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'05 OH RB Greg Keys (Kent State signee)




Ht: 6-1 Wt: 179 40: 4.4- he has been timed at sub 4.3
Position: RB
Projected as: RB
High School: Bellevue HS- transferred from Sandusky last year
(Bellevue, OH)
2003 Stats: 1065 yds on 144 carries w/ 15 TD's (in 7 games)

Special Mention Div III

Ranked No. 42 in the latest issue of Ohio Mag

He is an outstanding track athlete

60 Yd Dash- 7.32 sec in the finals

Keys legal problems

SANDUSKY -- What began as a plea hearing yesterday ended abruptly when a 17-year-old student would not admit he took part in a vandalism at a Margaretta High School football player's home in October 2002.

Greg Keys, a former student and football player at Perkins High School, appeared before Erie County Juvenile Judge Robert DeLamatre yesterday for a hearing. Keys was to admit to a citation of delinquency by reason of criminal damaging, a misdemeanor, while a felony-level citation of vandalism would have been dropped, according to attorneys in the case

When Keys began explaining his role in the incident, he could only say he ''egged on'' other people, and stopped the proceedings upon advice of his lawyers. After the hearing, attorney Denise Demmitt referred to a Feb. 2 report from lie-detector test that showed Keys was truthful when he said he wasn't at the scene of the crime.

''Greg wants this to be over, but he's not going to sacrifice his integrity to postulate a lie,'' Demmitt said. ''We will not march him into a plea that requires him to make statements that are not true.''

DeLamatre, Demmitt, co-counsel Ed Rhode and Erie County Assistant Prosecutor Trevor Hayberger agreed the case would go to an adjudication hearing next month.

Keys, now a student in Bellevue, said in court that Margaretta football players used racial slurs against Perkins players in a Friday night football game.

''Some words flew,'' Keys said, recalling the ''racist names'' used. ''Some of the players got heated and got really angry.''

The Perkins football players talked about getting back at the Margaretta players, Keys said.

The following weekend, ''a vandalism occurred that night'' while Margaretta played St. Mary Central Catholic High School, said Keys, who wore a white shirt and light brown patterned suit.

''I can say that I might have said some things that might have encouraged people to do some things,'' Keys said.

''It kind of went the wrong way,'' he added.

When DeLamatre asked Keys if he participated directly in the vandalism, Keys paused while his attorneys asked the judge to allow them to conference with Keys.

The courtroom cleared for about five minutes, then the hearing resumed. Rhode asked to approach the bench with Demmitt and Hayberger, and it was agreed that an adjudication hearing would be held.

After yesterday's hearing was dismissed, Rhode and Demmitt said Keys could have finished the case, but Rhode said he would not counsel a client to perjure himself ''because it's the easy way out.''

Hayberger declined to comment after the hearing.

Afterward, DeLamatre said the attorneys thought Keys' description of the incident would be sufficient to meet a citation of criminal damaging. However, the group agreed that the case next month would go to the adjudication hearing, which is the juvenile equivalent of a bench trial.

Citations against Keys, three other juveniles and charges against his mother and stepfather, Letesia M. Jones and James L. Arrington, stem from the Oct. 12, 2002, incident in which a Maple Avenue home was vandalized.

The damage totaled more than $2,400 and included spray paint, destroying a football sign, knocking over outdoor lights and using glue in house locks, according an Erie County Sheriff's report.

Last month, Perkins student Aaron Richardson, 18, admitted his involvement in the incident. Disposition for that case remains pending at juvenile court.

A hearing is scheduled today for Chris Smith, 19, who also was cited for his alleged involvement in the vandalism.

Keys was a possible darkhorse candidate for a tOSU offer-In light of LI & IG I am not so sure tOSU wants to take on Keys and his baggage.
Keys admits his guilt

SANDUSKY -- After previously claiming their innocence, a Perkins Township youth and his mother admitted their involvement in the October 2002 vandalism of a Margaretta Township home.

In hearings yesterday afternoon, Greg Keys, 17, admitted to delinquency by reason of criminal damaging, and his mother, Letesia Jones, 37, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. However, their attorneys told Erie County juvenile Judge Robert DeLamatre that the admissions were against the advice of counsel.

''Were you there when that occurred?'' DeLamatre asked.

''Yes, your honor,'' Keys said. ''Your honor, I knocked over some signs, spray-painted a little bit on the sides.''

DeLamatre accepted the admission, but warned Keys that if it was false ''really it would be worse for you.''

Keys, who was a Perkins football player, is the last of four youths to admit to an Oct. 12, 2002, vandalism intended as retaliation for racial slurs that Margaretta players allegedly used in a Perkins-Margaretta football game.

In court, DeLamatre explained to Keys and Jones that by acknowledging their involvement, they gave up certain rights such as having a trial in the case.

In the first hearing yesterday, Jones said waiving her right to trial did not change her mind about the plea. She consented to a finding of guilt without having to discuss the facts of the case in open court.

''This plea is against the advice of counsel,'' said her attorney, Denise Demmitt.

''Ms. Jones, is that in fact correct?'' DeLamatre said.

''It's correct,'' Jones said.

In Keys' hearing, Demmitt and co-counsel Ed Rhode repeated to DeLamatre that the plea was against their advice.

''I just want to put on the record this plea is against the advice of counsel,'' Demmitt said.

Keys, Jones and attorney Robert Kelsey, who was serving as a court-appointed guardian to Keys, said the admission was the right course of action.

Earlier this week during a plea hearing, Keys, an area football standout who has since transferred from Perkins High School to Bellevue, stopped short of saying he was at the scene of the crime and ended the proceedings.

Recounting the incident, Keys yesterday said he and his co-defendants, along with Jones and her fiance, James Arrington, vandalized the home when Margaretta was playing a football game with St. Mary's Central Catholic High School.

The judge said he had concerns about the case and referred to the length of the investigation by the Erie County Sheriff's Office. The charges were filed almost a year after the incident, according to sheriff's records.

Disposition hearings likely will be scheduled in mid-June, when their trials had been scheduled, DeLamatre said. The victims in the case were present in court yesterday, but did not speak during the proceedings.

''What I want you to think about, Greg, is what if anything you are going to take away from this experience in your life,'' DeLamatre told him.

''Greg, you've to much good things going on in your life to let something like this get in the way of it,'' the judge said.

Erie County Assistant Prosecutor Trevor Hayberger said he would recommend making restitution for the sentences of those involved. The same would hold true for Arrington, Jones' fiance, who has been charged, but has not appeared in court because he is serving in the Ohio National Guard, Hayberger said.

Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter said he was satisfied with the truthfulness of the accounts of the damage to the Maple Avenue home, which totaled more than $2,400.

''It's unfortunate that the responsibility couldn't have been taken earlier on, that's the only regret I have,'' Baxter said.
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BELLEVUE -- Greg Keys did not fare well in the 55-meter hurdles at the Ohio State Indoor Elite Track Meet in Cincinnati in March.

The Bellevue junior was beaten soundly by Shelby nemesis Austin Wechter, among others.

There probably couldn't have been a more beneficial preseason development for Keys as he used the disappointment to fuel his blaze through the season in the 110 hurdles.

Keys enters the Division II state meet in Columbus on Friday without a loss in the event this campaign. He established a school mark and tied the district record (13.9), had the fastest regional time and topped Wechter, last year's state champ in both hurdle events, four times in the 110s.

"I was 215 pounds and out of shape," Keys said of the Elite Meet. "I came back and said, 'I'm not losing in the 110s like that,' and I haven't lost since.

"I set goals every year," he continued. "One of my goals was to not get beat this year. I'm reaching out and grabbing it, and, hopefully, I can keep a grasp on it."

Keys said Wechter, who fell at the Northern Ohio League meet trying to catch Keys, still occupies the throne.

"He's still there," Keys said. "He's the best until I get that state title. You can talk about it all you want but until you do it it doesn't mean anything."

Wechter won the 300 regional crown, while Keys was second.

Keys and teammates Kyle Felder, Cody Koselke and Christian Butz comprise the 400 and 800 relays that will also head to state after earning a pair of second-place finishes at regionals.

The 800 relay set a school record (1:30.17) two weeks ago at districts.

"We can turn some heads in the relays," Keys said.

Keys finished second in the state in both hurdle events last year and ran the opening leg on a 400 relay that finished second when he was a freshman at Perkins. His 300 time of 38.2 in Columbus last year is the school record.

"(Having already been there) takes all the nerves away," Keys said. "You can go down there with a clear mind. It's no different than the year before."

Keys has utilized the same 30-minute pre-meet warm-up routine the last two seasons.

"He's very thorough. The good ones don't just step into the starting blocks and run," Bellevue coach Nick Lilli said. "A lot goes into pre-race strategy. When it's time for the race, I can guarantee he's ready. When you have the talent, the separation point is the desire not to be beat.

"He's a tremendous competitor," Lilli continued. "Whatever event he's in, he'll do his best to bring the level up. I know he's got the fire and the drive."

Keys did not run in the hurdle events this season until the fourth week. He competed in the 100 and 200 and the 400 relay, again similar to last year's plan of attack.

"We wanted to get him into track shape and work on sprinting mechanics," Lilli said. "It breaks the monotony of running the same races over and over."

Keys has made his extraordinarily remarkable run to state in four events while a cloud of adversity lingered over his head. He was forced to spend a Friday night during football season in a juvenile detention center in an orange jump suit as a suspected vandal and recently pled guilty to charges stemming from the case.

"With everything that has transpired, the one thing I've told him is that whatever doesn't kill you, you take it and have it make you stronger and a better person," Lilli said. "Those lessons are far more important than a 110 hurdles championship. He's had a rough way to go with distractions in a lot of ways.

"He's a high school junior. He's like Felder, Butz, Palsa, Koselke and John Smith (who qualified in the pole vault)," Lilli continued. "He's a high school student learning about the real world. He just happens to be an athlete that has been successful."

Keys just wants the focus on the track.

"Greg would like to have his teammates get the same positive attention he gets," Lilli said. "That is very important to him. He represents Bellevue with the utmost pride. To me that's what it's all about. He has always set high standards."

Keys' perfection is a profound gauge as the most important meet lies ahead.

This kid is a heck of an athlete
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It seems like Keys just cant seem to get away from his off the field problems. He now has got his 14 or 15 year old girlfriend pregnant. Now I know this can happen to anyone, but this probably is another knock on his recruitment, especially from Tressel. I wish him the best of luck, but his off the field problems just keep piling up.

EDIT: Based on poster's personal knowledge and belief, not on a published report.
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Don't read into the Keys off field problems too much

folks, i'm close to the Bellevue football program. i can HONESTLY tell you that Greg had no plans on pleading guilty of something he DID NOT DO until after the Nike Camp and not receiving any interest from colleges. The Perkins kid involved (Richardson) had an offer to BG on the table but it was pulled when word got out about a possible Felony charge. The way it has looked is that many schools cooled off when finding out that a felony charge was hanging over these kids head. Greg has maintained his stand of NOT GUILTY until the risk of a college schollarship was in question.

he has made some poor decisions theres no doubt about that but the legal issue's can be put to rest.

there is so many question marks or Red Flags involved in this whole vandilism charge that its become too much for one to beleive.

Greg and the kids involved have NEVER gotten along and the Sandusky kid involved cursed at Greg during a scrimmage and tried to start a fight with him. Then why does it take more than a year for these charges to take place? the Judge also happened to have a son who played football at near by Huron (who was one game out behind Perkins for the league title). Perkns was to play the toughest game left on the schedule and the judge locks both up in DH for not the normal 3 days but a full week and then let them out the morning after the biggest game of the regular season for both schools....hmmmmm?

the judge refused to even listen to the schools superintendent who was there in Keys behafe. A smart kid with a 3.5 gpa and never getting in trouble with the law before was in DH while the Dean kid from Sandusky was on the street after previous drug, rape and other runin's with the law......and to beleive they took the word of a kid who had a long rap sheet? WOW

look for Greg this coming season. he'll loses 4 of his O-linemen but he has that special speed and size combo to overcome the new OL.

btw: Greg has an offer from Kent State and has film out to more than 30 schools including most the Big10 and Big12
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These kind of stories make me sick. So many kids who would die to be in Keys position, or in Irizary's position. The law is the law and it applies to everyone. Racial slurs are awful but not against the law. Vandalism is no better or worse than racial slurs, but definitely against the law. No two ways about it. When these kids get into the spotlight they should get a second chance, but that's it. No third or fourth or fifth chances. Give these scholarships to kids who deserve it and will respect it. What is going on down at Miami with Willie Williams is unacceptable. He is now getting his twelth chance. Stupid really!
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Thanks for the insight XBellevueplayar!

Hopefully he has a good season, keeps his nose clean and earns some big time offers (maybe even the Bucks). There is no doubt that he is a heck of an athlete.

Keep us posted on his progress!
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Greg Keys


will do..... Greg had never been in trouble with the law before and i don't expect to see him making headlines other than is athletic acheivments in the future. smart kid in the classroom and came across very humble and respectful the ONE time i talked with him.

btw: saw on another site that Greg ran a 4.35 consistantly at the Northwestern camp and ran ALL the drills very well.......sounds like more offers could be coming SOON........
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Greg Keys

Greg i beleive got probation.......this was his first time being introuble with the law and no one thinks it will be a continuing problem as many feel he was either in the wrong place at the wrong time or just had nothing at all to do with the incident......
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