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'05 Ohio DE Sirod Williams (Illinois signee)


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BP Recruiting Team
Sirod Williams
Weakside DE
Garfield Heights (OH)

Height: 6-foot-0 (Nike)
Weight: 226 pounds (Nike)
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds (Nike)
Bench max: 360 pounds
Bench reps: 26 (Nike)
Squat max: 450 pounds
Vertical leap: 31 inches (Nike)
GPA: 2.8

Not ideal size for a DE (although Kurelic lists his height at 6'3" and Insiders at 6'4"), but has nice speed. A sleeper who played only half a season last year due to an ACL injury, yet still made over 40 tackles from his MLB position. Still somewhat of an unknown, Sirod has the chance to make an impression during his senior campaign. From the same high school as Tony Howard (3* RB/DB, Michigan State, 2004) and Regis Edgerson (3* RB, South Carolina, 2002). Sirod has no offers yet, but favors Ohio State.
MililaniBuckeye said:
Not a single update on him during the season. I wonder how he performed. Must've been pretty good if we've asked him to visit. Hopefully he gets his scores in order.

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The Buckeyes are no longer contacting Williams and he's currently looking at Sparty, Cincy, Bowling Green, Wisconsin and Kansas.

Hopefully this means the staff feels good about other players they're still in on.
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