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'05 Glenville RB/DB Tim Conner (Eastern Michigan signee; transfer to Capital)


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Tim Conner
All-purpose back / Cornerback
Cleveland (OH) Glenville
Height: 5-foot-10.5
Weight: 179 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.72 seconds (?)
Bench reps: 19
Vertical leap: 26 inches
Shuttle time: 4.4 seconds
GPA: 3.0

Does anyone know much about this kid? I just watched his video on Rivals (mostly at RB), and came away fairly impressed. The 40-time listed above might be incorrect (although it allegedly came from OSU Nike), as he displayed some nice speed. However, he is basically a one-move runner who hits the hole hard and then runs over and through people; his feet are constantly moving and he has great leg drive for a smaller back. Unlike Ted Ginn, who has a long, graceful stride, Conner (or Conners, as Insiders lists him) is a choppy, bullish runner who keeps his feet close to the ground (if you know what I mean). Too bad he isn't 220 lbs, as he is tough and ran well inside. Please post any info on Conner(s), who seems to be flying under the radar right now (although he apparently earned the MVP award for sophomore running backs at the National Combine, and Jeremy Crabtree called him a "Big Ten level recruit" in an article from November of 2003 - Crabtree on Glenville Prospects).


Conners was given the MVP award for sophomore running backs at the National Combine. He is an explosive runner and is probably a better runner inside even at his size. He plays tailback and is a tough runner but may project as a DB in college. Super athlete with great speed.

Stats from '03 Army combine where he was top skill player rated as a RB



Runningback Tim Conner- 24" vertical, 8' 3.5" Broad jump, 185/12 Bench Press, 1.62 Manual 10 yd dash, 4.86 manual 40 yd dash, 1.79 FAT 10 yd, 2.96 FAT 20 yd, 5.1 FAT 40 yd, 4.49 Pro agility, 7.93 -3 cone test

I think I remember Duane saying that he was best as a RB but because of his size would probably end up as a DB in college.
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FYI, Conner committed to Eastern michigan.


For the second time in less than two weeks, a standout on Glenville's regional championship football team has orally committed to Eastern Michigan University.

Senior tailback Tim Conner and Tarblooders teammate Jacory Stone will play together since Conner made his commitment Sunday after visiting the EMU campus. Stone made his commitment to the Eagles on Dec. 1.

yada yada
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