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'05 OH DB Brad Jones (Cincinnati signee)





Canton (OH)

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
Grades: GPA 2.6, ACT 16

Plays corner and also plays WR. Excellent athlete with 4.48 speed, 36" vertical, and a 315 bench press. Good size. Improving hands and toughness. In track runs the 100m, 200m, and 4X100 relay. Best time in 100m is 10.8, for 200m it is 21.9. He ran a 4.4 at tOSU camp.

Max Emfinger 4 star free safety- Brad Jones 6-3, 195, 4.45, Canton McKinley, OH (OHST, PITT, PUR, NU, IOWA)

Schools in the Running: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Akron- tOSU and Pitt are the two favorites.

He currently plays CB but projects as a safety at the next level. He went to tOSU junior day. He is a tremendous athlete but might need to show that he is more of hitter to get a tOSU offer. There is great depth at DB this year in Ohio- Jamario, Harrison, Myers- White, Hampton, Brinson, Council plus some OOS targets. Jones probably needs a good senior year.
sounds like Pitt is his number one choice, after a Pitt junior day that he described as "ten times better than tOSU's Junior Day"- he was quoted as saying that he would commit on the spot to Pitt if they offered

this was slightly disappointing since he sounds like he will be a good one. but we probably will only take 4 DB's at the most this year and we have a long list of great prospects that can fill those spots including O'Neal, Harrison, Lenix (if considered a S), Hampton, Myers- White and a few OOS's like Mitchum's ex-teammate Jayson White
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Jones may have slipped a bit in the mind of recruiters but he had a heck of track day yesterday


NORTH CANTON — Watch Brad Jones run the 100 or 200 meters and the McKinley High School junior sprinter makes it look easy.

He runs smoothly and does not show much emotion after a win.

“I’m just laid back and trying to do the best I can out there,” Jones said.

That approach worked fine for Jones in Saturday’s Division I district meet at North Canton Memorial Stadium. He won the 100 and 200, and anchored McKinley’s 400 and 800 relay teams to wins.

“I’ve worked hard all year and it finally paid off,” Jones said.

Jones nearly pulled off the same feat last week at the Federal League meet.

“But I came up short in the 100,” he said. “I went back to practice and worked hard so that I could come out and make it happen today.”

Standing almost 6-foot-3, Jones sometimes struggles to start and finish races. Let’s face it, firing out a starting block and leaning across a finish line does not come naturally for taller sprinters.

So Jones has put in the work to get better in both areas. He has worked “real hard on using my arms and driving my legs.”

Jones won the 100 in 11.37 seconds and the 200 in 22.64. Both times are off his season bests, 10.9 and 22.17, respectively.

“That first 100 today was the toughest,” Jones said. “I was still fresh since it was the first race. But there was so much good competition there with Jason Larsen from Perry and the kid (Terrence Neal) from Garfield.”

In the relays, McKinley ran the fastest times in Stark County this season, 43.00 in the 400 and 1:29.08 in the 800.

The 400 relay also features Brian Williams, Kellen Showes, and Jamie Minor. The 800 relay includes Joe Morgan, Showes and Minor.

“We’ve just tried to work as hard as we can in practice, and this shows how much we’ve all worked,” Jones said.

And he relishes being the anchor of both relays.

“Once I get the baton on the relays, once I get the lead, no one is running me down,” Jones said. “You’re the workhorse of the team. I like that. I want the pressure put on me.”
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Judging from his most recent update, it seems that Jones' feelings towards us have done a complete 180 from his earlier updates.

Perhaps he's getting the attention he sought all along from us now.
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sears3820 said:
Judging from his most recent update, it seems that Jones' feelings towards us have done a complete 180 from his earlier updates.

Perhaps he's getting the attention he sought all along from us now.
Maybe. Or perhaps he's not getting the attention from other schools he thought he deserved. The only offers Jones has are from MAC schools. He talked a lot about Pitt early on and how he was going to camp over there and get his offer. To me, it sounded like he was trying to leverage us. He's still not showing that offer and won't make the early decision he planned on
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Brad Jones is another two way performer for Cross. Jones, 6' 1" 190 pounds, is a WR-DB. Brad has offers from several MAC schools, but is hoping to attract bigger schools attention with a monster year. Brad has great speed and a great frame for a cornerback. In the past, Jones has been considered a soft player, but I don't agree with that evaluation anymore. Jones made a lot of tough, physical plays Friday, and also carried the ball from his wingback spot on offense.
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McKinley DB Receives New Offers
By Bill Greene Ohio High Scout/Contributor
Date: Sep 23, 2004

Defensive back Brad Jones of Canton McKinley originally had not been getting the scholarship offers he expected to receive, but maybe the arrival of two new offers will signal more to come.

Canton McKinley cornerback Brad Jones has just added to his offer list.

This week, Jones was offered by Cincinnati and Ohio University. Previously, Brad had been offered by Bowling Green, Toledo, and Akron.

Jones, currently ranked as the #33 prospect by Ohio High magazine, is off to a great start in his senior season. Jones, 6-3, 190 pounds, is being recruited as a defensive back. Jones, who has run a 4.4 forty, is hoping to add to this list as this season progresses.

When asked about the latest offers, Jones said "I'm really high on Cincinnati. I was thrilled to get that offer in the mail. I'm trying to work out a visit with them right now. They are at the top of my list."

Brad Jones is a great young man, and is going to be a success on and off the field, wherever he chooses to attend college. The Bulldogs, 2-2 on the season, play Austintown-Fitch this Friday at Fawcett Stadium.

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