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'05 PA DL Callahan Bright (FSU signee, transfer to Shaw University)


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Ht: 6-2 Wt: 315 40: 4.9
Position: DL, OL
Projected as: DT, OL
Position Rank: NR
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Harriton SHS
(Bryn Mawr, PA)

Bright is one of the nation's finest defensive prospects. He has good size, excellent speed, quickness and strength. Bright bench presses 400 pounds and squats 700. He carries a 2.8 GPA.
Besides football, he plays Lacrosse, throws the shot put on the track and field team, and he was once active in power lifting and aspires to get back involved in the sport. He also wrestles in the unlimited division at several free style tournaments.

Coach's Comments:"Boy can he run and Callahan is very tenacious," said Harriton Head Coach Harold Lewis. "He is an every down player with a high motor. Callahan is strong and dominant. The kid can just play."

Bright is one of the best DT prospects in the entire country. Recently was named the #2 athlete in the Elite Colleges Combine top 15 behind Maryland WR Derrick Williams. Runs an impressive 4.9 40 at 315 pounds. He's extremely quick of the ball and has amazing agility for a big man. He has over 40 offers from the likes of Miami, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Georgia, Purdue and Ohio State. Early in the process he mentioned wanting to play in warm weather but the Buckeyes have moved into his list of favorites.

Bright also wrestles in High School and was named All-District and earned a 6th place medal at State.

There was a lot of pressure on Bright that Saturday morning. Harrison Gymnasium at Glen Mills was packed to the rafters, the Peter Gunn theme was blaring, and all eyes were on Bright, who came into that bout as the county’s second-ranked heavyweight.

Anything less than a win against Nicholson, then the county’s top-ranked heavyweight, would be deemed a failure for Bright, especially in front of more than 900 of his schoolmates.

Bright, who came into that bout with a 15-1 record, might have lost to Nicholson that day, but it was then that Bright realized what he had to do if he wanted to achieve his dream of making states.

"Callahan could have tanked it and quit after that match," said Glen Mills coach Regan Mahoney, who recently completed his 14th season in charge of the Bulls. "That match was a turning point for Callahan. After that bout, he knew where he was and what he needed to do to get to states."

Bright, whose only prior wrestling experience consisted of four bouts as a freshman and a brief foray into the sport in middle school, not only advanced to the PIAA Class AAA tournament, he earned a sixth-place medal at Hershey and finished the season with a 28-6 record.
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This guy is a beast- he is rated 1 or 2 with King as best prospects in PA. His style of play is compared to Sapp. I have heard that Cryami is the team to beat. But it is very impressive that we made his list of favorites.
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Rivals has rated Callahan as a five-star prospect, and No. 20 on their Top 100 list. I just watched his film, and he is dominating, with a good combination of strength and quickness. He would be an excellent pick up for Ohio State, even though he probably falls into the long shot category.
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The Insiders now has video of Bright and it's awfully impressive. That combination of size and speed should probably be illegal. Although the quality is not the greatest a few plays stand out. On one play he broke through the middle of the line and crushed the quarterback, causing him to release the ball early. The ball was intercepted and Bright got up and made a block during the run back...gotta love the effort. On another play a punt was blocked and Bright picked up the ball, ran around the left side and scored. It was hard to believe this could was over 300 pounds running like that. In another play a sweep was strung out to the right side and Bright, from his DT position, assisted on the tackle near the sideline. Huge kid, great feet, big speed and a great motor. I forgot to mention what a great blocker he is.

As a side note, The Insiders really needs to improve the quality of their video if they want to compete with Rivals. Half the time you have to struggle to find the kid because they don't circle where a player is lined up and guys like Bright play all along the D-line.
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Nutty - it sounds like at least some of the Insiders' video which you just watched are the same as those on Rivals. The Rivals' videos seem to be of fairly decent quality, so maybe you can check those out.

Bright is definitely the best DT prospect I've seen this year, clearly a step up from Kade Weston (who is also quite good). Denlinger will be a good one, but more in the mold of a Darrion Scott "combo" DL; Todd simply doesn't have the power of a Bright or a Weston, although he is very quick, has "plus" speed for his size, and "reads" well.
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Bright is definitely the best DT prospect I've seen this year, clearly a step up from Kade Weston (who is also quite good). Denlinger will be a good one, but more in the mold of a Darrion Scott "combo" DL; Todd simply doesn't have the power of a Bright or a Weston, although he is very quick, has "plus" speed for his size, and "reads" well.
Ill agree with you that Bright is the best DT ive seen as well. Comparing Todd to him is a little hard however because Todd played LB and not DT in the highlights. He was also 50 pounds lighter the Bright...it will be interesting to see how Todd does on the line next year compared to these other great prospects
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Lemmings comments in recent free e-mail from usapreps.com

I just spoke with Callahan a couple days ago. He says he likes everyone. Every big time school you name, he says he likes them. Keeping that in mind, from talking to him a few times, I get the impression the schools he really likes are Miami, Florida State, Tennessee and Nebraska. He will be taking his time. In the mean time, before he worries about any of this stuff, he really needs to be working on his grades. I really like the kid, but it is the truth. His grades are beginning to turn in to something that could be an obstacle down the road.

LOL- Tom has Nebraska on every big time players list- the guy is shameless :tongue2:

I do agree that grades could be the problem w/ Callahan
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Bright at #2

You could make a great case that Callahan Bright (Bryn Mawr [Pa.] Harriton) is the nation's top prospect. This terrific defensive tackle checks in at No. 2 overall. Bright, a 6-2, 315-pound big man, has participated in lacrosse, track and field (shot put) and wrestling in high school. He's exceptionally strong, with a 400-pound bench press and a 700-pound squat, but his three best attributes are his speed, quickness and intensity level. Bright is also a super offensive guard prospect and stars on both sides of the ball.

"Boy, can [Callahan] run," Harriton head coach Harold Lewis said. "He's very tenacious. He is an every-down player with a high motor."

It's early, but Bright currently favors LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, USC, Florida State, Miami and Ohio State. All have offered him a scholarship.

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