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'05 FL WR/DB Eric Sledge (Florida signee)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Eric Sledge
Apopka (FL)
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds
Vertical leap: 27 inches

Audibles: "He’s a very aggressive, physical kid. He probably looks more like a safety, but he plays much better in coverage than roaming free. I think a lot of people will look at him as a corner" -Apopka coach Ty Ensor

A cousin to Miami's Brandon Meriweather and FSU's Aaron Jones, Sledge finished his junior season with 75 tackles and one sack. Now one of the state's top safeties, Sledge also plays basketball and runs track. Sledge will likely make the transition to wide receiver in college after playing both sides of the ball in his senior season of high school

Considered a sleeper by many until a very impressive Nike Camp performance in Miami where he dominated one on one drills as a receiver. He ran a 4.4 40 at the camp. He hasn't played receiver since his days in Pop Warner but will play wideout and safety this year for Apopka. Early on Florida State was his favorite but since then schools like Florida, Miami, scUM, and scUM St. have gotten in on him. Sledge currently lists Ohio State as his favorite and he has an offer from the Buckeyes.

Another picture of Sledge from Rivals...

great find Nutty- sounds like he is one of the top safety prospects in Florida


free insiders article from MSL camp

Eric Sledge. Sledge was my pick for the top performer at the camp this weekend. Sledge measured in at 6-3 and 178 pounds. He ran a 4.60 from a two point stance. He set the record for the Figure 8 (or 3 Cone Drill) with his 6.7 second time. The figure 8 much like the short shuttle measures a player's fluidity and change of direction, and Sledge set the mark on the season.

Height, weight, and timed drills are great, but it doesn't matter if a player can't play football. Sledge can play football. He lined up with the wide receivers, and he was the best wide receiver I've seen in three camps so far this spring. He has very strong hands. He's raw in his route running, but there's an explanation for that as well.

According to his coach, this was only Sledge's second day at receiver. He played safety last season. Sledge brought back memories of the first time I watched Mike McIntosh in a camp. He was so fluid that I was shocked to find out that McIntosh was a quarterback. Sledge has that kind of potential as well.

Towards the end of the camp, Sledge played some defensive back as well, and as scary as this sounds, he wouldn't look out of place as a 6-3 corner.
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Thanks Nutty. This guy looks grown up already. This is the first I've heard of him, and he has an offer already. I wonder how many players the Buckeyes are working on that all of us have no clue about? I'll bet there's plenty.
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Dude looks mean, just like a football player should. Good height at 6'3", but needs some weight (only 178). Rivals has his listed as an "athlete" currently, but it sounds like his future may be at corner. Could he be another Chris Gamble "sleeper" for the Bucks?

Does Helpinghand know this kid?
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This post is taken from the Bucknuts Insiders Board....

Posts: 771
(5/19/04 10:42:31 pm)

I have spoken to Eric a few times. The last time being 2 weeks after the Nike Camp.

[edit] Just read the update, new news to me. I will give him a call.
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so has anyone pinned down which florida school he likes the best? he want to catch balls from Xavier, so its FSU? or wait, he was a gator fan growing up so its UF? well actually he's waiting on an offer from the canes, so obviously its miami?
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