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'05 OH WR Keith Massey & DB Dominic Jones (Minnesota signees)


I don't know about you all and I certainly believe that people are entitled to their own opinion but it really pisses me off when Columbus kids list Michigan as their favorite.

This kid is running against Haw in track this month...I hope Haw smokes him!
but it really pisses me off when Columbus kids list Michigan as their favorite.

agreed- :scum4:

Here is some info on Massey- Insiders has a free article on him


Ht: 6-2 Wt: 185 40: 4.4
Position: WR, CB
High School: Marion-Franklin HS
(Columbus, OH)

Was named honorable mention Ohio All-Central District as a wide receiver. Played on both sides of the field for a 4-6 team. Also plays basketball for the Red Devils.


One of the fastest players in Columbus is Marion-Franklin WR/DB Keith Massey. He is getting interest from plenty of schools.

Thursday, we talked about Alex Daniels, a recruit from Columbus (OH) Marion-Franklin who is getting looks from big-time programs. Another one from the same school is WR/CB Keith Massey.

Massey stands in at 6-1, 190 and is known for his speed. He can play on either side of the ball.

"This summer, I ran a 4.3 in tennis shoes," he said. "I played receiver and corner but I prefer receiver."

Massey may give Ohio State recruit Erik Haw a run for his money (and then some) when it comes to who the fastest athlete in Columbus is. The two run against one another on March 30th.

"We played this year and I caught him from behind," Massey said.

Massey talked about what schools were recruiting him, and it sounds like things were picking up literally as we spoke.

"Minnesota and Purdue," he said. "I got a handwritten letter from Notre Dame."

During the conversation, Massey was opening his mail and discovered another letter from ND.

"Oh, Notre Dame sent me another hand-written letter today," he said. "Notre Dame wants me to come over on April 3rd, but I can't. I'm taking the test again."

What schools right now stand among his favorites?

"Michigan has always been a favorite," he said. "Florida, Florida State and Oregon.

"I'll opt for Michigan over everybody. They always have good quarterbacks and always throw the ball."

When it comes to what factors will be instrumental in making his decision, he said he really doesn't know and it may come down to a "gut feeling," but he is sure that he wants it to end quickly.

"I want to get it over with," he said. "I don't want to go through all of this. I watched Erik go through it last year."
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Kind of reminds me of Marcus Ray; although Ray was a HS All American. Ray did everything he could do to trash OSU and elevate Michigan. If he only made honorable mention All District the kid should be careful when he is talking about FSU, Florida and others. He might be lucky to sniff the MAC unless he makes All State and turns some heads.
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I didn't see anything in his comments that was trashing Ohio State a la Marcus Ray. Sounds like the only reason he likes Michigan is because of its QB heritage, and as a WR I can understand that. However, evidently the kid hasn;t been paying attention to his hometowncollege team, which will end up having one of the highest-drafted WRs in this draft. Jenkins, Carter (until his injury), and Holmes all saw the ball a lot (unfortunately, many times they saw the ball sailing away from them).
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First post, I was also listening to BK on the radio. He said Massey ran a 10.3 against Haw in the 100. That's flat out flying, considering Ginn's best time in the 100 is 10.7. BK went on to say that a bunch of schools took notice and I'm sure OSU was one of them. Once we start showing some "love" he may reconsider his favorite.
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Maybe the coaches can turn him around if in fact they are looking to. The kind of kids in that part of the state that advertise their scUM affinity are the kind that do so out of a sense of rebellion. In other words, he could be favoring the Wal-Mart All-Stars, so long as they aren't the Buckeyes. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't think I am.

I've lived in both Columbus and Dayton, and it just seems to me that the kind of people that are drawn to scUM in those areas are the kind of people that do so just to piss off the 90%+ in those areas that root for the Buckeyes.
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Free Keith Massey Article...

From Bucknuts..


Massey Talks Camp, Track, More
By Duane Long
Date: May 21, 2004

Keith Massey of Columbus Marion-Franklin is one of several Ohio prospects who has been very busy this spring with recruiting and track. He updated us with the latest.

It's been all about track, recruiting, and PB&J recently for CB/WR Keith Massey of Columbus Marion-Franklin. He's been getting plenty of attention from a particular Big Ten school that is helping him get bigger as well.

"Michigan State is talking to me a lot," he said. "I'm getting more hand-written letters from Notre Dame.

"Michigan State told me eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before I go to bed. I have been doing it for about two weeks. I am gaining weight - I'm up to 196 - but I feel great. I'm as fast as ever."

Massey attended the adidas camp at Notre Dame and ran a 4.6 on an accutrack.

"It was all right," he said. "I was disappointed (in my 40 time).

"They did one-on-ones over there. I was happy with my performance there, even though there wasn't much competition there."

Massey is a sprinter and has been real busy with track as of late.

"I ran against Erik Haw a couple of times recently," he said. "I beat him twice in the last three weeks including the city league championship. The meet was on our home track so that made it much more special.

"My best time's a 10.6 but I ran a 10.8 at the city league meet. Ohio State was at the meet on Friday."
Massey is also working on his test scores as he took his test in April and is scheduled to take it again in June. He has his June camp schedule set up as well.

"I already sent Michigan money for June 20th and 21st and Tennessee on June 17th," he said. "I'm going to the Ohio State senior camp."
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Marion-Franklin's Keith Massey competes in the 100 meters on May 14 at the City League meet. Massey won the event with a time of 10.89 seconds for the host Red Devils, whose boys team placed fifth behind champion Brookhaven. The girls team finished ninth as Eastmoor Academy won the title.

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free insiders

Ohio Receiver Transfers - Names Leaders
By Chris Pool Midwest Recruiting Analyst
Date: Jun 25, 2004

Columbus, Ohio's Keith Massey talks about his decison to transfer to Brookhaven High School. He also talks about his three Big Ten offers and hames his leaders.

Keith Massey, a 6-foot-1, 191-pound wide receiver from Columbus (Ohio) Brookhaven is an up and comer that’s starting to receive scholarship offers.

“Wisconsin, Michigan State and Purdue have all offered me a scholarship,” said Massey. “Oklahoma told me that an offer is on the way.

“Oklahoma, the three Florida’s (Miami, FSU and Florida), USC and Michigan are my favorites. I’m camping at Ohio State on Sunday.

“I don’t have a leader right now. I want to see what happens this year. I’m hoping to get more offers.”

Massey prepped at Columbus (Marion-Franklin) as a junior and transferred to Brookhaven after the school year.

Keith had 485 yards receiving and seven touchdowns as a junior. He had 34 tackles and two interceptions as a cornerback.

Will Massey play cornerback or wide receiver at the next level?

“I’m being recruited as a wide receiver,” Massey said. “I want to play receiver. I’m not afraid to go over the middle and I can make things happen after I catch the ball.

“I’d have to say that my speed is my best attribute. My best 40-yard time is 4.4.”

Massey is a three-sport athlete that letters in basketball and track.
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Insiders OU- premium

His main two schools are Miami and Oklahoma with Florida an outside possibility. He is taking an official visit to Oklahoma on November 13th and they may offer. Miami says they may offer at the end of the season.

He could be a package deal with Alex Daniels. They want to play together if they can work it out and OU is probably the only place that could happen. But even given that he would commit on the spot to Miami if they offered.
Massey has qualified.

EDIT: I apologize for not realizing it was premium...posted in a rush during school
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