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'05 PA QB Jordan Thomas (Seton Hill signee)




Ht: 6-1 Wt: 185 40: 4.5
Position: QB
Projected as: QB
High School: Jeannette SHS
(Jeannette, PA)

In 2003 Thomas threw for over 1,500 yards and 16 touchdown passes. He rushed for 400 yards and scored 8 touchdowns on the ground. Jordan also happens to be a very capable defensive back as well, picking off 4 passes.

tOSU is a favorite according to Insiders

and he is being recruited by tOSU according to this article

WPIAL features 19 in East-West game

The WPIAL will feature 19 players in the Pennsylvania State Football Coaches Association East-West all-star football game Saturday in Altoona.

Three players are from Upper St. Clair (Pat Shepard, Matt Shine, Nick DeBartolo), two from Baldwin (Fred Bacco, Ryan Buzzelli) and two from Hopewell (Craig Bokor, Grant Nelson).

Brandon Sticca (Greensburg Salem), Pete Winovich (Thomas Jefferson) and Joe McDaniel (Woodland Hills) will also play. All three played in the Foothills Classic on Saturday.

Winovich, who will attend Bowling Green, was 13 for 22 with 125 yards and one touchdown in the Foothills Classic. McDaniel ran for 26 yards, and Sticca fumbled twice on three touches.

Being watched

Jeannette quarterback Jordan Thomas, who passed for 1,406 yards and 16 touchdowns last year, is being scouted by Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Michigan, Ohio State and Pitt. He also rushed for more than 400 yards and eight touchdowns.

Other players being looked at are Scott Uziel (tight end, Franklin Regional), Jason Kacinko (offensive lineman, Penn-Trafford), Earnest Williams (linebacker, Monessen), Quinton Martin (defensive back, Monessen), Josh Miller (linebacker, Greater Johnstown), Brad Dawson (wide receiver, Thomas Jefferson) and Jason Calorio (offensive lineman, Kiski Area).

Pitt paper article on Thomas



A 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback/defensive back on the football team.

Thomas completed 5 of 7 passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns, ran for a third score and intercepted a pass Friday, leading the Jayhawks (11-0) to a 46-18 rout of Riverside in the WPIAL Class AA quarterfinals.

A junior, Thomas has started at quarterback for two seasons and on defense for one. The Jayhawks are 21-1 with him under center. This year, he has completed 65 of 140 passes for 1,168 yards and 15 touchdowns, run for eight touchdowns and returned one of three interceptions for a score. He threw for more than 900 yards in 2002.

"Going deep is my strength," said Thomas, who threw two 58-yard touchdown passes Friday. But strong-arm tactics aren't his only trademark. "Jordan can beat you throwing or with his legs," said Jayhawks coach Bob Murphy. "He's very athletic. He makes a lot of big plays scrambling. Jordan is outstanding on defense, too, but we try to give him a little time off there. He's a great leader, but the biggest thing about him is he is a competitor."

During the winter, Thomas keeps order on the court. He has been the starting point guard for the Jeannette boys' basketball team since his first game as a freshman. Thomas was first-team All-Section 1-AA last season, when he averaged 13.1 points and 5.0 assists per game..

An honor student, Thomas said he likes football and basketball equally but is leaning toward college football.
Although we are listed "as a favorite", his interest level in us is low, at least according to their chart:

Notre Dame - High Interest
Virginia Tech - Med Interest
West Virginia - Med Interest
Michigan - Low Interest
Ohio State - Low Interest
Pittsburgh - Low Interest
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