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'05 Ohio OL Zach Hennis (Kentucky Signee)


Here we go again.....

Plain City, Johnathin Alder HS OL 6-6 300 Zach Hennis has been mentioned as one of the top OL recruits in Ohio by Duane. BSB reports that Hennis has been to the Michigan Junior day already and "may" go to the OSU camp. He lists Michigan, OSU and ND as his favorites......

If this kid is good enough for Michigan he is good enough for us. My stomach has turned as he lists Michigan and the Michigan Junior Day but what can you do? I hope we can win him over in the end.

Does anyone else have any information on him?
Michigan is famous for their OL year after year, while ours is cyclic. However, hopefully this upcoming draft we'll have four OL (Bishop, Clarke, Olivea, and Stepanovich) drafted, which will convince Hennis that Ohio State is as good as any school in developing OL and putting them in position to make it to the pros.
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Here some more info on Zach


Long-armed tackle prospect who is massive but nimble. Has a chance to be one of the better linemen in the region.


Plain City (OH)
Jonathan Alder
Offensive guard

Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 300 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.35 seconds
Weights: 365 pound bench press and 450 pound squats

Other: First team Division IV as a junior. He also plays BBall.

It sounds like he is a huge kid but has to keep an eye on his weight. He sounds similar to Steve Rehring. Steve put in the work and got offered by both tOSU and scUM but chose the good guys. Maybe Zach is on a similar path?
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Kurelic seems to think that it is down to OSU and Michigan for this kid. Duane states that he is a heavy OSU lean....Which one are we to believe? The kid is getting letters from Tennessee, Big 12 schools and others outside the Big Ten. He is from a tiny school, which may be the reason he is isn't regarded as a Top 3 OL. My guess is if he is getting courted by others and his school is that small, that he is definately one of the Top 3 linemen. I just don't want him to end up at Michigan or Tennessee like Munoz.
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I think early on that was the case but Duane has been talking up Cordle lately. I believe he thinks Cordle is #2.

I agree it is still unclear who the top 5 Olineman are in Ohio

It seems like Haas, Cirroni, Brewster, Cordle, Hennis, Ingold, Pollard, Tennant, White and maybe a few others could make a claim behind Boone. Ohio High originally had Boone, Haas, Cirroni, Pollard and Glaser as the top 5 (in that order) but as Nutty indicated Duane is already claiming Cordle is no.2.

Whatever happens it is nice to know that tOSU has some solid choices for its remaining 2 or 3 open Oline spots behind Boone. And we didn't even mention the OOS's like Akers from MD, the PA guys like (Hartung, Thomas or Pritts) and I am sure HH has a few Florida kids he is working on :wink2:
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Hennis stats from C-bus Nike camp- 6-7 1/2, 295 lbs., 5.3 in the 40, 25 bench press reps.

He was at the Spring Game with a number of other Ohio standouts.

It will be interesting to see what other Ohio lineman end up with an offer.

Is it Hennis, Brewster, White, Kersey (who was also there), Cirroni, Haas (he seems to have moved down the list), Glaser (who was also at the game), Mahoney or Pollard??

My guess is one of those guys (probably Brewster or Hennis) and one OOS for the final two spots.
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I personally feel that many recruits pull the "M" card to draw attention form our coaches. A bit of a competition thing...I don't see how any recruit can seriously consider both schools if they grew up in C-Bus like Hennis does.
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