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'05 OH QB Tim Hiller (Western Michigan signee)






Pro-style quarterback
Orrville (OH)

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 202 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.69 seconds
Bench reps: 10
Vertical leap: 28 inches
Shuttle time: 4.18 seconds
GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1160
ACT: 27
2003 stats: 6TD's rushing, 175 for 317 passing for 2820 yds, 18TD's & 17 INT's (he hopes to cut down the int's this season)

Young standout QB with enormous potential. Hiller posseses an extremely strong and accurate arm. Knows when to unload and throw a lazer and when to loft it over the top with some touch. Put up some nice numbers in 2002 as a sophomore. Great student and also a top basketball player. Led team in scoring as a soph. earned varsity letters in basketball as freshman and sophomore. 4.0 GPA and National Honor Society Member.

free BNUTS article after Nike camp

Orrville QB Talks About Nike Camp
By Dave Biddle Bucknuts.com Staff Writer
Date: Apr 18, 2004

QB Tim Hiller of Orrville has been busy already checking out schools, and this summer, he's going to be as busy as any player out there as he is scheduled to stop by around ten colleges. He was at OSU yesterday for Nike Camp.

Orrville quarterback Tim Hiller was one of the many Ohio prospects at the Nike Camp on Saturday at Ohio State.

“I had a pretty good day,” Hiller said. “I thought I ran well - tested pretty well. I picked up some good speed improvement drills and some good quarterback footwork drills from Coach (Bob) Johnson that are really going to help me.”

Hiller ran the 40 in 4.69 seconds, jumped 29.3 inches in the vertical, ran the shuttle in 4.18 seconds and did 11 reps on the bench press at 185 pounds.

“Yeah, I was real happy with that,” he said. “That’s the best 40 I’ve run in a while. Throughout spring I’ve been working on it, but I didn’t know how well I’d run.”

Last year at Orrville, the 6-foot-4, 205-pound Hiller was 175 of 317 (55 percent) for 2,828 yards. He also threw 18 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

“Too many picks,” he lamented.

With a 4.69 time in the 40, Hiller could be a dangerous runner, but Orrville’s pro style offense doesn’t call for it very often.

“When I have to scramble, I can do it and I do so effectively,” he said. “But in our offense, the quarterback is not designed to run the ball very much.”

Hiller hung out with a few of the other quarterback prospects at the Nike Camp, as well as some opponents from his prep schedule.

“I hung with Miles Schlichter, Tyler Dennis and a couple guys that we played up there during the season - guys from Dover,” Hiller said.

Hiller couldn’t say enough good things about Johnson, the camp’s QB guru.

“I was impressed with Coach Johnson and the knowledge he has of the quarterback position,” Hiller said. “He really stresses the importance of the quarterback’s feet because that’s where a good throw starts from. As far as throwing the ball, that was the most important thing I picked up.”

Hiller came away impressed with OSU’s facilities.

“They’re great,” he said. “I’ve been up there before for camps, but they have the new field turf in the indoor facility and they have new outdoor fields, so they were very nice.”

After the camp, Hiller made the short jaunt over to Ohio Stadium to check out OSU’s jersey scrimmage. He got a chance to catch up with former Orrville quarterback Justin Zwick after the game.

“We actually got to talk to Justin and his family for a while, which was nice,” Hiller said. “His family is friends with ours. They still live in Orrville.”

Zwick led Orrville to the state championship as a freshman. He transferred to Massillon after his sophomore year.

“In football, that’s the only state title we’ve won,” Hiller said. “Justin and his brother (Jared) started a good tradition around here.”

Last year, under the direction of Hiller, Orrville was 6-5, including a first round loss in the playoffs. The quarterback thinks this could be a huge year for his team.

“Yeah, I think we could be real good,” he said. “We were pretty young last year, so we’re excited about next season. We have a lot of good players back.”

Hiller is being heavily recruited, but has no D-I scholarship offers on the table yet.

“I don’t have any offers at the time being,” he said. “Maryland is very interested, Notre Dame is interested, Bowling Green, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Stanford and a few others we’ve visited.”

Is Ohio State in the picture?

“Oh, I think so,” Hiller said. “I’m interested if they’re interested. I’ve talked to Coach (Joe) Daniels and I’ve been to games there.

“May will be an interesting month to see who comes to my school and who calls me. I think there will be some offers coming soon enough.”

Hiller plans on attending as many football camps as possible this summer. He is football’s version of a gym rat.

“We’re headed about 10 places this summer,” he said. “Miami University, Toledo, Purdue and all the schools I mentioned previously, except Stanford. So, we’re going to be going all over the place.”

Hiller is a 4.0 student.

free BNuts article

Hiller Taking His Time With Recruiting
By Gary Housteau
Date: Jul 17, 2004

He showed colleges at camps what he can do, and now it's time to see what opportunities open up. QB Tim Hiller of Orrville is one of Ohio's most prolific passers, and while he does not have the scholarship list of a Rob Schoenhoft, he is still getting plenty of attention and is waiting to see what options come his way.

You might not find Tim Hiller of Orrville High School on the so called "A" list of quarterback prospects right now, but he certainly has the credentials to be among them. Hiller was very busy this summer attending camps to hone his skills and get his name in circulation even more than it already was.

"We went to a lot of one-day camps to have them evaluate me and try to get my name out there, making the rounds, and all the camps went well," Hiller said. "A lot of these camps wanted to see you throw in person, see you throw live. Quarterback is a position where you only take one a year usually, and you can’t make a mistake, and they want to make sure they’re getting the right guy.

"So I got a lot of positive feedback as far as my mechanics and being accurate and things like that. So I feel pretty good about where I am right now."

In addition to the Nike camp at Ohio State, Hiller attended camps at West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, Bowling Green, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State.

"In May, 23 different schools came to Orrville High School to talk to Coach (Bill) McMillan and almost every single one of them said, ‘We like your film and we want you to come to our camp,’ " Hiller said. "Well there’s no way you could go to all of them and so we judged it based on how much interest we felt we had in them and how much interest they had in me. And so we (family and McMillan) based it on that and we looked at schools we felt that I can play at on this level."

Of course, his camp experience at Ohio State was as good as any of them. Hiller, along with guys like Rob Schoenhoft and Jason Forcier, attended the Sunday senior advance camp there.

"We’ve been to Ohio State several times now and I did the week long camp there last year," he said. "Everybody in Ohio grows up a Buckeye fan for the most part. It definitely was a great experience and there were a lot of top (QBs) there, and I love that type of competition. I can really get after it with these guys and see where I stand because these guys are getting recruited by everyone across the country. So it was a lot of fun. I thought I had a pretty good day there. I threw pretty well and I tested okay, and I thought it went it well."

Hiller was not only motivated to perform alongside those other top signal callers, but he was confident that he could hold his own as well.

"A quarterback has to be confident, and I’m confident in my abilities," he said. "I feel that I make good decisions, and I’m every bit as accurate as a lot of them. I’m not being as highly recruited as they are on a national scale, but I’m confident in what I can do, and I feel that I can play with the best of them."

Although his aspirations are as high as those QB’s he competed with, Hiller is happy with the way his own recruitment is going.

"I’m comfortable with how this process is going. We have to be a little bit more patient," he said. "But the process is really starting to pick up now. I have some favorites, but I’m not going to say right now. I don’t even feel I can make a top five (list) at this time."

And his time frame for making his final decision is unknown to him as well right now.

"It would be nice to make the decision before the season, but I know that I’m not going to let this recruiting process intertwine with Orrville’s season in any way," Hiller said. "It’s my senior year, my biggest season yet, and we’re going to have a good year this year. We have a lot of guys back, and the season takes precedence over this recruiting process. So I don’t really know when the decision will come. It’s got to be the right fit, and we will see how it goes. As long as we find the best place for me, that’s first and foremost."

The camps in general that he has attended have proven to be an overall aid, in his mind, in the recruiting process.

"I think the camps were good for exposure and they were good for seeing where I stand with those particular schools," Hiller said. "And they were good just to get a lot of reps in and work on getting better while also being evaluated. So I thought they went very well."

And Ohio State’s camp in particular, Hiller thought he left them with a favorable impression of himself with them whether or not he moved up in their QB pecking order.

"I talked to Joe Daniels afterwards and he was very impressed," said Hiller who was rated the 65th best prospect in the state in the spring by Ohio High. "Since the last time I had seen him, I gained about 10 pounds and gotten stronger, and he felt that I was throwing the ball a lot better than when he previously seen me. He doesn’t have a time frame right now for this. They have an offer out to Schoenhoft and (Mark) Sanchez as far as I know, and they may take two this year with losing (Joe) Bauserman to baseball. So a lot of us other quarterbacks are kind of waiting to see what those two do and then the chips will start to fall in place."

At 6-4, 215 pounds, Hiller fits the description of being a pocket passer in the Red Riders wide-open offense. He’s already got two years of varsity experience under center going into his senior campaign. Last season, Hiller threw for 2,820 yards with 18 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

"We’re a spread team, and we throw the ball a lot. I think that schools are seeing that I make good decisions, I have good vision and, when necessary, I can tuck it and run," said Hiller who was timed at 4.69 seconds in the 40-yard dash and recorded a 4.18 second shuttle at the Nike camp. "I was able to run for six touchdowns last year, and if necessary I can pull it down and run. Our running game will be better this year, which will help me in the passing game."

Ultimately Hiller would like to lead Orrville to another state title like in the 1998 season when Justin Zwick led the Red Riders to the championship before he transferred to Massillon in his junior season.

"His family still lives in town and we consider ourselves friends with their family," Hiller said. "I was the ball boy growing up, and Justin’s a good kid as are his parents and brother and sister. We got to talk to him after the Scarlet and Gray game. We talked to him and his family and I had a few words with him. It was good to see him.

"When I was younger, him and his brother Jared (played QB for Jim Tressel at YSU) were the two quarterbacks that I tried to emulate. Being from Orrville, we always followed them and I definitely have respect for Justin, not only as a player but as a person."

Like Zwick, Hiller would love to play in the Big Ten, be it Ohio State or anywhere else, or the ACC, but he could be happy in the MAC if that’s in the cards.

"We’re pretty wide open," he said. "I feel that I can play in the Big Ten or the ACC, that top level, but at the same time you look at guys like Josh Harris and Ben Roethlisberger from the MAC schools, and they play as good a brand of football as anyone and they throw the ball around.

"So we’ll see what plays out over these next couple of months as far as recruiting, but I feel that I can play at that high a level. I’m confident in what I can do, and at these camps I performed well enough that people can see that I can play at this level, and I’m excited for what’s coming up."

Hiller, who averages 18 points a game in basketball and was the conference player of the year, has a 4.0 GPA (all A’s) with a 27 on the ACT and 1,160 SAT.

It sounds like he could be the no. 2 QB to Schoenhoft or a primary option if Robbie goes north. He is in the JT mold- big, smart kid who has the family back ground in football (brother playing for JT doesn't hurt). IMO, he could be a darkhorse offer candidate.


Head Coach

I agree this kid sounds very smart, he's actually pretty quick also running under a 4.7 isn't bad you know? I think his interceptions are kinda scary but you know kids can learn not to force the ball to a reciever and instead just throw it away or take off and run with it like I think he will probably do this year. However his completion percentage and his yard total are very appealing, but he probably won't get an offer from tosu until they see him perform in some of his games this fall! Wish this kid luck so he can get his scholarship and play for us on saturdays.
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Hiller pays it forward for Western Michigan
Daily Record Sports Staff

KENT -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is the face of college football these days. Be it the grid game itself, faith, family, or paying it forward in the community, Tebow has been heralded as the greatest thing since ... well, anyone. Ever.

Another college quarterback named Tim is on a similar level. He is Tim Hiller, current Western Michigan starter and former Orrville standout.

And Hiller, in essence, returned home Saturday by playing at Kent State. Despite a 31-of-49 passing day, which was good for 255 yards and two touchdowns, Hiller and the Broncos lost 26-14 to the Golden Flashes in front of large contingent of family, friends and Orrville fans in general.

"I love the game of football. I love to go play and compete, and I had fun out there today," Hiller said. "It was just a real pleasure and honor to play in front of so many people from Orrville. It was a tremendous blessing. I can't say enough about the coaches, teachers, friends and people from church -- all the people who had an influence on me. I would like to thank everybody for coming."

While Saturday afternoon's "homecoming" matchup didn't go as planned, what Hiller has meant to Western Michigan is undeniable.

The fifth-year senior and fourth-year starter is among the Mid-American Conference career leaders in total offense (8th), pass attempts (6th), pass completions (3rd), passing yards (7th) and touchdown passes (2nd). He holds season records at WMU for pass attempts, completions, yards, TDs and total offense. The 6-foot-5, 230-pounder is considered a top-10 quarterback entering the 2010 NFL draft, while receiving recognition for his philanthropic ways.

Hiller completed his undergraduate degree in Business Sales and Marketing in August, 2008, and is currently pursuing his MBA. Hiller has had a 4.0 GPA his entire academic career.

"He's such a great kid on and off the field," Western Michigan coach Bill Cubit said. "Everyone knows what a great student he is, what he does out there in the community, and then what he does on this football team. He's a complete package, a joy to be around.

"It's so important for him to do right, 100 percent every single time," Cubit added. "He's always in the film room, he's always in the defensive huddle, the offensive huddle. It gets to a point where he's almost trying to do too much, but for him he's done a fantastic job."

Hiller has always been a quarterback, starting from his days in the Boys and Girls club flag football league in Orrville. Much of his knowledge, or approach, came from his grandfather, former Illinois center Dan Sabino, who he talks with weekly.

"I always loved the game and a big part of it was him. But one thing he always would say is, 'Don't try to be like me. Try and make your own path,'" Hiller said. "I just always admired what he did so much. I remember watching his old '52 Rose Bowl tape, and having his jersey. I knew football was the path I would take."

Remarkable seasons as a junior and senior at Orrville were followed by interest from Louisville, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Mississippi, Toledo and Western Michigan, but only one scholarship offer. That school was WMU, and Hiller has no regrets.

Now, Hiller has school records for career touchdown passes (93) and pass completions (944). He is eight TD passes shy of breaking Chad Pennington's (Marshall) record of 100. Hiller is second on the Western Michigan list in career passing yards (10,589), pass attempts (1,477) and total offense (10,502). And Western Michigan has uploaded a Web site, WhereIsTimHiller - Hiller Headlines - WMUBroncos.com?Official Web Site of Western Michigan Athletics, which is meant to showcase Hiller and let fans around the nation know exactly where Hiller is (statistically, in rank, in the media, in the community, geography) each week during the season.

Recently, the National Football Foundation honored Hiller. He was named one of 16 National Scholar-Athlete Award recipients, out of a group of 154 semifinalists from across all NCAA divisions and the NAIA, now vying for the William V. Campbell Trophy. Hiller earns an $18,000 post-graduate scholarship and a trip to New York City in December for the awards dinner.

"I always dreamed of, well, playing at Ohio State like every other Ohio boy," Hiller said. "But God has a purpose plan for everyone and his plan was to lead me to Western. It's by far the best decision I've ever made. It gave me the opportunity to play early, to play in a great offense. I met my future wife, got plugged in with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I love it at Western and all the opportunities I have has been above beyond measure."

The-Daily-Record.com - Hiller pays it forward for Western Michigan
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