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'05 NJ DT Kade Weston (Georgia signee)





Red Bank (NJ)

Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 312 pounds
40-yard dash: 5 seconds
Bench: 300 pounds
Squat: 450 pounds
GPA: 2.7
Statistics last year include 114 tackles, 20 tackles for a loss, 14 sacks, and five forced fumbles.
Honors: first-team all-county, all-division, all-state, and all-metro for New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. He was Division Defensive Player of the Year
Preseason Rivals top 100 list

Audibles: "I think that I move down the line very well and come off the ball very fast. I think they like my quickness." -Red Bank defensive tackle Kade Weston

"I'm able to move well. I have quick feet and have pretty good speed. I pursue really good and am very aggressive. I want to get faster. I need to improve my strength, power and agility. I'd also like to get better at reading the plays."
BPs 285/SQs 400

JR Stats: 114 tackles/20 TFL/14 sacks/5 FC

2.6/May SAT

He has offers by Virginia, Rutgers, Boston College, Penn State, Syracuse, Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan State, Ohio State, Louisville, Nebraska, and Florida.

FSU and OU are also looking to offer

His top four are Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma
You don't see many big men run as well as Weston does. When I saw 6'6" and 312 I wasn't expecting him to be as active as he was on film. He's not a sloppy 312 by any means. Looks like Coach Hazell has his work cut out for him in New Jersey. We're in on some nice looking prospects over there.

Nice find, 86.


Rahmir Cottman has an updated top 6, per Rivals, and Ohio State is not listed.
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Interview with tOSU offeree DT Kade Weston


Name: Kade Weston (Junior)

School: Red Bank Regional High School

Positions: DT/DE

1) If I was to have you step on a scale - what would it read?
KW - 290

What is you actual height!
KW - 6-5

What do you think you run the 40 in?
KW - 5.1

2) How is the season going for you and your team?
KW - Excellent!

3)What was your best game so far?
KW - Playing and defeating Hightstown in the States' semi-finals!

4) What makes you different from other players?
KW - My determination!

5) What game means the most to you at this point?
KW - Long Branch!

6) How is recruiting going for you?
KW - Good!

7)What colleges have contacted you to this point?
KW - Boston College, Virginia, Rutgers, Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa ...are some of the schools!

Any scholarship offers? KW - Yes!
If so, from where?
KW - Boston College and Rutgers!

8) If I was a college recruiting - how would you convince me to recruit you?
Better yet, how will you convince me to offer you a scholarship?
KW - My style of play and giving 100% everytime!

9) Who has been the toughest player you've played against so far this season?
KW - The quarter-back from Hamilton West, he was quick and elusive!

10) Is there a player who you would want to play - but there is no chance of it occurring?
KW - Plainfield's 6-7/320 LM Eugene Monroe!

11) Is there a player you wouldn't want to play against?
KW - NO!

12) Do you consider yourself a leader?
KW - Yes!

KW - Because I'm a leader in the classroom and on the field. I make plays to fire-up our defense.

13) What impression do you want to leave on the Shore conference at seasons end? ... In other words - if everyone in the shore came to see you play one game, what would you want them to say about you as they left the game?
KW - That I was one of the best players to ever play at the Jersey Shore.

14) Is there a phrase or slogan that is embedded in your mind - something you repeat in your head over and over again?
KW - "If you fail to prepare - then you prepare to fail!"

15) Is there any positive advice that you are willing to share with younger players reading this? ... In other words - if you had a loudspeaker and football players from the area had a chance to hear you pass on advice, what would you say?
KW - Stay focused in the classroom, on the field - and always give it your all.

16) Who is the best player in the state?
KW - Not sure!
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Interesting article in RutgersFan.com (Rivals network) on Kade Weston. Here's a funny quote:

John: Based on what you have heard from coaches, or what you have seen in mailings, what school sounds like the most fun place to go to school?

Kade: Miami because I heard that it nice down there, good looking girls, and the coach told me if I have to talk to a Spanish girl tell him and he will give me a few lines. USC because it is nice out there. The Staple Center is like 5 minutes away from the school. Hollywood is half hour away. You see a lot of famous people.
Kids these days! :ohwell:

John Otterstedt on Kade Weston (6/6/04)
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free insiders article on Kade Weston

Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic defensive tackle Kade Weston is quick on the field, but just the opposite in recruiting. He wants to be sure of everything before he cuts any team, which has not happened just yet.

“It’s good. I don’t know any teams that I am favoring; I’m wide open,” says the 6-foot-5, 300 pounder. “Maryland, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and USC are just some of the schools I am looking at.

Teams will have to rely on film as Weston wants to stay at home and work on the grueling tests he is certain to come open in a tough senior season.

“I am not going to camps this summer. I am running and lifting and I will be getting in shape, because I’ll be playing both sides of the ball. I’m excited about playing both sides, but I don’t want to play offense in college. I want to stay on defense.”

It is rather obvious as to Weston’s talent, and he says the important part to his game is in his lower body.

“I’m aggressive and I have quick feet. I am pretty fast for my size, and I will be doing the same thing I did last year like move from sideline to sideline and making tackles.”

That aggression and speed shows up in Weston’s weight-room numbers with a 325 bench press, 20 bench reps at 185 pounds, and a squat of 490 pounds. He also runs a 5.0 40-yard dash.

Weston is taking baby steps in his decision-making process, and the first will come soon.

“The first thing I am going to do is narrow it down to 10 schools sometime this summer.”
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Kade Weston - Rivals Premium Update - 6/27/2004



  • Wide open in his college choices
  • Has 18 written offers
  • Had 114 tackles, 14 sacks, and five forced fumbles his Junior Year
  • First experience playing football was three years ago
  • Moved to the U.S. from Trinidad
  • Will play OT along with DT this upcoming year
  • Wants to be a DT in college
  • Hopes to have a Top 10 by end of summer
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Amazing tackle stats

I hope Coach Hazell can pull Kade in. His stats are incredible -- 114 tackles, 20 for loss.

I know that some feel a DT should plug up the line so the LBs can make the tackles, but I disagree. The D-line is the first line of defense and, if you can stop people there, you have severely crippled your opponent's running game.

As a guy who is new to football, Kade has demonstrated a real instinct for the game. He sheds blocks, penetrates and makes tackles. His size, speed, strength and great instincts -- coupled with the outstanding coaching he would get at tOSU -- could make Kade Weston one of the truly great D-linemen ever to play the game.

Coach Hazell: Please bring this New Jersey wonderkind to tOSU!
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