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'05 MD OL Joe Akers (UConn signee)





Parkton (MD)
Offensive guard

Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 310 pounds
40-yard dash: 5 seconds
Bench Press: 365lbs

Bio Notes: Akers was named all-state during his sophomore and junior seasons. He was also named all-county, all-district and all-metro.

Schools in the Running: Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Virginia Tech

Joe went to tOSU junior day.


Joe Akers, a 6'1", 310 lb., 5.0/40 offensive lineman/defensive lineman from Parkton (Hereford), MD is already getting looked at by colleges nationwide. A two-way player, Joe is said to be very tenacious and aggressive on the field. This aggression paid off this past season as he put opposing quarterbacks on the ground an impressive eleven times.

Joe has received a slew of honors for his performance over the past two seasons. Coaches in his conference say that he is the standard by which county linemen measured themselves. Here are a few of the honors Joe has received.

AP First Team Small School All-State Football selection (2002)
AP First Team Small School All-State Football selection (2003)
First team All-Baltimore City/County Football selection (2002)
First team All-Baltimore City/County Football selection (2003)
First Team All-Metro Football selection (2002)
First Team All-Metro Football selection (2003)

The preseason All-American is said to have excellent fundamentals and foot work. He has impressive power and the ability to leverage his body consistently on surges. He is also said to be very good on shifts and pulls when playing the offensive line.

As the Washington Post wrote about Joe, "the returning All-Metro selection used quick feet, good hands and overpowering strength to dominate the opposition." Joe has tremendous endurance as well for his daunting size, playing nearly every snap of his Hereford games. He is a member of not one, but two state championship teams and was instrumental in winning both of those titles.

Joe started to get attention after he attended a Nike camp back in May of last year. His five second forty yard dash and ability to bench press 185 lbs. 30 times really turned some heads.

Joe was an invited attendee at Penn State's first junior day of the Class of 2009 this past weekend. Although the Lion's top recruiting priorities do not currently seem to revolve around linemen, they are apparently looking for one or two top prospects to join the Class of 2009. They certainly seem to hope that Joe is one of those propects to wear the PSU blue and white in the future.



Joe Akers


The highly recruited junior preseason All-American is being looked at by colleges nationwide for his prowess on both sides of the line. At 6-2, 310 pounds, and with a 40-yard dash time of 5.0 seconds, the returning All-Metro selection used quick feet, good hands and overpowering strength to dominate the opposition. Rarely coming off the field, Akers, a member of two state championship teams, will be among a number of returning seniors to next year's Bulls.
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I'm sure he will be an excellent college OG, but if the Buckeyes are looking to recruit a pure OG next class, they will probably offer Chardon's David White-6'2 300-at camp if he shows well. He has already been down for the Junior Day in February.
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FYI- I asked on the Maryland board several weeks ago why the east coast isn't all over this guy, the responses I received said that he plays against very weak competition. Does anyone know what level his team competes in in Maryland?
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He doesn't pass the looks test...he looks like a doughboy....also at 16 or 17 and he already has double knee braces.

LOL- Rivals rated as one of the ten standouts at PSU NIke

Here is what they wrote about him

Akers is the poster-child for the "don't judge a book by its cover" school of football. Not the tallest or most sculpted offensive lineman, Akers was arguably the best. His low center of gravity, quick feet, power and balance make for an impressive package.

He had a one on one battle with one of the top defensive line prospects there, Melvin Alaeze, and performed very well
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starBUCKS said:
He doesn't pass the looks test...he looks like a doughboy....also at 16 or 17 and he already has double knee braces.

I wouldn't worry about the knee braces. I recall Bollman coming in and making all of our linemen where them for preventative measures, regardless if they've ever had any problems or not. Take a look at the line the next time we play.
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Per Rivals today, Akers stock is on the rise due to an impressive showing at Penn State Nike; included in the list of schools that are "thinking about offering" are Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, and Marshall. It looks like his summer camps will be very important, as he is a recruit "on the fence" for big-time programs. I watched his films on Rivals - most of his film was on defense, and on offense, he was playing left tackle. Clearly, at 6'2", he is too short for OT in college, and at 315 lbs. he is not quick enough for DL; thus, he looks to project at OG. He can best be described as active in a lumbering sort of way; his footwork is decent, but he simply doesn't have a whole lot of athleticism. I question whether he fits Tressel's mold for lean, quick, athletic OL with upside potential (which is best exemplified by recent signees Kirk Barton and Kyle Mitchum and current commitment Jim Cordle). In addition, the Bucks already have two top OL in the fold, and Tressel & Co. can afford to be very selective at this point in the process. However, Akers seems like a good kid who really likes OSU (another Frank Morton in the making?), and he plays a position which has been a perennial weakness for the Bucks, so maybe the staff will take a flyer on him down the road....

Speaking of Cordle ... if you haven't yet seem his tape, please watch it. There is really no comparison between Cordle and Akers. Cordle is much quicker and far more athletic - on nearly every play he pulls, and can do so either to his left or to his right. He's not quite the freak that Jeff Byers was last year, but he can really get out fast and lead the play around either end; and, once Cordle encounters a defender, he flattens the guy. Although there were only two or three clips of his pass blocking, he clearly has the speed to get into position, and the footwork to set himself properly. In addition, you can see even from the films that Cordle has a mean streak :bones: a mile wide - he just loves to punish opponents who get in his way. Finally, being from Lancaster, you know that he is well-coached and plays against top competition. Alex Boone may be the big "name" in this OL class, but Cordle is definitely one to watch.
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Rivals Premium

Per the latest Rivals update, Akers still does not have any written offers but he expects some after summer camps. Akers mentions Ohio State is one of the schools recruiting him the hardest yet he does not plan on camping here this summer. Not sure he'd be offered if he camped here but his chances are significantly lower if he doesn't.
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