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'05 Indiana RB Antoine Brown (Kentucky walk-on)


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Antoine Brown
Running back
Portage (IN)

Height: 5-foot-11
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds
Bench max: 265 pounds
Squat max: 500 pounds

According to Kurelic, Antoine Brown, "one of the top running back prospects in the state of Indiana", will be camping at OSU this summer. Brown put up rather gaudy numbers as a junior, rushing for 2035 yards, averaging 7.5 per carry, and scoring 32 times. He currently has offers from Kentucky and Northern Illinois, and likes those schools plus OSU, Michigan, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

Kurelic on Antoine Brown
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bucknuts44820 said:
oops, didnt look at first post went off what BuckeyeSoldier stated, I guess he has some speed but if your name doesnt end in Wells, I am not that interested.

all apologies


No apology necessary. I run the 40 in 4.5 seconds, problem is that's 40 inches :shake:
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Maybe he will get a look but with limited sholies and the studs we have targeted, I doubt he gets an offer but you never know......
Yeah, probably right, but ... this time last year, we all felt certain that OSU's RB signees would definitely include both Delbert Ferguson and Raymond Williams, each of whom was projected to be a top-100 caliber player; if something didn't work out with one of them, we would have been happy with Gary Russell. As it turned out, none of the three got offers, and the Bucks signed Erik Haw and Antonio Pittman, both of whom were relative unknowns (especially Haw, who made his reputation with a 4.21 40-time at OSU's summer camp). Very late in the process, the Bucks got a commitment from super-sleeper Dennis Kennedy (an HH special), who wasn't even well-known to the so-called recruiting experts. So, you never quite know with most of these kids, at least until the coaches have had the opportunity to see them in person at camp.
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Track performances

100 Meter Dash
8) 10.88 - Antoine Brown - 11 - Portage

200 Meter Dash
3) 21.90 - Antoine Brown - 11 - Portage


Antoine Brown could make it a long way on talent alone.

He found out right away that simply getting by wasn't going to cut it at Portage.

"Some people over here challenged my work ethics," Brown said.

Brown came to Portage with impressive credentials from his two years at Merrillville. But all his accolades didn't earn him any free passes.

"The first two weeks of practice, he was pretty quiet," Portage coach John Kappes said. "But you could see the look in his eyes, like, 'Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into?' "

Like the two-, three-mile runs in the dead of winter, when the longest Brown ever races is 400 meters.

"I didn't even feel like running sometimes," he said. "I just wanted to know how it was going to help me in the long run."

It didn't take long for word of Brown's discontentment to get around.

"We heard scuttlebutt amongst the athletes, that it was a lot different than anything he'd done before," Kappes said. "He had a tough time and he wasn't too shy in letting people know he didn't like what he was doing. We had our share of talks. And sometimes the explanations were met with a blank stare."

As a result, Brown was lagging in the middle of workout packs behind less-talented athletes.

"When it's time to compete, you can just see an energy about him," Kappes said. "He just thrives on it. What I couldn't understand was how a person can love to do this, but hate everything else, mainly practice. It was very baffling."

At some point, the light finally went on for Brown.

"I think I'm just hungry this year to get down to state," he said. "It would be my first time in an individual sport, and that's what I plan on doing. I had some challenging moments. But when I did, I'd talk to my mom and she told me to keep working hard. In the long run, it's going to help you."

According to Kappes, Brown's lofty goals are now being matched by his work ethic.

"I had to prove that I am a hard worker and that's what I've been doing," Brown said. "I feel like every practice, the coaches prepare us for the race."

Now Brown is setting the pace in those same training runs.

"He's really understanding the benefit of a good practice," Kappes said. "The thing we ask from our all athletes is to trust us, to understand that we do have a plan for you. In Antoine's case, the purpose of the endurance work was to get him through the tough workouts later on. We're training him for where we think he's going to end up."

The tightly-cut Brown has come through all the rigors with an additional 10 pounds of muscle, which is translating into more power over the second halves of his races. Typically average off the gun, he has also improved the quality of his starts.

"I feel like when I get my knees up, I become faster," Brown said. "That's what my coaches and uncle have been preaching to me every day. My reaction time is getting better out of the blocks. I feel like I can come in every race and win."

A solid favorite for today's Portage Sectional, Brown's next test will come at regionals, where his sophomore season ended.

"He's matured a lot athletically the past two-and-a-half, three months," Kappes said. "He's been a really enjoyable project in that sense. And we don't feel he's hit his maximum speed. We haven't worked that aspect of his training yet."
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Good article on Brown

PORTAGE — Althea Brown knew what she was doing when she named her only child Antoine Lamar Star Brown.

Seventeen-plus years after the beaming baby boy was born at an Army base in Stuttgart, Germany, he has lived up to second part of his middle name.

“When I looked at him for the first time, he was my star,” Althea said.

Perhaps the best high school running back in Indiana, the junior at Portage also is a phenom in track. He’ll head to Saturday’s state finals in Bloomington as a title hopeful in the 100 and 200 meters.

Brown has traveled far and wide to become a regional champion in the shortest of sprinting races. He’s lived around the world, from Germany to Washington state, back to Deutschland, back to Washington and finally settling in Northwest Indiana.

Even in the region, Brown has been mobile, moving from Gary to Merrillville to Portage, where he’s lived for the past year.

Through all his travels, Brown has never met his father, Keith. The only constant in his life has been Althea.

“She’s a person that has been there for me since I was young,” Brown said. “When I’m down, she’s always pulled me up. She’s a person that will always be there for me when I make mistakes.”

On playing surfaces, Brown rarely has miscues.

In his first season of varsity action this year, the Post-Tribune’s offensive player of the year rushed for an astronomical 2,039 yards and 32 touchdowns. He’s already drawn interest from Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Miami, Ohio.

In track, he was undefeated in the 100 and 200 throughout middle school and helped Merrillville consistently win the 400 relay as a freshman and sophomore.

This season, the 5-11, 180-pound block of chiseled muscle claimed his second straight Duneland Conference and sectional crowns in both events. He corralled the 100 and 200 at the Portage Regional as well, prevailing in times of 10.75 and 21.89, respectively.

“It’s such a rush to watch him because he’s so good,” said Brown’s girlfriend, Portage senior Krystal


Portage boys track coach John Kappes knew what Brown was capable of after seeing him at Merrillville. But, in order for Brown — nicknamed “P-Town Brown” — to earn a blue ribbon at state, Kappes said he had to take the junior’s training an extra step.

“From our first indoor session in January, every practice every day has been a stepping stone to that goal,” Kappes said. “To his credit, he’s obviously made some adjustments that are paying off in track. That’s such a great reward to see.

“Hopefully, we’re not done yet.”

Althea said her son has never mentioned the possibility of winning state. But she said Brown has been running with supreme confidence this year.

“You can just see it in his body,” she said.

Althea graduated from Indianapolis Arlington High School in 1980 and played basketball at the University of Evansville for one season before deciding to join the Army.

“I wanted to see the world,” said Althea, who became a staff sergeant.

Five years later, she met Brown’s father in Germany, where he was later born, but two months later, Althea was transferred to Tacoma, Wash. She and Brown spent two months in Washington before returning to Germany. By the time of their arrival, Brown’s father had transferred elsewhere.

Althea said she has tried to find Brown’s dad. At one point she even called the Red Cross and the Montel Williams Show for help.

“But Antoine has done real great without meeting him,” Althea said.

If Brown has one father figure, it’s Althea’s brother, Carlos, who lives in Indianapolis. Carlos once unsuccessfully tried out for the 1988 Olympics in the 110 hurdles. Carlos tries to visit his nephew three times a month to help him with propelling from the starting blocks and his running technique.

“He’s learning about life as he’s learning about his sport,” Carlos said. “He realizes the end result is a direct result of the effort he puts in.”

Althea found a home in Gary, where she has family members.They stayed in Gary until Brown’s sixth-grade year. They moved to Merrillville and then to Portage because their neighborhoods were “getting bad,” Althea said.

Brown said he’s comfortable in Portage and feels accepted in the school since Day 1. He’s hoping to make the B Honor Roll a second consecutive semester.

Brown said he spends his limited free time playing video games, especially Madden NFL 2004, and he isn’t a social person, saying that “I really don’t talk that much.”

Althea said she’s the same way. In fact, she and Brown have many duplicate traits, from their shyness to their way of speaking.

“I can see he’s a lot like his mom,” Rigoni said. “I’ll hear her say things, and he’ll say the exact same thing.”

Carlos said, “If they were not mom and son, they would be sister and brother. They have been one another’s life, and they motivate one another.

“My sister makes a concerted effort to try and motivate and direct Antoine’s future, and at the same time, he has been the driving force for her.”

Althea works nights at an so she can see her son during the day. And she knows he is preparing to enter college. She understands she’s going to have to loosen her motherly grip.

“The most scary thing is actually letting him go,” Althea said. “I don’t want to, but I know I have to.”

It won’t be easy, but Althea will let go of Brown, allowing the opportunity for her Star to shine elsewhere.
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Sought-after Brown hits road to look over possible choices
July 2, 2004

By Michael Osipoff / Post-Tribune staff writer

The occasional office chatter has gone something along these lines: If Antoine Brown is not a big-time Division I football prospect, then there is no such thing in Northwest Indiana.

After all, the guy ran for 2,039 yards and 32 touchdowns as a junior, averaging 7.5 yards per carry — in the Duneland Conference, perhaps the state’s best conference in football, and having been bothered for a time by a bum ankle.

Calm down a bit now.

The Portage running back appears to fit the bill.

It has been a busy several weeks for Brown, who has attended camps at Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue and Central Michigan.

“I was impressed with the stadiums and the coaches,” said Brown, who also has gone to an adidas camp at Notre Dame and a Nike camp at Iowa. “I’m done with camps for now. I’m just going to football practice, lifting weights trying to get bigger.”

In a little more than a year, he could be playing in one of those stadiums, packed to the gills, for one of those high-profile coaches.

For now, he has offers from Kentucky and Northern Illinois.

He was expecting to find out shortly if offers from Wisconsin and Purdue were imminent.

The soft-spoken Brown puts Wisconsin, Kentucky, Northern Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan and Purdue atop his list, not wanting to tip his hand just yet.

“I’m waiting for the right school,” he said.

But he also would prefer to make a decision sooner rather than later, perhaps before the start of his senior season.

He adds: “I’m trying to get it over with. It’s crazy, recruiting. It’s kinda difficult going to schools. I’m trying to get it over with early.

“At least you know you got a lot of colleges interested in you.”

So, what factors are you considering?

“Location, playing time, academics, coaches,” said Brown, who prefers to stay close to home and is leaning toward studying communications. “That’s pretty much what I’m looking at.”

He has to improve his pass-catching ability. After playing through the ankle injury, he has to prove his durability.

The 5-foot-10 Brown understands he needs to gain weight, though he has a sculpted physique. He said he is up to 185 pounds, more than 10 pounds heavier than his listed weight before the football season.

In track, he placed third in the state in the 200 meters and seventh in the 100.

Speed, power, the willingness to work hard.

What’s not to like?

From the perspective of several college football powerhouses, apparently, nothing.

Never a doubt, right?

Can the RailCats get any worse?

On Tuesday, they overcome a 4-0 deficit at St. Paul to take a 10-4 lead, only to lose 11-10.

On Wednesday, probably still reeling from that debacle, they lose 11-0 to the Saints to fall to 11-28.

What a way to head into Thursday’s off day, ruminating on their worst loss yet this season.

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"I have offers from Kentucky and Northern Illinois," running back Antoine Brown said.

"My favorites are Kentucky, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan and Miami (Ohio).

"I camped at Central Michigan, Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan.

"Wisconsin is my leader. I liked the coaches, the campus and the facilities. I could see myself fitting in there very well."
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