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'05 FL RB Randall Johnson


Sitting around in my underwear....
4.55 40 yard dash
315 Bench Press
570 Squat

Johnson is one of the top running backs in the Sunshine State for the Class of 2005. He had 1,358 yards and 15 touchdowns on only 153 carries.

He lists Miami, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, and Ohio State in that order in his most recent update on Insiders (4/12). His top 5 have changed since the last update (3/1). He grew up a Miami fan.

In a past Insiders' update he listed Maurice Clarett as someone he likes.

"I like Maurice Clarett," said Johnson. "My strengths are good field vision, and I'm very strong."

EDIT: No news after April 12, 2004 - if you have any info, please update.
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