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'05 FLA ATH E.J. Biggers (Western Michigan signee)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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E.J. Biggers
Athlete / Dual-threat quarterback
North Miami Beach (FL)

Height: 5-foot-10
Weight: 159 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65 seconds
Bench reps: 7
Vertical leap: 28 inches
Shuttle time: 4.13 seconds
GPA: 2.8
SAT: 800

Audibles: "He’s the second best player that we’ve ever had here. I went to school here, so I know the school’s history. He just wins games for us. He wills us to wins." -North Miami Beach coach Jeff Bertani

A two way player for North Miami Beach, Biggers has excellent lateral movement and projects as a corner on the college level.

His Rivals profile has him visiting Columbus on January 14th and it says he has a Buckeye offer. :osu:

Biggers also has offers from Penn State, Iowa and Kansas.

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His coach compared him to Miami receiver Roscoe Parrish. In this update Biggers is listed at 5'11", 178 pounds. Biggers would like a shot to play QB in college. He starts at corner and quarterback for North Miami Beach.
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December 15, 2004
Biggers talks Ohio State visit

Bill Kurelic
BuckeyeSports.com Recruiting Analyst

"I visited Penn State Dec. 4," North Miami Beach, Fla., defensive back E.J. Biggers said. "I took the ACT last weekend. I visit Kansas this weekend.

The Buckeyes haven't offered Biggers a scholarship.
"The only other one I have right now is Jan. 14 at Ohio State.

"And I'm looking at Iowa and maybe a couple of others. It's still open. I don't have a favorite.

"Penn State offered me, and Iowa.

"(Ohio State assistant) Coach Snyder has been down here. But I haven't heard from him lately."

The 5-foot-10 and 159 pound Biggers made 40 tackles and intercepted five passes during his senior season. But don't be surprised if Biggers does not end up visiting the Buckeyes.
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osugrad21 said:
That's what a redshirt year is for...strength and conditioning.

Good point. When I graduated HS, I was 5'10" and 135 (bascially a white Ethiopian). I gained nearly 20 pounds in Air Force basic training (6 weeks). When I was in my best shape, I was 6'0" (grew 2 inches between mid-senior year in HS and age 20) and a solid 195 with a 355 lb bench. This kid could put on 35-40 pounds of muscle in two years if he put his mind to it.
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Rivals premium

He goes to W. Michigan this upcoming weekend, tOSU (1/14) and Iowa (1/21) for his last visit. His other two visits were PSU and Kansas. Kansas is the leader.

He watched tOSU's bowl game and feels that even though they struggled this year they came back strong.

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Kansas is the current leader and Iowa is probably no. 2 (they are the last visit). He feels that Iowa has done a great job recruiting him.

EJ's HS coach knows Coach Snyder well. Coach S didn't get a tape until late in the game. But Coach S liked it enough to visit EJ and offer him a schollie.

Schools are recruiting him to play CB.
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BN $

EJ is to arrive on campus today. According to his coach, EJ has already visited PSU, Kansas, and Western Michigan but PSU is out of the picture. He was a two time all-Dade County selection and came within three INTs of breaking the county record. EJ had 53 tackles and 8 INTs as a senior. Most importantly, Biggers is fully qualified. mark Snyder is in charge of recruiting him although tOSU received a tape late in the recruiting process.
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brutus2002 said:
If Biggers has an OSU offer he will commit this weekend or in the next week. I have no inside info or anything I just have that feeling.
Your feeling probably comes from the fact that Kansas is his current leader. You have to like OSU's chances of luring a recruit away from the Jayhawks.
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