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'05 OH OL Phillip Pollard (Bowling Green signee)



Westerville (OH)- top team in Central Ohio
Offensive tackle

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 275 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9 seconds
Bench Press: 310
Squat: 500
Vertical: 24"
GPA: 2.6

Bio Notes: An all-conference selection his junior season. He could be a top 5 OL in Ohio.

top three teams are Pitt, tOSU and scUM- he visited tOSU this past week for a practice.


Possibly the top OL in central Ohio this year. Underrated prospect with a great frame and outstanding feet. 1st Team Ohio Capital Conference
free Insiders article

One of Central Ohio's finest offensive line prospects is Westerville South's Phillip Pollard. The standout recently had a fine camp performance.

"I did great at the Nike camp," Pollard said. "One of my coaches worked the camp and he told me I was rated in the top five for the OL."

Look for Pollard to make the camp roundup in the coming weeks although his schedule isn't final.

"I am going to several camps this summer, I haven't made my final choices yet," he said. "I am going to Florida's for sure and probably Michigan and OSU. I also might go to Michigan State as I was just there for junior day this weekend and was really impressed."

What schools are paying the most attention to Pollard? One is Michigan as he won an OL award at their camp last year.

"I am really being recruited by Michigan, Toledo, MSU, Pittsburgh and Iowa," he said. "OSU is showing quite a bit of interest also."
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I have seen Sharps play a couple of times against kilbourne and he didnt really impress me that much. He wasnt nearly as physical as he could have been while going against 5'9" dbs. Also he didnt seem like he had very good speed on the field.
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Buckskin86 said:

Westerville (OH)- top team in Central Ohio
Offensive tackle
WESTERVILLE SOUTH?? The top team in Central Ohio-are you serious, you muat be on some good shit- This is not 1993 or 1995-even then in 1995 they lucked out to beat a Goings Dublin team- I'd have to say they are a better team in the Columbus area, not the top team or a top tier team!!!
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you muat be on some good shit

I wish but I will have to settle for a Pepsi One

I meant to say "A" top team- If memory serves me they were 10-0 last year before going out in the first round of the playoffs to Hillard Davidson. They have a ton of talent coming back Rocco Pentello at QB, Eljiah Griffin at RB, J. Sharps at receiver and Pollard at OLine. I don't think it to much of stretch to say they are "A" top team in Central Ohio. But whatever I'll take your word for it, they are not a top team. Happy?
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Went to see Pollard tonight, I was not very impressed by him. 6 ft 5 i think is a stretch I would guess he is a 'medical' 6ft 3. Good feet, but tired as the game went on. I talked to a guy who said he had some injuries and has only been practicing for about a week. That would explain it, but the whole O line as a team was big.

#1 WR J Sharps I believe looks to be a real player, dropped two early but made some great plays. He is HUGE listed at 6ft 6 seems to have good speed and instincts. This kid is a player, I also heard that he was a dublin middle schooler so maybe he brought his a+ game.

Sharps i think maybe a sleeper, if anyone has any info on this kid id like to see it. maybe not osu materia,its hard to telll, but hes good-MAC atleast id say.

#14 Kicker Nick Goss booted three or four back through the endzone, kicks were low but hard, real good leg.

#2 Rocco Pentello QB and saftey, coaches son i believe good arm made some real bad decsions but a real hard player helluva a hitter at saftey, defensively reminded me of #27 on lancaster last year(the name is slipping me).

For scioto I they had a kid crum #75 who is tall listed at 6ft 8 and seems to be close to that, lean, thin legs, decent feet weighing 250. Hes a junior.

#1 Scott, explosive powerful, quick and fast,BUT 5ft 5 is what he is listed at, maybe that.

Game wise pretty good, scioto won, South has a good team but gave up. It was a typical early season games lost of turnovers. South y muffed a punt which scioto recovered, but returned a int for a td and dropped another one that was a sure thing. I think both teams had two picks -dont hold me too it. The thing that suprised me is scioto scored with about 6 mins to go and south quit allowing two more tds.
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The answer to my Sharps question is here on BP via 05 revruiting targets from bucknutty

J. Sharps - 6-6 200 Westerville (South) OH 4.5 40- he 48 receptions for 768 yds and 5 TD's. He could grow into a TE. tOSU, scUM, WVU, Pitt, Kentucky, and Iowa are the early favorites and he will camp at tOSU.
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