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'05 GA OL Nic Riley (Troy State signee)


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Nic Riley
Offensive tackle
Warner Robins (GA)
Houston County

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 265 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9 seconds
Bench max: 310 pounds
Squat max: 425 pounds
Vertical leap: 23 inches
GPA: 3.9
SAT: 1240

Similar size to recent OT signees Kirk Barton and Kyle Mitchum, with good athleticism and great grades - sounds like a prototype Tressel player. Unfortunately, he is from "The South", and is listing George, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Auburn (:grr: ) along with Ohio State. A long shot, no doubt, but a player to watch from an area with a tremendous football tradition (note, however, that Nic does not attend Warner Robins H.S., which in recent years won three state and two national championships in football).
Good stuff LJB.





Riley wants to play for a prestigious program that is in national championship contention. He grew up a Florida Gator fan but says he's very open to whoever is recruiting him. On top of wanting to play for a national power, a school’s graduation rate and academics are things he's going to be looking at. He is aware that he'll probably have to redshirt no matter where he goes but he just wants an opportunity to compete for a spot from day 1.

He would like to make an early decision if the right opportunity presented itself. A few of his teammates are being heavily recruited also and there is some talk about them possibly wanting to play together in college.

Riley has a top 3 of Georgia, Auburn and Ole Miss. He also is comsidering considering Florida, Ohio State, Boston College and Tennessee.


Georgia All-State Football team </MCC HEAD>

[font=verdana,georgia,helvetica,arial]Here are the Georgia Sports Writers Association selections for the all-state football team:

All-Classification Player of year: Darius Walker, Buford



Quarterback: Kison Flakes, Lovejoy (Sr., 6-0, 190)
Running Backs: Travis Evans, Westside (Sr., 5-9, 180)
RB: Brad Lester, Parkview (Sr., 6-0, 180)
WR: Aaron Kelly, Walton (Sr., 6-4, 167)
WR: Derrell Stegall, Newnan (Sr., 6-0, 165)
OL: Jeremy Ciulla, Kennesaw Mountain (Sr., 6-6, 284)
OL: Hamilton Holliday, Walton (Sr., 6-3, 290)
OL: David Brookins, Westside (Sr., 6-4, 260)
OL: Josh Bennett, Lowndes (Sr., 5-11, 240)
OL: Anthony Spates, Valdosta (Sr., 6-0, 265)
OL: Nic Riley, Houston County (Jr., 6-5, 275)

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