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'05 KY CB/RB David Jones (Kentucky signee)


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David Jones
Belfry (KY)
Cornerback / Running back

Height: 5-foot-10
Weight: 172 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds
GPA: 2.8

Participated in the Nike camp in Columbus and was impressive. Jones has an early offer from Kentucky and he's considered one of the top prospects in the Blue Grass State. He's played a number of positions in high school including RB, DB, and linebacker. He was always a Buckeye fan growing up and has stated he wants to be a Buckeye.

Here is a little blurb from the Kentucky 2A State Championship game from last year:

Belfry, a tiny town in the Pond Creek area of Pike County, finally reached the top of the mountain by beating Elizabethtown 33-27 in overtime in the Class 2A finals before 5,055 fans at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium last night.

Senior speedster David Jones, who rushed 29 times for 202 yards and four touchdowns, got the winning score in overtime.

When Belfry got its shot in overtime, there was no doubt it would stay on the ground. After three running plays, the Pirates were two feet from the goal line on fourth down. Everybody in the place figured Jones would get the ball.

Before he did, Paul Howard offered some advice. "Paul said, 'Don't jump. Just lower your shoulder,' " Jones said.

So Jones lowered his shoulder and bulled into the end zone, touching off bedlam in the Belfry cheering section.
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It simply amazes me how cut these kids are. I was pretty big and strong in high school, but these kids are out of this world. The one that really gets me is Jamario O'neal. He is a freak of nature he's so fit. I feel sorry for his future victoms (except Mannigham). He is going to be a punisher.
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10. David Jones RB/DB 5'10 170 Belfry, KY (Belfry HS)
You can’t make a list of the best ten prospects in the state without including perhaps the quickest or fastest player in Kentucky. That would be Belfry’s David Jones and what Jones may lack in size, is made up for in that very characteristic. The Belfry native certainly passes the all important, “look test,” from the get-go. At 5’10, he is a chiseled 170 pounds of lean muscle. His lower body is even more encouraging, as he possesses a nice foundation which can add weight and get even stronger. UK offered him early in the process and is believed to be the front-runner to garner his services if Ohio State does not offer before signing day. Whoever gets the star athlete will be getting a steal of a player that plays with heart, determination, and grit; but most of all, a speedster who brings “flexibility,” to any program.
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Kind of surprising, given his interest in Ohio State, and the fact that the Bucks have offered only one in-state CB (Jamario O'Neal) and seem to be a long shot for Justin King's services.
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The University of Kentucky football coaching staff got some good news at its football camp this past weekend when Belfry's David Jones gave the Wildcats an oral commitment to sign with UK in February 2005.

The 5-foot-10, 172-pound Jones rushed for 1,522 yards and 24 touchdowns last season for Belfry's Class 2A state champions. He also had five interceptions and three kickoff return touchdowns.

Jones ran the 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds recently at Ohio State's camp, and he was scheduled for an official visit there.

But his experience in Lexington made up his mind.

"After going to UK's camp this weekend, I just felt it was the right place for me," he said. "I didn't see a need to go to Ohio State. The (UK) coaching staff made me feel really comfortable."

Jones played defensive back and running back in high school, but he was recruited as a defensive back.

He also considered West Virginia.
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