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'05 PA OL Zach Anderson (Akron signee)


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Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Zach Anderson
Offensive tackle
Prospect Park, Pennsylvania Interboro
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 260 pounds
40-yard dash: 5 seconds
Bench max: 340 pounds
Squat max: 410 pounds
GPA: 2.7
Rivals 3* (no. 43 OT in country, no. 23 overall in state of PA)
Insiders 3*

Pittsburgh, Purdue, Virginia, and Akron have offered and are his favorites; Zach also has interest in Ohio State, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, and Michigan State; he plans on deciding before Christmas.

According to Insiders, Zach has an "excellent wingspan" and "has the frame to put on a lot of weight easily."

Zach is a three-year starter in high school; he currently plays left tackle, and projects to remain at that position in college.

Zach also throws the shot put and discus in track.

His brother, Bryan (6'5", 325), was a former standout offensive lineman for Pitt, and is currently with the Chicago Bears.

Prospect Park is a suburb of Philadelphia.

With a strong senior season, Zach might gain some more offers from big-time programs, as he has the size and the bloodlines.