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'05 OK DB/WR Reggie Smith (Oklahoma signee)





Edmond (OK)
Santa Fe

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.47 seconds
Bench max: 250 pounds
Squat max: 405 pounds
Vertical leap: 37 inches
GPA: 3.7
ACT: 19
Insiders 5 star
Rivals 4 star - No. 4 rated CB

Started at FS in both his freshman and sophomore years. During his 2003 junior year, he led Edmond Santa Fe to the 6A Championship game playing both ways - FS/WR/RB and a little time at QB. He also returned kickoffs and punts (two for TDs); and avg 34 yds/att as a punter. Was named 2003 Oklahoma Offensive POY by The Daily Oklahoman. Also plays varsity basketball and track (10.8-100M). One of the top prospects in the nation. As a junior he rushed for 963 yards and 491 receiving yards and totaled 20 touchdowns. Defensively he registered 73 tackles and 9 interceptions.

3.4/19 ACT/Oct-Nov retake

TheInsiders.com Video 1

Smith: "I read the QB well and I get to the ball. I catch the ball at the highest point and I jump well. I also have great hands. I still want to improve my 40 speed and I need to stay in coverage longer. I also want to improve my hitting."

Coach's Comments: "He started every game for us since his freshman year," said Head Coach Dan Cocannoer. "He is a top notch athlete that makes things happen, and makes everyone else better at the same time. In three seasons, he has 22 career interceptions."

Scouting Report: Extremely explosive player that is a difference maker on both sides of the ball. His range and instincts combined with his overall athleticism could make him an elite free safety.

Reggie Smith Audibles

"On offense I played some quarterback, running back and wide receiver. I think I liked playing safety the best because I like making interceptions and big hits." -Sante Fe cornerback Reggie Smith
"He's such an amazing athlete. He's started every single game for us since his freshman year. He's a special talent and a special kid." -Santa Fed coach Dan Cocannoer

insiders premium

First I heard he was interested in tOSU but Allen Wallace reports that Nebraska leads slight over Oklahoma, Ohio St, Kansas St and USC. All have offered.

Apparently tOSU is looking at him as a WR- he visited in Mid-June

Oklahoma paper-Smith disputes

Smith says he's not leaning: Edmond Santa Fe do-it-all back Reggie Smith, fresh off a three-touchdown performance in a 61-19 win over in-town rival Edmond Memorial on Friday night, said reports on a Nebraska fan website which said he favored the Cornhuskers over Oklahoma, USC and Ohio State aren't true.

"Rumors, rumors, rumors, man," said Smith, regarded as one of the nation's top safety prospects. "They go 'round and 'round and 'round."

The report stated that Smith's close ties to Nebraska assistant coach and recruiting coordinator John Blake and Lincoln's similarities to Edmond were all appealing to the senior. But Smith said he hasn't scheduled any of his five official visits and doesn't expect to commit before taking them.
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Nice find 86.

Wow, what a versatile athlete. Nice looking tailback, good receiver, not afraid to hit on defense, runs a punt back for a touchdown. Not sure I've personally seen a more complete player on film in this class. The only thing he lacks that would put him among the elite is blazing speed but he's plenty quick. Hopefully we can get him to visit for a game in the Shoe.
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