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'05 IN QB Dustin Sherer (Wisconsin signee)





Cicero (IN)
Hamilton Heights

Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 seconds at Nike Iowa- says he normally runs 4.6
GPA: 3.2
2003 Stats: 135 of 245 passes (55%) for 2216 yards w/ 17 touchdowns and was intercepted six times.

Will be a four-year varsity starter in 2004. Threw for 2,261 yards and 17 touchdowns as a junior. Those numbers were good enough to earn him honorable mention all-state honors.

Coach's Comments: ”He has the physical talent…he has a unique blend of the physical talent, and he has the emotional package and poise, along with intelligence," said head coach Steve Stirn. "On the emotional side, he has the competitiveness and leadership qualities to where you look at him from a distance; you notice all of those things. He has it all. All of the great ones do. Then you look closer, and the closer you look, you are not disappointed. He really does not have a glaring weakness as a quarterback. I think that puts him in an elite group.”

Current offers- Iowa, Indiana, BG, Ill and W. Mich.
Recruiting Hard- Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Purdue, Kentucky, and Wisconsin
He has no favorite and is going to a tOSU one day camp this summer
He wants to make an early decision.

Sherer had an outstanding Nike Iowa camp and was considered the QB with the strongest arm (camp also included Christensen)- he reminded some of Kyle Orton (looks awkward but strong arm and nice touch)