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'05 LA OL Ernest Jones


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member

(Jones on the Left)

Ernest Jones
Ht: 6-4.5 Wt: 337 40: 5.5
Position: OL
Projected as: OL
Position Rank: NR
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: St. Augustine HS
(New Orleans, LA)

A mammoth offensive line prospect that is light on his feet for such a big man. Played right tackle for St. Augustine as a junior, and could stay at tackle or move to guard on the college level.

Free Insiders Update
Earnest Jones and Seth Adams of St. Augustine in New Orleans were the two most physically imposing prospects at the MSL Combine in New Orleans on Sunday.

The two most physically imposing players from the MSL Combine at Tulane yesterday form a scary combination for St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. Earnest Jones and Seth Adams play offensive tackle and defensive tackle for St. Aug respectively.

Jones weighed in at 6-4.5 and 337 pounds and moved extremely well for a man of his size. Adams was a chiseled 6-3 and 285 pounds, and he was just as impressive in his individual drills. Each was the top offensive lineman and defensive tackle that I saw yesterday, and it's a scary proposition for St. Augustine opponents that they will be on the same field this year.

LA Hot 100

15. (tie) Ernest Jones (OL, 6'5", 335) from ST Augustine, N.O. Ernest Jones will be one of five super offensive linemen prospects in the state next season. Jones has great potential, but needs to get stronger in his upper body. Jones' playing weight will probably be 350-360 in college.

Dandy Don's Top 100 in Louisiana

35. (tie) Ernest Jones OL, 6'5", 335, ST Augustine, N.O.

Insiders Premium

Jones has recently listed Ohio State in his top 5. He likes the fact the Buckeyes put a lot of lineman in the NFL.
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