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'05 OH DB Bruce Hampton (Indiana signee)





AA in San Antonio measurements

Ht: 5-9.5 Wt: 166
40 YD Dash: 4.83/4.79/4.79 40 - a little slower than he liked but he made up for it with his shuttle performance
Shuttle: 4.25 (the fastest in SA)
University Heights (OH)
Cleveland Heights
Vertical: 32"
GPA: 3.9
ACT: 23

He played last year at Bedford Chanel but has transferred to Cleveland Heights- he is friends with Ted Ginn, Jamario O'Neal and has worked out with some of the current Buckeyes at the Euclid Sports Plant (same place MoC worked out)

will compete in the 200m, the 4X200, relay, and the 400m at Cleve Hts

Schools in the Running: Boston College, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Bowling Green

He favors the Buckeyes and would sign with them if offered- he will go to tOSU Nike and camp at tOSU
I see his GPA and ACT score are very impressive, which raises this question. I have seen comments in different places that more than a few of this year's top Ohio players have serious grade problems and may not qualify. How serious is the grade issue, or is the grade issue being overblown?
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How serious is the grade issue, or is the grade issue being overblown?

I guess it depends on who the player is- Ringer might be the highest profile concern- I heard that the situation is not as bad as Ray Williams but he does have alot of work to do so he can qualify.

I know JT went to see him before signing day and I would think that was one of the topics discussed

I think Antwon Hight is another big concern- not sure the seriousness of his situation
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Hight is another Ray Williams, probably even worse. Basically no chance he will qualify, because he isn't even trying to improve (supposedly).

Ringer isn't as bad, and he has a tutor to help improve his academics.

manningham also has some fairly large academic concerns, but that's not our problem.
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He continues to maintain tOSU as the leader. I guess the bigger question is will we offer? - there is alot DB competition for offers- i certaintly can't see us taking more than 3-4 DB's- with O'neal and probably Myers-White in the fold it will be a tight competition between guys like Harrison, Hampton etc. for the last spot or two


One to watch. Fine athlete who can play multiple positions.

"I have great technique. Some guys bring great speed, but don't have the technique and I have both. I still want to get faster and improve my strength."

BPs 265/SQs 405/VJ 30

JR Stats: 50 tackles/2 picks--played in seven games, missed three games with right shoulder strain

3.9 (4 scale)/23--will retake
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LOL- those results are a little deceiving- the Army Combine results are not the normal inflated results you see everywhere else- it is NFL testing standards

Scout Camp an organization who runs combines for the NFL was on hand to measure and test the athletes. Garrett Shea, Football Director at SportsLink stated, "The U.S. Army National Combine is unique in the sense that it provides athletes with test results that are comparable to those of NFL standards. Unlike any other combine in the country the athletes who are in attendance can compare their times and results to any NFL athlete who attends the NFL Combine in Indianapolis for the most accurate comparison. I have attended a lot of combines where the athletes are tested and the results they are given are inflated. The quality of the testing results at the U.S. Army National Combine are held to the same standard as the NFL combine. From a recruiting perspective a college coach can not ask for a better combine to evaluate an athlete's true ability."

actually Hampton was middle of the road compared to the other DB's tested

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I just checked out the link Buckskin86 just provided and at first it looked like Jamario O'Neal was the only kid to run a legit sub-4.5 40 (twice in fact) until I noticed some kid named Michael Ray Garvin. All four of his 40 times (4.45 4.45 4.37 4.40) were faster than the next fastest time (4.47 by O'Neal). A high school kid running a legit sub-4.4 40...damn.
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Mili- good call on Garvin- that is one of the big reasons he beat out Jamario for the combine defensive player MVP

Michael Ray Garvin, DB, Ramsey, NJ
In what was one of the greatest groups of talent ever to come through the U.S. Army National Combine, Michael set the bar as he beat out the nation's top talent for the Reebok Defensive MVP. There were athletes like California's Ray Maualuga, Ohio's Jamario O'Neal, and Nevada's Ryan Reynolds all pushing for honor of the Reebok Defensive MVP. Michael definitely turn a lot of heads as he broke onto the national scene as the top defender at the U.S. Army National Combine. Pound for pound Michael was right behind Marcus Shavers for the U.S. Army National Combine Super Athlete honor. Garrett Shea, Football Director at SportsLink stated "Michael comes from a great program, Don Bosco Prep, who was ranked as the #2 team in the country this season. Garvin is a powerful, disciplined, and explosive athlete who made a strong statement as one of the nation's premier players next fall. Michael showcased both tremendous skill and athletic ability in the football skill drills and the combine testing portion of the U.S. Army National Combine. Michael showed the country why he deserves to be regarded as one America's top high school football players next season."

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Per the latests Insiders update.....

Hampton was voted the top DB at the Iowa Nike Camp. He also attended Iowa's Junior day while there.

Hampton is looking to camp at Northwestern, ND, Pitt, and Ohio State this summer.
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