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'05 MI DT Terrance Taylor (Michigan signee)

Buckeye Dan

Terrance Taylor
Muskegon (MI)

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 285 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.95 seconds
Bench max: 400 pounds
Bench reps: 32
Squat max: 630 pounds
Vertical leap: 25 inches
Shuttle time: 4.2 seconds
ACT: 20


Rivals Premium Update - 6/25/2004


Another one of Taylor’s favorites, Ohio State, will receive a visit from him this weekend when he participates in a one-day camp held on the Columbus campus.
  • Attended LSU Camp
  • UM still his favorite, LSU is close to the top
  • Will attend OSU Camp
  • No further camps scheduled / additional unofficial visits are possible
It appears that Terrance has an excellent size-strength profile (compact body with massive leg strength) to play nose guard. OSU might be interested in a "gap plugger" in this class, as Denlinger is more of a "combo" DL like Darrion Scott.

In a related note, OSU really needs someone to replace Tim Anderson this year - we got kind of spoiled seeing him doing the dirty work inside, taking out two or three blockers a play, and freeing up the LB's and the rest of the DL to do their jobs. Let's hope that Pitcock and Abdallah can take over that important but unheralded task.
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