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'05 Ohio DB David Bruton (Notre Dame signee)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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David Bruton
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 180 40: 4.5
Position: DB
Projected as: S
Position Rank: NR
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Miamisburg HS
(Miamisburg, OH)

One of Ohio's top defensive back prospects and a top 30 overall player in the state. Bruton has excellent size and speed and projects as a safety. Last season he recorded 58 tackles, 8 interceptions (1 for a TD), 7 receptions for 240 yards. Bruton bench presses 280 and squats 375. He carries a 3.3 GPA and will take the SAT in June. Bruton is also a track standout - 22.7-200m/15.6-110H/49.5-400m

Bruton:"I react to the ball quickly and I have good field vision. I tackle well and don't have any broken tackles. I'd like to see things quicker and work on my strength. I'd like to get a little bigger too."

Audibles: "Off the field he's a complete gentleman. On the field he's very much a team player and real competitor." -Miamisburg head coach Tim Lewis

After an impressive camp outing I thought Bruton deserved a thread. He is hoping to receive an offer from Ohio State and scUM. He already has offers from schools like Wisconsin, Duke, Cincinnati and UConn.

Bruton a hot commodity in recruiting race
John Cummings, Sports Editor


Miamisburg junior David Bruton had a crazy spring.

After college coaches got a chance to catch Bruton on tape in the off season, they spent the spring trying to catch him home.

Bruton, who has been bombarded by calls from online recruiting Web sites for feature stories, hasn’t taken the time to “Google” his own name, though.

“It is very weird,” Bruton said of the plethora of stories floating around the Internet on him. “It is something that I never thought would happen.

“My family checks the stuff online, I am trying not to get into the hype.”

The hype this spring was Bruton.

Notre Dame is at the top of his list, and the Irish are just waiting for Bruton’s ACT scores (he took the test last Saturday) before making an offer. Wisconsin has all ready offered Bruton and is next on the list followed by Iowa, Michigan State and Ohio State.

In addition to Wisconsin, Indiana, Cincinnati, Duke and UConn have all sent paper offers to Bruton. Vanderbilt made a verbal offer and Notre Dame is still waiting on ACT scores.

Add to that the list of schools wanting to get him on campus before they may make an offer, and the list continues to grow.

“Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Pitt, Iowa, Louisville, Illinois, Nebraska and West Virginia all would like to see him on campus first,” Miamisburg coach Tim Lewis said. “They want him to come to one of their camps first.

“It is one of those, if you show us what you did on tape in person, we’ll offer.”

Bruton, though, all ready has a full dance card for June.

On the 19th he is off to Illinois before going to Pitt and Michigan between June 20 and 24. On the 27th he is off to Columbus and on June 29 he heads to South Bend.

The camp in South Bend may come about the same time he receives his ACT scores. An offer at the camp at Notre Dame would allow Bruton to do what he wants to do.

Commit early.

“I want to get it taken care of before the season,” Bruton said. “I want to just be able to play football.”

Once May rolled around, Miamisburg High School became a revolving door of college coaches looking at Bruton and classmate Jordan McNeal.

“We’ve had some years that it has been kind of boring,” Lewis said. “This year, it was like a revolving door. There were times this year that I was walking one coach out at the same time Dave Bogenschutz was walking another coach back.

“It is fun at first and then it gets to the point where it is more intense. Every time somebody comes in, the kids know about it. They see someone with a Ohio State shirt on, it spreads fast in the school and it turns out to be a distraction for the kids.”

Bruton has been sold on Notre Dame since being invited up for the annual spring game.

During the day, Notre Dame coach Ty Willingham pulled Bruton into his office, introduced Bruton and his family to his wife and had a long talk with him.

Bruton was the only recruit of the 55 at the game to have a conference with Willingham.

“It was exciting,” Bruton said. “The whole way up there it was kind of stormy, but when we got to Notre Dame, the sun was out and hitting the golden dome É it was like a homecoming.

“It felt like home. I went in there ready to accept and offer and meeting coach Willingham backed up my decision if they do offer me.”

Bruton also had a busy April as he went on the road visiting some of the schools he was interested in.

He also had to make a stop at Illinois to meet with National recruiting guru Tom Leming of ESPN.

“I didn’t know what to look for,” Bruton said. “Wherever I go is going to be home for the next four or five years so it had to be something that I liked.

“Each one was a new experience. There was one place that I just felt like a number, but at Notre Dame the coaches came up to me and talked to me and it made me feel comfortable there. This is all new. I never have talked on the phone that much in my life. I feel like I was wanted by everybody.”

The recruiting race was something Bruton never thought about as a sophomore.

Bruton lettered by playing special teams, but most of his action came in the JV games on Saturday.

His goal for his junior year?

“I just wanted to play varsity football,” Bruton said.

That is one of the things that Lewis believes makes Bruton’s - and McNeal’s - story special.

“Both of them lettered as sophomores on special teams,” Lewis said. “That is one of the great things about this story.

“It shows that it can happen. Just because you play JV as a sophomore doesn’t mean you are not going to be a good football player. They both matured and when they got their opportunity, they took advantage of it.”

And, Lewis can see why colleges are after both Bruton and McNeal.

McNeal has started drawing more interest since he sprouted from 6-feet-2-inches to 6’4” during the off season.

“What makes David so recruitable is that he has the total package,” Lewis said. “He has 4.4 (40) speed, he is 6’3” and 185 pounds. He is an A student that has never been in trouble. He makes it easy for colleges to recruit because they look at him now and he is a free safety. In two or three years, he could possibly grow into an outside linebacker. He brings a lot to the table.

“Jordan had enough game highlights and game films that made colleges notice. He is our middle linebacker, he is tough between the tackles, but there still is a question of speed. The positive part is that he was 6’2” last year and now he is 6’4”. Now he becomes marketable because he may be a step slow at linebacker in Division I, but he will be a step fast as a defensive end, but he is going to have to go and show them what he can do at camps.”

The camps are just one of the many things that have changed in the recruiting world since Lewis became a head coach.

“Ten years ago, you went to camp to learn more about football, and to pick things up,” Lewis said. “Now, the vast majority of camps are used only for recruits.

Read the rest of the story in the printed edition of the Miamisburg/West Carrollton News.

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Sounds like this kid has grabbed a lot of attention for himself these last couple weeks at camps. Wants a Buckeye offer. Just too deep there to give him one it seems. Unbelievable year for DB's in Ohio when a kid like this is a relative unknown before June. I know his name has been out there but not to the extent it would be in another year. Good luck to you David.
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FWIW- Duane said on BNR that he thinks Bruton will be offered and will accept. Thinks he is the 2nd best safety prospect to AMW- Bruton certainly looks the part.

This was pretty suprising since everything I have read is that he loves ND with scUM as another strong contender.
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Buckeye Dan

Buckskin86 said:
FWIW- Duane said on BNR that he thinks Bruton will be offered and will accept. Thinks he is the 2nd best safety prospect to AMW- Bruton certainly looks the part.

This was pretty suprising since everything I have read is that he loves ND with scUM as another strong contender.
Per Insiders.com BNR committed to ND with Brandon Harrison.
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insiders premium

now that makes more sense-thanks Dan


Bruton, a 6-1, 179-pound safety, had a breakout junior season for Miamisburg coach Tim Lewis. After playing sparingly as a sophomore, Bruton had eight interceptions (one returned for a TD), 58 tackles, one forced fumble and three blocked field goals.

"I pretty much came out of nowhere," Bruton said. "I pretty much felt like, 'Wow. I can't believe this is happening.' I just got a full ride to the University of Notre Dame. I had just been to (visit) Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan and also had been to Pitt."

Bruton's other offers were from Wisconsin, Miami (Ohio), Cincinnati, Connecticut and Duke. Others were expected from Big Ten schools.

But Bruton, who said he once got mad at himself for nearly getting conceited about receiving offers, only wanted one.

"Notre Dame has been my top choice since April," said Bruton, a likely sports medicine/physical therapy major. "I've done research on Notre Dame. I've got a Notre Dame hat, jersey and shorts. . . . I told my coach, when Notre Dame offers me, I am done."


If there was any doubt in Brandon Harrison's mind about just how important he was to Notre Dame's recruiting efforts, it was answered Tuesday by Irish coach Tyrone Willingham's actions.

After Harrison told Willingham that he was committing to play football at ND, the third-year coach showed his excitement.

"He jumped up and gave me a hug," said Harrison, a 5-foot-8 1/2, 190-pound cornerback from Chaminade-Julienne High School in Dayton, Ohio. "It was surprising. He seems like a handshake-type person."

Harrison wasn't the only high school player on the receiving end of a Willingham hug. As Harrison was leaving Willingham's office, safety David Bruton of Miamisburg, Ohio was entering.

Willingham offered Bruton a scholarship, which the 6-2, 180-pounder quickly accepted. The coach told Bruton that he could have time to think about it if he wanted.

"I was like, 'Coach, I've been waiting for this since April. I am ready,' " Bruton recalled.

Bruton had offers from Wisconsin, Miami (Ohio), Cincinnati, Connecticut and Duke, and had recently received interest from Michigan, Ohio State and Purdue. He has a 3.345 grade-point average and scored 22 on his ACT. And, oh yeah, he likes to hit.

"I'd rather hit somebody than play the ball," Bruton said.

Miamisburg coach Tim Lewis lauded Bruton's grades and his character.

"Then he kind of transforms once you put the helmet on, and he becomes kind of nasty," Lewis said. "He hits like a linebacker. This tall, skinny kid absolutely brings it."

Harrison, who comes from the same school as ND women's basketball player Megan Duffy, also played safety in high school, but will move to corner in college.

"Aggressive, get-up-in-your-face type corner," was how Harrison described his style of play. "I'm not scared to hit anybody, not scared to go up against anybody."

Much of that confidence no doubt comes from Harrison's speed. Chaminade-Julienne coach Jim Place said Harrison, who has a 3.1 GPA and scored 910 on the SAT, was recently timed at 4.25 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

"He is fast, fast," Place said. "He's a player."

NCAA recruiting regulations prohibit Willingham or members of the Irish staff from publicly commenting on a recruit until he has signed his letter of intent. The first day players can sign a binding national letter of intent is Feb. 2, 2005.

"It's a start," said Chicago-based recruiting analyst Tom Lemming, who has neither listed among his top-100 national recruits. "They're both good, quality kids."

And they'll both be getting to know each other quite well over the next few months. Until they met at a Notre Dame Junior Day event last winter, they did not know each other despite their schools sitting 11 miles apart.

After their commitments, they headed with their families from the football offices to Notre Dame Stadium.

"We said 'Yeah,' " Bruton recalled. " 'We're part of the same family now.' "
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Bruton answers Irish calling

By Eric Frantz
For the Dayton Daily News

MIAMISBURG | Ohio State University and the University of Michigan should have known better. Both asked Miamisburg senior David Bruton to be patient.

"(Notre Dame) basically didn't let him get away," Vikings' football coach Tim Lewis said. "Ohio State and Michigan both told him to be patient and wait. They had to decide what they wanted to do at defensive back. So he went to Notre Dame and ran a 4.4 40-yard dash, nailed the one-on-one cover drills and was great at the agility tests.

"Since (college coaches) can't offer scholarships to kids at camps, they told him to come back later that day. I think he went and got some food and when he came back they offered him (a scholarship) on the spot."

A defensive back blessed with great athletic ability (34-inch vertical jump), Bruton is a 6-foot-3, 175-pound blanket. He covers the opposition's best receiver, returns kicks and plays offense. He's also a late bloomer.

As a sophomore he struggled to overcome pain associated with Osgood-Schlatter disease. The condition, which is defined by tendons being pulled from bone, is associated with rapid growth and often called "growing pains."

Bruton grew 6 inches in the three months between his freshman and sophomore years. Then he grew two more inches.

"He grew so fast that his body was so far behind," Lewis said. "I give him credit for fighting through it and sticking it out. There were days he was in so much pain that we didn't know if he'd make it off the practice field."

Bruton endured despite having to wear prescription knee braces that dug into his flesh after each tackle, cut or hit.

"At the end of junior year, we start sending tapes out everywhere for kids we think have a shot at playing Division I," Lewis said. "Some are legitimate and some are just feelers. With David we said let's start at the top and go down. A lot of schools were immediately interested."

On the first day of recruiting season in May, two Ohio State assistants came to Miamisburg. Letters and calls arrived daily. Among the schools showing interest were OSU, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

"We went (to Notre Dame) and it was rainy and dark the entire four-hour ride," Bruton said. "It was just a miserable day. Then when we got on campus the sun came out and lit up the Golden Dome. It was still cold, but the sun came out and just lit up the entire campus. Seriously."

Two weeks later, Bruton and Lewis went back for Notre Dame's spring game, where Bruton was the first of 55 recruits to talk to Irish coach Tyrone Willingham.

Meanwhile, Bruton endured a frustrating senior season.

His talent drew the opposition's attention and caused most to run, throw and kick away from him. Defensively, Bruton had three interceptions. The corner opposite him, junior Cody Blevins, led the team with five and set the Miamisburg career mark with 18. He has 12 in the last two years.

As a kickoff returner, Bruton led the Mid-Miami League with a 40.75-yard average. Problem was he only returned four kicks. After scoring on a 90-yard return against Bellbrook in the season opener, opposing teams went away from him.

Besides his passion for football, Bruton also loves mentoring youths. His compassion both on and off the field is something that struck Willingham.

A member of Peers for Peace, Bruton signed up for a Service Learning class. The curriculum calls for 45 hours of community service. Bruton choose to mentor kids at Wince Middle School.

"I love being around little kids," Bruton aid. "I always have. My cousins got me started."

"David is very compassionate," Lewis said. "I hesitate to use that word because a lot of people don't associate it with football players, but he really, truly cares about other people, especially kids.

"He gets swarmed at the elementary and middle schools. During our camp this summer, we had 111 campers in grades four through eight here. After the camp, I bet David signed 75 percent of their shirts. They all wanted a piece of him."

That day, Bruton was in no hurry.
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Buckeye Fanatic
We never offered and I really doubt we ever will. This year doesn't look like a dominant year for DBs in Ohio outside of Jamario. We will take Russel over this guy; but he sounds like he liked ND anyway. Good luck to him.
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Irish Insiders premium

He says he is unsure of his future plans. He says he will see who the new coaching staff is and if he feels comfortable with them.


Notre Dame's move upsets local recruits
By Mark Gokavi
Dayton Daily News

The ramifications of Tyrone Willingham's departure as Notre Dame football coach reach the Miami Valley.

Two Notre Dame defensive back recruits — Chaminade-Julienne's Brandon Harrison and Miamisburg's David Bruton — had their futures affected. Both verbally committed to the Fighting Irish five months ago. The signing period begins in February.

"He was the reason I was going," Harrison said of Willingham. "We had a one-on-one conversation in his office. It was his character and personality. He was easy-going and cool, but he had that demeanor you respected. He was nobody to mess with."

Notre Dame's next coach will decide whether to honor Willingham's scholarship offers. Harrison and Bruton were scheduled to take official visits this weekend. Those plans are up in the air.

"My thoughts when I heard it was that it was bull," Bruton said. "I enjoyed being around coach Willingham. He was a good guy overall. I could see myself being coached by him."

Notre Dame defensive backs coach Steven Wilks visited both recruits last weekend and reportedly said there were rumors of a firing but not to worry. Harrison said the assistant coaches found out while on the road recruiting.

Bruton, who didn't remember his second or third choices, would like to go to Notre Dame if the new staff offers a scholarship.

Harrison will put Notre Dame back in the mix with Purdue, Tennessee, Iowa and Florida.

"I have other schools on the table; we'll just have to wait and see," he said. "I'll have to see what the new head coach is saying."
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