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'05 PA QB Bill Stull (Pitt signee)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Just read an article today where Stull and his father both claimed Ohio State lead for his services. Here is an article from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review I was able to find from early last season. It sounds like if Coach Tressel wants him he's ours.


thanks Nutty

here is something I found using Google- AOL Profile page with comments from the Stulls


Bill & Debbie Stull
A job transfer brought us to Pittsburgh 3 years ago. We have learned to like the Pittsburgh area, but the Browns are not negotiable. We are from the Youngstown area and are life long fans. We were there for the "Drive" (in the Dawg Pound) and years of great memories in the old stadium. Paul Warfield and Bernie Kosar were local favorites where we lived. Go Browns!

Billy Stull
I am 15 and grew up a Browns fan in Youngstown, Ohio. Been to the new Stadium several times and hope to play there one day. For now I play QB for the Seton LaSalle Rebels ( 2002 PIAA State Runners-up) here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I'm also a "Buckeye" fan. Met Coach Tressel playing "youth football" in Youngstown. Hope to play for the Bucks and Browns in the future.

obviously this must be at least a year old but it sounds Bill Stull is a Big Buckeye fan and his family used to live in Youngstown
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Here is another article from the beginning of this past season on Stull and Seton- LaSalle's tradition of top passers


Look at the WPIAL's top throwing quarterbacks in recent years, and there always seems to be a Seton-LaSalle player near the top. Anthony Doria was among the leaders last season, Bruce Gradkowski was No. 1 three years ago and Shane Patterson was near the top in 1996.

Look for Bill Stull to make sure a successful passing game isn't a passing fad.

Stull is in the batter's box for the first time as Seton-LaSalle's quarterback. The way people are talking, he just might hit a home run.

"He has a chance to be a real special player," said Seton-LaSalle Coach Lou Cerro. "He's got all the tools -- the size, the attitude, the arm. He has some big shoes to fill, but he has a chance to better than anyone we've had."

Stull is a 6-foot-3 1/2, 190-pound junior who has yet to start a game for the Rebels. But he already is being called a Division I college prospect.

"I hope so because [playing major-college football] has certainly been one of my goals," said Stull, who has run the 40-yard dash in 4.68 seconds..

For insight, Stull has used more than Cerro and offensive coordinator Greg Perry. He also has used Gradkowski and Doria. Gradkowski is a quarterback at Toledo.

"I watched a lot of film with them and worked out with them this summer," Stull said. "I'm taking a lot of advice from them. They just say to listen to Coach and do what he tells me."

Although Seton-LaSalle lost its starting receivers from last year's team that won the WPIAL Class AA title, Stull said, "I think our passing game can be just as good."

But instead of getting ready for Seton-LaSalle's season, Stull could have been preparing himself to be a quarterback at Mt. Lebanon. His family moved from Poland, Ohio, to Mt. Lebanon when Stull was in sixth grade. He attended Mt. Lebanon as a freshman before deciding to transfer to Seton-LaSalle.

"My parents really wanted me to go [to Seton-LaSalle]," Stull said. "They have smaller classes and I've gotten better grades. ... At first, it was kind of hard, leaving the friends I had made in a couple years. But it's a better situation for me here. Plus, we still live in Mt. Lebanon."

Cerro said, "He can throw deep and he can throw with touch. He can throw a little of everything. He can do it all. The sky is the limit for this kid."
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Purdue and Iowa are also pursuing him very hard. I'm sorry, but pretty much every school mentioned in this thread has had better QB's than OSU in the past 5-10 years.

Kentucky: Couch (ugh) and Lorenzen
Miss: Manning
Purdue: Brees, Orton
Iowa: Banks

maybe they know something we don't? Gradkowski is looking awesome for Toledo.
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Cleve: I'll take Krenzel, as an overall QB, over everyone you mentioned with the exception of Manning and maybe Brees. If Krenzel would hit half of the wide open WRs he missed this past season, I'd take him even over Manning and Brees.
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Yea and if Bellisari would've hit half his open receivers he wouldn't have been booed off the field so often. Sure, Krenzel stepped up big and made some plays. But he put himself in half the situations by playing so bad to begin with. Our defense was the main reason we won a lot of these games. That and MC in 02.

The 02 version of Krenzel was okay because he rarely made mistakes. Few INT's, only 1 fumble that I remember (On the goalline vs. PSU). The 03 version included just as many INT's as TD's.

If Brees, Couch, or Manning had our defense and surrounding cast, they would've been unstoppable.

Our QB's have been the overall weakest link of our offense for as long as I can remember, except maybe when Coop was smart enough to play Germaine.
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Max on Stull

Billy Stull 6-4, 195, 4.68, of Pittsburgh Seton LaSalle, Pennsylvania is an exceptional quarterback prospect with a very strong arm. On film, he demonstrates a great quickness and a great ability to escape in the pocket. He also has a very quick release. His arm strength and quick release are his main strengths and they are as good as any quarterback that I have seen this year.

He also has a great touch on the football, and on film he demonstrated an excellent ability to throw the fade pattern to a multitude of different receivers. In fact, on the third play of his highlight film, he threw a beautiful deep fade pattern to one of his receivers for a touchdown. He continued to mix the fade pattern in with his other pass patterns, but in his first 12 plays, he probably threw the fade pass pattern about four times and he always had the great touch with great success.

This is not the only play that he was impressive throwing as he went through his arsenal of pass plays. When he needed to zip the ball over the middle in traffic, he demonstrated that he could also do that as well as any quarterback in the 2005 recruiting class.
As a junior, Stull completed 154 of 256 passes for an outstanding 2,262-yards and 22 touchdown passes. His completion rate was an outstanding 60.1 per-cent.

He carries a 2.5 GPA and he is scheduled to take the SAT Test in June. He bench presses around 275-pounds and squats around 300-pounds.
Stull has all of the tools to be an outstanding quarterback at the next level, but his doors have not yet been beaten down. He does have two offers in Kentucky and Akron, but the real truth is that he deserves many more than that.

I think that it is only a matter of time before this kid is one of the most heavily recruited quarterbacks in the country. His favorites include Ohio State, Purdue, Iowa, West Virginia, and Kentucky. He will attend The April 17 NIKE Camp at Ohio State; the May 16-19 Pittsburgh Metro Camp; and the Ohio State Football Camp in June. He also wants to compete against all of the other Top Quarterbacks in the country in the 7 ON 7 National Combine at Notre Dame in May.
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