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'05 Iowa RB Travis Rhone (JUCO bound)


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Travis Rhone
Running back
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Washington High School
Height: 5-foot-10 (Nike)
Weight: 171 pounds (Nike)
40-yard dash: 4.47 seconds (Nike)
Bench reps: 12 (Nike)
Vertical leap: 31 inches (Nike)
Shuttle time: 4.72 seconds (Nike)
Junior stats (rushing): 215 atts, 1,764 yds, 8.2 avg, 22 TD's
Junior stats (receiving): 11 recs, 218 yds, 19.8 avg, 3 TD's
Rivals #8 player in the state of Iowa

Travis is interested in Iowa, Iowa State, Indiana, and Ohio State; he has no offers at this point.

He attended the Columbus Nike camp in April of this year, where he posted a very good forty time (4.47); apparently, his time was in the top 15 of those who attended that camp (over 250 athletes). His quote: "I went to the Nike Camp at Ohio State, and I definitely like the Buckeyes a lot." Rivals on Travis Rhone (7/20/04)

Anyone know if this kid is doing well his senior year and/or if any offers have been made? He has good 40 times. Not that that is the end all be all, but its a start. Just looking at all options with regards to RB's for OSU. Thanks for any info.
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