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'05 Ohio RB/LB Matt Moss


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member

Matt Moss
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 220
Position: RB, LB
High School: Wayne HS
(Huber Heights, OH)

Has great size and very athletic. Transfered from Milton Union High School to Huber Heights Wayne in February of 04. Will play LB and Running back at Wayne.


Moss Getting Ready For Camp
By Duane Long
Date: Jun 12, 2004

Camps will be important for ATH Matt Moss of Huber Heights (Oh.) Wayne, who is looking for scholarship offers. Moss is currently preparing for OSU camp, and he also will have some big shoes to fill in his first year at Wayne.

ATH Matt Moss of Huber Heights (Oh.) Wayne doesn't get much press, but he is one of the top prospects in Southwest Ohio.

The versatile Moss can play multiple positions, but this season, he'll be filling some big shoes.

"I'm going to be stepping into Marcus Freeman's spot most likely," he said.

Moss has an excellent combination of size and speed.

"Right now, I'm 6-3 and about 225," he said. "I hit about 234 last year for football season. I ran a 4.6 last year at about 225, but I'm sure I can do better than that. I'm absolutely positive I can do better than that."

What schools have been recruiting him lately?

"I'm getting Big Ten stuff and a lot of MAC schools coming in," he said. "I just got back from Ball State camp. It was a good camp. I liked the way they ran it. No drills, just instruction and seven-on-sevens."

Moss is looking to make an impact at camps this summer, particularly at the Ohio State camp.

"I played linebacker and a little bit of running back at camp," he said. "I'm really looking forward to the Ohio State camp. I'm preparing for that.

"I will be going to Indiana for camp too."

With those measurables and speed Moss may be one to watch if he has an impressive camp outing. Earlier in the year it was posted on here that Matt was a cousin of Randy Moss but it was brought to our attention by a family member that they weren't certain that was the case. Transfering to a pro Ohio State school like Huber Heights Wayne certainly can't hurt our chances if he gets an offer down the road.
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Yeah, this is kind of a down year in Ohio for linebackers. Travers has a bunch of offers but his height and speed bother me a little bit. They say we're looking at Brandon Long as a TE. It will be tough to land kids like Rico McCoy and Brian Cushing with everyone around the country in on them. Moss may be one to watch.
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Travers has a bunch of offers but his height and speed bother me a little bit.

Rico McCoy is also on the small side, but he is an absolute killer. Cushing would be great, but he's everybody's All-American, so he can write his own ticket. Andre Mathis from Erie might be a strong possibility. Another name to watch is Anthony Felder from the State of Washington, but he will be a long shot due to distance, if nothing else.
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Duane has Moss as the 34th best prospect in Ohio. He really has impressive measurables. He is now with a good, pro tOSU program and if he performs well at camp.... ya never know.

Cushing would be great, but he's everybody's All-American, so he can write his own ticket.

Cushing really is a freak athletically. The kid ran a 3.72 shuttle at 220lbs!!!! That is the same time as top 10 overall prospect Justin King. He has Petey's no. 1 guy written all over him- so does King for that matter-lol

Another LB to consider is our new offeree Lamont Robinson. He looks like a beast and has offers from everybody. He was the no.2 performer at PSU Nike.
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