slaton has been immersed in football for as long as he can remember.

He has vivid memories of a five-TD game in pound ball, and they produce a hearty chuckle.

How his buddy played on the opposite team and talked nonstop trash beforehand. How he'd already dashed for four scores when the opposing coach accused Slaton's teammates of delivering cheap shots. How he was re-inserted and scampered for one more, silencing his buddy for a very long time.

How he spent one season as a quarterback and tried to be Michael Vick.

How he attended game after game involving Rancocas Valley High in South Jersey and his brother, Charles Tiggett, a safety. (And how he loves it that Charles, famous for high-energy support along the sideline for every player, is now a volunteer assistant at C-E. Though he won't be able to attend tomorrow's game. "It's the first one he's going to miss," Slaton said. "It'll feel weird.")

How, when schedules don't conflict, he watches games involving Burlington Township High, also in South Jersey, and his cousin, Doug Billingsley, a starting d-back.

Slaton, revered throughout C-E for his work habits, good nature and humility, also receives robust support from his parents, Carl Slaton and Juanita Tiggett-Slaton. And he speaks about once a week with a star Egan running back of a generation ago, Keith Armstrong, who coaches special teams for the Miami Dolphins.

"It helps a lot," said Slaton, who is academically qualified for freshman eligibility. "He tells me lots of things I need to know."

Slaton also serves coach Kevin Kelly as a safety (his late interception sealed the Carroll win), return man and punter. But it's running from scrimmage that most stirs his juices. His blockers are center Ron Smith, guards Ryan Biernat and Rob Heller, tackles John Leahey and Justin Bainbridge and ends Dan Salera and David Kuebler. The regular fullback, Matt Porreca, has been out with an injury. Ray O'Hara has filled in well.

When asked about playing tailback, Slaton said: "It's one of the best things in the world...Everybody's trying to tackle you.

"And everybody wants to play that position; either that or quarterback. It's not a position everybody can play."

Of his style, he said, "I just try, mostly, to outrun people. Or to juke them. I don't mind running them over, or just into them, but I mostly try to utilize my speed."

There's plenty of that, along with the other important attributes.

Up to now, his nonfootball sporting venture at C-E has been track. But now there's some wavering.

"My father was a baseball player," Slaton said. "I think I'm going to play that this spring."

His face lit up. "And try to steal lots of bases."

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Slaton has decommitted from Maryland and tOSU is one of the schools that is contacting him.
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The WVU site does list Scooter Berry and Ed Collington as RBs, but Berry is a FB all the way. Nonetheless, Collington and SLaton make two and Gwaltney makes three. Makes one wonder with OSU backing off Collins, doesn't it?
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Hubbard;1064906; said:
If true, stupid, stupid move. He hasn't shown much this season other than he is injury prone.

At worst he's a second rounder. Have another bad year next year, and what happens?

I think he's hedging his bets, and it probably isn't a bad idea with all of the question marks going into his senior campaign.
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BuckeyeNation27;1064917; said:
it's a little reminiscent of Pittman and Beanie. This Devine kid looks pretty damn good. Does Slaton want to split carries next year?

Splitting carries would have been a step up in his workload it seems versus this past season. He just seemed to disappear from games.
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