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'05 PA RB/DB Justin King (Penn State signee)





Looks like his step dad (ex PSU player) will be pretty active in his recruitment (Morelli 2???)

King has decided against making an early verbal commitment. He will wait until after taking official visits to announce his decision.

"I learned that when you commit, you should be ready to commit," King said. "I learned I should take my time, take my visits. I'm trying to stay level-headed."
The 6-foot, 182-pound King rushed for 1,763 yards and 31 touchdowns last season, but is coveted as a cover cornerback with 4.31-second speed. He already has scholarship offers from Pitt, Penn State, West Virginia, Boston College, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Wisconsin.

Michigan and Penn State are the early leaders.

"Michigan wants him on both sides of the ball," Smith said. "The last guy they recruited like that was Charles Woodson. Michigan really wants him. Coach (Lloyd) Carr has been to school. They told me that every week they're allowed here they will be here. They came eight straight weeks. And Penn State matched them."

Smith admittedly is biased toward Penn State, having played for Joe Paterno from 1987-90. He believes that it is a good situation for a young cornerback.

Smith's influence could bear well for the Nittany Lions, unless he determines that the program is headed in the wrong direction and steers King away.
Looks as if Mr. Smith needs to read this excerpt from the Plain Dealer article that chronicled Ginn's recruitment:

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr even took it a step further. He had done his homework. He knew Ginn liked Michigan from the time Charles Woodson played his first college game to when he emerged as a two-way standout for the Wolverines and won the 1997 Heisman Trophy. Carr knew Ginn emulated Woodson, even going as far as wearing No. 2 on his game jersey.

"Coach Carr was the only one who told me I had a starting position locked up," Ginn said. "He told me there were only two players who had the talent to start on defense and offense at Michigan: Charles Woodson and me."

I sent a copy of the Plain Dealer article to Kevin Gorman, the sports reporter from the Pittsburgh paper. Hopefully he delivers the message to Justin. LOL!!! I'll bet Lloyd tells that to all the boys.
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King was at scUM's junior days this weekend with a star studded list of prospects- Doering, Paxson, Terrance Taylor, Sharpley, Talonnie Russell, Ryan Reynolds and their stud RB verbal Kevin Grady

He still ranks scUM/PSU as the early leaders but mentions ND, GA, tOSU as the others he is considering

He mentioned he was going back up to visit scUM in a few weeks for Spring Practice :sad:

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"We're still looking for him on offense due to our stud corners we will have next year. I think he's scared off by our depth. Oh well, I'd take Jamario anyday over King."

I want both! Someone is bound to leave early with all the talent we have in the secondary. He sounds really excited about the USC offer. I would have to think they will have a good shot. I would rather see him go to U$C than go to scUM.
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In the latest Insider update it says that Justin is being looked at as a TB by tOSU and FSU while the rest of the teams are considering him as a CB/3rd down WR. He does not seem to have a preference. He will visit tOSU, scUM and PSU in the next month or so.

He ran a 4.24 40 at tOSU- WOW!
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Just got done watching some video of King on Rivals. Wow! I think I'd rate Maurice Wells slightly higher but King was awfully impressive. Unbelievable speed, vision, balance and he broke a few tackles here and there. It's no wonder why we want him on the offensive side of the ball. There was only one clip of him on defense but I agree we seem pretty set there with Ginn, the Underwoods, Youboty and O'Neal to name a few. Let's hope he wants to play on offense although most believe he'll end up a Nittany Lion.
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the latest Insiders update does not have us in his top 8 or so teams

His top 3 are scUM, PSU and USC while teams like FSU & ND are in the running

I guess I am not too suprised by this- those teams seem to need the shutdown corner a little more than we do- I just hope PSU wins out among his leaders :)
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free insiders article

Can the Nittany Lions capitalize on Terry Smith's legacy? Smith, who played WR for Penn State, is the father of Pittsburg Gateway CB/RB Justin King and isn't encouraging his son to play in State College.

"He told me to stay level-headed and not get caught up in everything," said King. Easier said than done, as one of the nation's elite prospects is experiencing firsthand.

CB/RB Justin King (5-11, 180, 4.4) of Pittsburgh Gateway (PA) already has about 27 offers and is firmly established as one of the elite recruits who will sign next Feb. Justin favors Michigan (CB) and Penn State (CB) slightly over USC (ATH), Florida State (ATH), Oklahoma (CB) and Texas (RB)--and all have offered.

"I grew up watching Michigan and Penn State. Penn State was my first offer when I was a frosh," said King. "I always loved their tradition and they are only two hours away, but that doesn't matter. I'll go where the opportunity is right. My dad (Terry Smith) played WR there. He told me to stay level-headed and not get caught up in everything. He doesn't have a favorite though."

His dad also happens to be the head coach at Pittsburgh Gateway High.

"But I was also a big-fan of Michigan. I liked their helmets when I was younger. They are recruiting me really hard and I've been to their JR Day already. I like my chances to play early there and I'm real familiar with their coaches. They seem to care about the players and I've been recruited by them since the ninth grade.

"Michigan and Penn St have the edge basically because they've been recruiting me the longest and the hardest. I'm just the most familiar with them.

"I like USC too. I like Coach Carroll and they were the national champs. It's a great opportunity there and they always have great players."

Justin says he hasn't decided on which camps he'll attend and says he plans to take all five of his official visits before making a commitment.

He finished his JR year with 1763 yds rushing on 211 carries and 31 TDs. Justin also played receiver and caught eight balls for 160 yds and two more TDs. On defense, he had 30 tackles, three fumbles caused and three picks.

"I'm quick and have great speed. I'm also very tough. I play explosive and am hard to stop. I want to work on catching the ball and have better hands. I want to get bigger. I prefer playing CB. It's better in the long run because there are more CBs than RBs in the NFL."

2.7/Jun SAT
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Pitt paper article


SCHOOL: Gateway.

WHO IS HE? A 6-foot, 180-pound junior, King is a football star who also is excelling in track.

LAST WEEK: King won the 100- and 200-meter dashes at the Tri-State Coaches Association Championships at West Mifflin last Saturday and also anchored Gateway's 400 relay team that finished first. King ran the 100 in 11.03 seconds and the 200 in 22.52.

CAREER: King also was one of the top sprinters in the WPIAL last year, but he didn't run in the WPIAL 100 final because he false-started, which disqualified him.

BEST EVENT: Although King has done well in the 100 and 200, he's not sure which event is his best.

"I think it's the 100, but most people think I'm better in the 200," King said. "I don't like running the 200, though."

THE REASON HE RUNS: King does not try to hide his feelings for running track. "I just do it to keep in shape for football," he said. "I really don't like it that much."

His least favorite part of track is practice.

"You just run in practice," he said. "You're not running from anybody."

DOZENS OF OFFERS: King is a running back-defensive back in football. Although he is only a junior, he already has scholarship offers for football from colleges across the country.

"It's more than 25," said Gateway football coach/athletic director Terry Smith, who also is King's stepfather.

Most schools want him as a cornerback, but a few like him as a running back. Besides offers from Pitt and Penn State, King also been offered scholarships by big-time programs such as Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Florida State.

"Basically, whoever we sent a tape to, wrote back with a scholarship offer," Smith said. "We sent a tape to [USC coach] Pete Carroll. He called at 8 o' clock the next morning, talked to me and then offered."

Many had King pegged as a future Penn State recruit because he has said in the past that he likes the Nittany Lions. And also because Smith played receiver at Penn State.

But, when asked if he had a favorite, King didn't hesitate to say, "My leader right now is Michigan. Just because Michigan has been recruiting me the hardest, along with Penn State. Plus, I'm real comfortable with the coaches there -- and it's Michigan."

SPRINTERS' SHOWDOWN: King will run in the Butler Invitational April 16 against North Hills star sprinter Andrew Johnson. A senior, Johnson is a University of Miami football recruit and the defending WPIAL and PIAA 100-meter champ.

"If I hit on all cylinders, I have a chance against him," King said.
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