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'05 FL OL Ian Bustillo (Central Florida signee)



Ian Bustillo
Offensive guard / Defensive tackle Miami (FL) Killian

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 280 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.1 seconds
Bench max: 285 pounds
Bench reps: 20
Squat max: 415 pounds
Vertical leap: 27 inches
Shuttle time: 4.7 seconds
GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1010

A lot of Staff activity today down is Sofla. Will have a recap for you after we all have drinks & dinner tonight..
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Max on Ian Bustillo

The Ian Bustillo Story

March 30, 2004

Ian Bustillo (6-3, 283, 5.1) of Miami Killian, Florida sent me two game films, back to back against two powerhouse teams in Miami Southridge and Miami Carol City, but I must tell you that the film quality was very, very poor. This big guy, however, was so dominanting, it really did not make a difference.

On the game films, I could not make out his number on many of the plays, and I think that he played both right tackle and left tackle, but mostly left tackle. In two of the biggest games of the season, against Southridge in the Regional Finals and Carol City in the Semi-finals, #73 was an obvious force on a very good offensive line for a very good high school football team. I did see him get numerous pancake blocks and other downfield blocks that enabled the ball carrier to get more rushing yards.

Bustillo made the clearing block for All-American running back Bobby Washington on many of his runs as the Killian offense racked-up to 2,987-yards of rushing as a team. In fact, he also had 78 pancake blocks, allowed no sacks, and graded-out at an incredible 98%. Washington was a HS All-American running back and he signed with The University of Miami.

If this was not enough, Bustillo played every single down on offense which added-up to 583 plays and he only had two penalties called on him, a false start and one holding call. This kid can play for any team in America.

It might be noted that Bryce Bishop who signed with Ohio State was one my HS All-Americans in 2000 and he also played left tackle for Killian and then Christian Capote who signed with Clemson in 2002 was another Killian left tackle that I really liked.

The upside on this kid is off of the recruiting map and he is only 16 years old. He could become a tremendous guard or center at the next level. He will not turn 17 until July 21 and he is already a two-year starter for 6A Miami Killian.

He is a very smart offensive lineman who carries a great 3.6 GPA and he has already recorded a 1010 on his SAT Test. I think that this kid will be an outstanding center in college and I have listed his as one on my Junior Rankings.

His dad and uncle went to LSU, and he likes them. He also likes Miami, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina State, and Rutgers.


Thank you very much for your Story and ranking, I will not let you down. At this moment, I am in the Top 20 Out of State Recruits from LSU as per Dandy Don and Coach Ryals along with Coach Fisher will be down to Miami in 2-3 weeks to take a look at me and hopefully get an offer. My Father and Uncle went to LSU in the 1978-1984 Era, so I would love to wear the Purple and Gold. I would appreciate it if you can get in Touch with Larry Blustein (if possible) as he does not know anything about me. I sent him some of the Films, Stats and Pictures a week ago. I would like to be in the FAB 50 in Florida.

Ian Bustillo

You have to love the e-mail he sent Emfinger- something tells me that Blustein will have Ian in his top 100 in his next rankings update :)

LSU's top OOS rankings per Dandy Don's
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