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'05 OH RB Mister Simpson (Michigan signee, Cincinnati transfer)





Ht: 6-0 Wt: 210
Position: RB
High School: Colerain HS
(Cincinnati, OH)
2003 Stats: 1,640 yards and 23 TD's, 7.2 yds a carry- (in a spread offense)
'04 C-bus Nike measurements: (he didn't run the 40 or shuttle due to injury): benched 185lbs 31 reps, his vertical was 35.9" even with the injury.
Even though his speed wasn't tested, he has run a 10.8 100 m at a Ohio meet
GPA: 2.3- looks like he has some work to do on his grades

He is rated as a top 3 RB by Ohio High. He is No. 17 overall (ahead of Ringer at 18 and just behind Tolbert at 16).

tOSU is his favorite but the coaches haven't discussed a scholarship- scUM has been in contact

He appears to be a fast, strong runner who performed on a top Division 1 progam.

first team all conference as a junior

first team all district as a junior

2nd team all state Division 1 as a junior

Colerain fullback Mister Simpson committed today to the University of Michigan, his home state football team.

Simpson, who grew up in the Detroit area, is the first major Cincinnati prep recruit to announce a commitment this summer. He enters his senior year at Colerain ranked among Ohio's top 20 prep prospects by several recruiting services, including theinsiders.com and Ohio High magazine.

The 6-foot, 208-pound Simpson rushed for 1,658 yards and 23 touchdowns as a junior last fall, when Colerain reached the Division I regional finals. He was named second team All-Ohio and first team All-District.

"I've really wanted to go to Michigan all along," Simpson said. "They offered me at their summer camp last week, and my mind was pretty much made up right then."

Simpson's family moved to Cincinnati when he was in the eighth grade. He has been the starting fullback at Colerain for two years.

"He's a physical runner and he runs extremely hard," Colerain coach Kerry Coombs said. "He's got a great combination of power and speed."

Simpson said Indiana, Minnesota and Pittsburgh were among others who offered him scholarships.

"I even wanted to look at some of the MAC schools like Bowling Green and Toledo, but I'm from Michigan and I wanted to go back there," he said.

Simpson's commitment to Michigan is an oral agreement. The university cannot comment until Simpson signs his national letter of intent in February 2005.
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Simpson was never really on OSU's radar screen (or vice versa). Let's hope that we didn't lose one here.

I know nothing about the Mesko kid from Twinsburg; he's in my neck of the woods, so I'll check him out this fall.
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Good fond OBJ


Ex-Colerain star UC-bound


Former Colerain High standout tailback Mister Simpson said Friday he has been granted his release from the University of Michigan and plans to start classes Monday at the University of Cincinnati.

Simpson told The Enquirer he has not spoken to UC coaches but has communicated with them "indirectly."

He told The Enquirer he believes a rule exists that would allow him to play without sitting out a year because he enrolled at UC within the first 12 days of class.
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