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'05 Ohio WR Richard Quinn (North Carolina signee)


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Richard Quinn
Wide Receiver / Tight end
Maple Heights (OH)

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65 seconds
Bench max: 280 pounds
Squat max: 455 pounds
GPA: 2.5
ACT: 18

Richard showed well at the recent Insiders' combine in Cincinnati, and is quickly losing his "sleeper" status. He is a WR, but may grow into a TE in college. He is the teammate of DL prospect Terrico Marshall. In his initial rankings, Duane Long had Quinn as the number 9 WR prospect in Ohio, and number 74 overall, but indicated that his stock could be rising. Quinn claims offers from Pitt, North Carolina, Iowa, Purdue, and Akron; favors Michigan State (went to their spring game and likes the fact that they throw the ball a lot); Pitt, and North Carolina; and shows little or no interest in Ohio State, and will apparently not attend OSU's camp (he will camp at Michigan State, North Carolina, and Duke instead).

With OSU needing a receiver or two in this class, and possibly a TE, it is surprising that the Bucks apparently have little interest in Quinn, and vice versa.

Link to Article on the Insiders' Combine
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good stuff LJB



I agree that Quinn could be a "sleeper"- maybe he could grow into at Winslow type TE- he is supposedly a very solid 220lbs or he could be a big possession receiver like Boston??

free article from Bnuts

Wide Receiver Richard Quinn of Maple Heights is one of the true sleepers in the state this year. He's getting some serious looks early on.

"I've been invited to Iowa, Michigan State, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Pitt," he said. "Iowa and North Carolina are talking about offers."

Now that things are picking up recruiting-wise, Quinn is starting to get into the recruiting process a bit more.

"I am now taking this more seriously now that I'm getting to see schools," he said. "I can see where things are starting to happen. I can make things happen for myself. I am now seeing that it is possible."

Quinn took in the Michigan State spring game ("I saw that they throw the ball a lot," he said) and plans on camping at North Carolina, Duke, and Michigan State.

He has fine WR size and is working on getting even better.

"I'm 6-4, 220," he said. "I do a 4.6. I think I can do better than that though. I'm benching about 295.

"I'm at a 2.5 core. (On the ACT) I made an 18 my first time. I plan on taking it again."

With that size, is TE a possibility?

"I played a little tight end, so I can work with that," he said. "I don't know if I will commit early, it depends on who offers."

What will be the factors in his decision?

"I want to major in sports medicine or computer science, so education is a priority," he said. "And the weather. If I have the option, I'd like to play in warm weather."

Any favorites right now?

"Michigan State, Pitt and North Carolina," Quinn said.
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You're probably right, 86. Quinn plays at a school in my area, and I will definitely check him out this fall (along with his teammate Terrico Marshall, who is also possibly a D-1 recruit).
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Maple Heights' Quinn to attend North Carolina
Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Bob Fortuna
Plain Dealer Reporter
Maple Heights wideout-defensive end Richard Quinn is ranked as the state's 37th-best football player in the latest Ohio High Magazine and is called "a real sleeper" in the senior class.

University of North Carolina made it apparent it wasn't sleeping at the switch, because Quinn has committed verbally to the Atlantic Coast Conference school.

"I like the campus, I feel I'll get a good education there, and if I bust my butt, I might have a chance to play next year," said Quinn, a 6-2, 225-pounder who will be used at a receiving position.

Quinn visited the campus, but it was his performance at the Tar Heels' football camp that convinced the coaches to pursue him. The University of Iowa and Pittsburgh also were in the running until Quinn made his final choice.

Quinn runs the 40 in 4.6 seconds, had more than 200 yards receiving a year ago, and "is a beast of a blocker," according to Maple Heights coach Jeff Rotsky.

"The way North Carolina throws the football, it's a great opportunity for Richard," Rotsky said. "I'm real happy with his decision."

Quinn plans on majoring in sports medicine and wants to be a physical therapist.

NC paper

North Carolina has added two commitments to its 2005 football-recruiting class by reaching into Ohio for Richard Quinn, a tall, promising receiver, and into Virginia for Bobby Rome, a quarterback capable of playing several positions.

Quinn, 6-4 and 225 pounds, attends Maple Heights High School in Cleveland. Rome is a 6-0, 215-pound senior at Norfolk's Grandby High School. Quinn decided on North Carolina because its coaching staff had recruited him harder than others.

North Carolina was the first college program to offer a scholarship to Quinn, who is ranked the No. 60 senior in the preseason in the Midwest by SuperPrep magazine. Iowa, Indiana, Purdue, Pittsburgh and Akron offered Quinn scholarships.

"My father and I talked about a decision and he said he thought it was time to make a commitment," Quinn said. "I was cool with that. I had been to Chapel Hill before; not only for camp, but to go down there and visit. I appreciated that the coaching staff has been on me from the very first."

The Tar Heels now have 12 commitments. The players can sign binding national letters of intent in February, when the NCAA's football-signing period is scheduled to begin.

Quinn caught 12 passes for 254 yards as a junior. His team has played two games this season but is relying on a rushing attack. Quinn has 4.6-speed in the 40.

Quinn's height gives him an advantage in one-on-one situations against cornerbacks, who are generally shorter.

"I'm tough; every play I give it my best," he said. "I try to be a good blocker but I can catch the rock when it needs caught."
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Denver Broncos draft North Carolina tight end Richard Quinn of Maple Heights, Ohio
Monday, April 27, 2009
Tim Warsinskey
Plain Dealer Reporter

Headlines in Denver were a little misleading Sunday: Broncos trade for Cleveland's Quinn.

No, not quarterback Brady Quinn.

North Carolina tight end Richard Quinn, who is, to be accurate, from Maple Heights, was drafted by the Broncos with the last pick of the second round Saturday. Denver traded two third- round picks (Nos. 79 and 84) to the Pitts burgh Steelers to get Quinn with the 64th overall pick.

"When the process started, I thought I just might be a free agent," Quinn told the Denver Post. "But then I went to the [NFL] Combine to show what I could do. Then I had several teams interested. But I was thinking third to seventh round. When my name was called in the second round, it was a shock."

He wasn't the only one surprised. Different predraft analysts rated Quinn as low as the eighth-best tight end. He was the second tight end drafted after a good showing at the combine.

Quinn, who grew up in Alabama and moved to Maple Heights while in high school, was more of an extra tackle than a tight end in college. He's 6-4, 264 pounds and goes by the nickname Big Rich. Quinn had just 12 career receptions for 124 yards and two touchdowns. He is considered a powerful blocker who may not be an elusive receiver, but has good hands.

"He didn't catch a lot of balls at North Carolina, but that wasn't because he can't catch," Broncos coach Josh McDaniels told Denver media. "They didn't use him that way very much in their system, in their scheme, but he showed very good hands during the course of the spring."

Denver Broncos draft North Carolina tight end Richard Quinn of Maple Heights, Ohio - Cleveland.com
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