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'05 NYC WR Nyan Boateng (Florida Transfer)


Two sport star similar to David Lighty



6-3, 190 pounds; Year: Junior; Position: WR/K

It's been a good year for Boateng, and next year should only get better. Last winter, Boateng, a 6-3 guard/forward, averaged 8.5 points a game for the Lincoln basketball team, which won the city and state championships. His brother, Dominic Osei, was the team's vocal leader and averaged 13 points and 10 rebounds a game. But this football season, Boateng made it clear that he is the best athlete in the family. Boateng finished second in the PSAL with 98 total points scored. He caught 12 TD passes and kicked 24 extra points and one field goal in a league where kickers are a rarity.

He's only a junior, so Lincoln should be considered one of the favorites to win the city championship next season. "He had a great season on the football team, and this year he is ready to do the same for the basketball team," said Railsplitters hoops coach Dwayne (Tiny) Morton.

Key stats
Boateng caught 38 passes for 737 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also was one of the most reliable kickers in the league, tallying 27 points with his leg.

"We changed our offense a little bit this year, and Nyan's one of the reasons." - Lincoln coach Shawn O'Connor

Fun facts

Is the brother of former Lincoln basketball standout Dominic Osei.

If not for Sebastian Telfair, Boateng would be the most athletic player on the school's basketball team.

His favorite NFL player is Randy Moss. His favorite NFL team is the Tampa Bay Bucs.



That is the ongoing battle in Boateng's heart, but it is not one he wants to give up anytime soon. He is still convinced that he will play both sports for at least the next five years.

"I want to go to a college where I can do both," said Boateng. "But I don't want to be a walk-on on the basketball team. I want to go to a school that knows I played basketball and will let me play."

There are a few schools that understand. Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Memphis have all expressed interest in Boateng as a two-sport athlete. West Virginia, Miami, Maryland, Iowa State, Virginia Tech and UCLA have been eager to land him as a football player.

"I still have a lot to think about," said Boateng, "I am just worrying about the SAT right now, then I will figure out how to do both in college. I know I can."

Lemming has him in his top 10 junior list and claims USC as the leader
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tidbit from USA Today on Boateng from an article on kids leaving early


Then a junior wide receiver named Nyan Boateng, a 6-3 New York star with a 40-inch vertical leap, convinced me that high school football players actually have more incentive to turn pro than their basketball peers.

"Football's a crazy game where you can get hurt at any time," Boateng said. "If you feel you can go in the first round, I think you've got to go."
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No. 5 Wide Reciever Nyan Boateng, Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, NY
(6'3" 190) - The premier WR prospect in New York State in 2004. 1st team All-NYC in 2003. Nyan caught 38 passes for 737 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2003. He was the only NYS Junior that was invited to the US Army Junior High School All American Combine in San Antonio, Texas. A lot of people think Nyan might be the best football player to ever come out of the NYC area. Early list of schools interested in Nyan are USC, Miami, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, West Virginia, Iowa State, UCLA, Maryland, and Virginia Tech. Iowa State and West Virginia have reportedly already offered.
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FWIW- Lemming says tOSU is one of the schools in the running for Boateng (along with NE, Syracuse, USC, PSU, Miami and Fla)- He has over 30 offers- BNuts also says we have offered-But I have not read any Rivals/Insider article mentioning tOSU as a factor- they usually mention USC, Miami and even Pitt as being the leaders


May 21, 2004 -- Some of the city's best football talent will be on display in the Governor's Bowl at West Point on July 10, but one of the best players in the country will have to wait until next year to appear in that game.
"I'd love to be in that game, but I have to wait until next year," said Lincoln junior Nyan Boateng, a hotly recruited wide receiver, as well as basketball player. "I've got a lot going on though."

Boateng is in the process of narrowing down the dozens of scholarship offers that he has received from many of the top programs in the nation.

"It's too many to even think about," said Boateng, who plans on finalizing a list of about 10 in the next couple of weeks. "But I'm enjoying all of this."

Among the schools that have extended an offer to the 6-foot-3 star are Southern Cal and Miami, but that won't stop Boateng from playing hoops occasionally during the summer. He still hopes to play both sports in college.

Just thought I would pass on Lemming's comments- He also said NY QB Greg Paulus (Duke commit) was looking around and tOSU is one of the 5 or 6 teams recruiting Greg

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I'd be surprised if Paulus is really looking around. Last I heard he was set on playing hoops in college. I guess the only way he'd be looking around is if he decided on football instead, because he ain't leaving Duke for OSU if he wants to play hoops.
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I thought I saw on Bustnuts that he's now listing us high...

edit: NFM. Someone indeed posted that "We also have taken the lead for Boateng" but that person is a Penn State fan (PSUBlood14).
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For those who missed it, Boateng broke his leg during practice recently and will be out until Novemebr. He has decided to kind of sit back and allow the recruiting process to unfold before him. Lemmon talked about him recently and picked him for the All-American game and also stated that Maryland was no longer the heavy favorite they once were for him. Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, and Florida are also still in the mix. He seems like the kind of kid that a John L. Smith could land at MSU. Obviously, given our limited number of 'ships this year, there is no mention of an offer from tOSU.
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January 3, 2007 -- Nyan Boateng won't be in Glendale next week when Florida plays Ohio State for the BCS championship.
Instead, the former Lincoln star was at his Coney Island alma mater yesterday, having left Florida and is deciding where he is going to transfer.


After playing in three games this season, Boateng had ankle surgery and was given a medical redshirt. He was later also briefly suspended. He expects to pick a new school within a week and is considering Cal, Ohio State and Syracuse, among others.
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