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'05 OH Olineman AJ Haas (Duquesne signee)



There hasn't been any updates on Haas to this point so I'm not sure if he plans on camping at Ohio State. He is considered by many the second best O-lineman in the class although that could change. He seems to fit JT's criteria for players he likes up front. He's 6'6", 255 and very athletic. He also plays basketball. Early on his two favorites were scUM and Ohio State. You would think an offer will come, especially with an impressive showing at camp. In other years where scholarships weren't so tight I suspect he may already have one but there are several good looking prospects and the coaches may want to wait and see how some of these guys perform in their senior year.
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a few tidbits from the latest update

40 yard dash-5.2
Bench press- 225 pounds 13 times
GPA- 3.2

he has no offers yet but is interested in tOSU, scUM, PSU and ND- he claims no favorites

he has been to tOSU and will go to ND senior day event

no plans for any spring or summer camps- that is a bit disappointing


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The rumblings are that Cordle and possibly Brewster or some other have passed Haas in the rankings. I heard that Duane moved Cordle ahead of Haas, and JT obviously did too. He still sounds like a good one, and I'd like to see him camp at OSU. Hopefully he doesn't end up being one of those guys like last year who didn't show up at camp, and then wondered why no offer was forthcoming.
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After Cordle I would very much question an OSU offer for Haas, especially without a camp. Bollman has already said he has more OL for spring practice than he has ever had anywhere he has coached. It looks like that number will be greater by two next Spring (subtract Kne and add Person, Skinner and Mitchum). With schollies low and two in the fold I wouldn't be surprised to see OSU throw offers at a few national studs and call it a day.
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Oh8ch said:
With schollies low and two in the fold I wouldn't be surprised to see OSU throw offers at a few national studs and call it a day.
No doubt. After the offer to OK OL Craig Roark today, we can take more chances with those starry-eyed oos recruits. :nerd:

I'm somewhat surprised we haven't thrown our hat in the Dan Doering ring yet. I know we're recruitng him but it doesn't seem like we're after him very hard.
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According to Kurelic, Haas is looking more toward MAC schools, but still retains "low" interest in Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Penn State; he will camp at OSU. Haas has no offers yet.

Kurelic on Haas

Haas' videos are okay, but not as impressive as some others. Although they are similar in size, Jim Cordle is much more athletic and mobile than Haas. Haas is pretty much a straight-ahead blocker, but he's not a road grader like Craig Roark; at times, Haas seemed to have a bit of trouble dominating his man. Alex Boone, of course, is in a different category altogether. All in all, maybe MAC is the proper level for Haas, although he will get a chance to prove himself at camp this summer.
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