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'05 FL LB Gerald Williams & DL Vladimir Richard (Tennessee signees)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Gerald Williams is continuing to show interest in Ohio State. I'm still wondering why he's camping in Iowa when we're in his top 5 and Iowa isn't.


Gerald Williams
Lauderdale Lakes (FL)
Boyd Anderson
Outside linebacker / Weakside defensive end

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 226 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 seconds
Bench reps: 15
Vertical leap: 26 inches
Shuttle time: 4.4 seconds
GPA: 3.0
SAT: 750

A big middle linebacker in high school Williams' future will be at defensive end. He had a huge junior season with 132 tackles, six sacks, and four interceptions. He has a bench press of 315 pounds and squats 420.

Big time LB/DE prospect from the Sunshine State. Has the size to grow into a DE at the next level but plays inside linebacker in high school. Plans on camping at Iowa and Miami this summer. His early favorite is Miami and Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Ohio State round out his top 5. As a junior he had over 130 tackles, 4 interceptions including a return for a TD and 3 sacks.
Dlineman Vladimir Richard





Vladimir Richard
Strongside DE
Sunrise (FL)

Height: 6-foot-4.5
Weight: 255 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.06 seconds
Bench reps: 22
Vertical leap: 26 inches
Shuttle time: 4.41 seconds
GPA: 3.4
Note: all measurables from this year's Nike Miami camp-He finished 1st in three of the four events (40, shuttle and vertical jump) and finished 3rd in the other (bench press).
Insiders 4 Star DE
tOSU is sending letters to Vladimir

Big time defensive end prospect who helped his team to an 8-3 season in 2003. He finished the year with over 100 tackles and three sacks. He has blazing quickness and plays with incredible balance.

free insiders

RECRUITING: Vladimir Richard wants to be playmaker
By Franz Beard


It is that first step that has college football coaches buzzing about Sunrise Piper defensive end Vladimir Richard. The 6-4, 265-pounder is has that ability to explode out of his stance and that has college coaches buzzing about him this summer.

Vladimir Richard (6'3", 235lb)
"That first step can determine if you're a playmaker or not," said Richard Thursday night. "If you can beat that tackle off the ball by even a split second, you've got a chance to make a play. I really want to be known as a playmaker."

He's grown from 6-3, 235 as a junior to his present size and the added weight is all muscle. He's benching 360 right now and says that his progress in the weight room has been slowed by shoulder problem that he's been rehabbing.

"Now that my shoulder's doing okay, I think I'll be able to improve my bench press," he said. "I want to get it over 400 because that will get me ready for playing college football."

He camped at Florida in June and plans to return to the UF Rising Senior Camp in July. The Florida camp will be the only additional camp for him. He has six schools on his favorite list which he will begin to put into an order of preference during the football season in the fall.

"There's going to be time to decide who's really my favorites later on," he said. "Right now, in no particular order, the schools that I really am considering are Florida, Miami, Georgia, NC State, Ohio State and FSU. I think all of these schools have something to offer so I want to think it through carefully before I start making my choices."

He has a 3.5 grade point average and he has plans to take both the ACT and the SAT in the very near future. He is expected to qualify easily for a Division I scholarship.

In the summer, he's working hard on technique so he can be more effective for a team that expects to rely on its defense to keep it in games during the fall.

"We're really going to be young on offense," he said. "We lost a few players because we got a new coach and most of them were on offense. We picked up a few new players too, a couple from Stranahan and from Dillard. I believe our defense can be real good, but we'll have to be because of our inexperience on offense. I was gonna try some tight end, and I still might go in at tight end on a jumbo package, but mostly, I'll be on defense."

His summer workout regimen is filled with drills to discipline him to stay low when coming off the ball as well as getting better at fending off blocks.

"I have to stay low to get under the tackle's pads, and I'm spending extra time working to get my hands on the tackle before he can extend, then using my strength to separate from him," he said.

He sees his strengths as being able to get that first explosive step, making a quick read and agility which allows him to change direction quickly so he can get in pursuit.

"I sometimes tend to be a bit over-aggressive," he said, "so I'm working on that, but I think that's because I see the ball and just react quickly. But, this year, I want to play under control because I think I'll be more effective that way."

He has plans to major in business in college, just like his best friend Gerald Williams, the standout linebacker from Fort Lauderdale Boyd Anderson.

"He's my best friend," said Richard. "We went to the Florida camp together and we'll be going back in July. In fact, we've pretty much decided that we're going to go to the same school together."

HH maybe you can give us an update on Vladimir and his buddy Gerald Williams- does tOSU have much of a chance?
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nice article on the bond between Gerald Williams and Vladimir Richard-tOSU is trying to get a visit from both

Special bond

By Christy Cabrera Chirinos
Staff Writer
Posted October 29 2004

The table is spread with small buckets of rice and beans. Two whole chickens sit between them. One reaches for a bottle of hot sauce and douses his meal liberally. The other drowns his bird in barbecue sauce.

Looking at the two of them, it jumps out that this is just one of their few differences. Their thought processes are so similar that when Vladimir Richard arrived at the home of his best friend, Gerald Williams, earlier in the evening, the two broke out in laughter when they realized they were wearing identical shorts.

Richard, a stocky 6-foot-2, 250-pound defensive lineman, had arrived after a long practice at Piper. Williams, a linebacker at Boyd Anderson, had propped his lean 6-5, 225-pound frame on the couch to wait for the friend he calls his "brother," to arrive for dinner.

But their frames, schools and taste in chicken are where the differences end. Even their blue-and-white cell phones, which ring constantly through their meal as college coaches hope for a precious few seconds with either one of them, match.

"We're the same," Richard said, looking across the table at his best friend since middle school. "We have so much in common, that when we go to college, there's no one I want to share a room with. We're both neat. We don't stay up too late. We're basically alike."

Considering the two met over a middle school basketball fight, they've come a long way.

Tonight, they will find themselves as the opposition on the football field when Piper tries to keep its playoff hopes alive against Boyd Anderson.

Piper needs an upset of the Cobras plus a highly improbable South Plantation victory over Plantation to force a three-way tie for the slot as the District 8-6A runner-up. Williams' Cobras are in a much better spot; a win over Piper, and they clinch a spot in the regional quarterfinals.

And that's why despite the fact the two are so close, tonight will be different.

"We both have to step up as men, and we know there's going to be a whole lot of trash-talking," Williams said.

That becomes evident after a few more moments of conversation.

Richard looks up in the middle of his meal and says, "You know, we put a Gerald Williams in today."

Williams is often called on in short-yardage situations to block as a fullback for the Cobras, and the Piper coaching staff knows it, creating the simulated Williams for practice.

Williams stops eating to raise an eyebrow.

"You did? What for? You can't stop me."

And it is then, when Richard's laugh fills the Pollo Tropical restaurant, where they are laying waste to two tables of food, and he covers his face to keep from losing his composure.

"We're going to smack you in the mouth, and you know it."

If Richard and Williams have their way, it will be the last time they'll line up against each other for a while. The two, who have never attended the same school, want to be classmates at least once. While there were brief discussions about mid-summer high school transfers, they decided to remain at their respective schools.

They knew they could be together in college. They decided that any school that wanted one of them better want them both. And the University of Florida did.

The two orally committed to play for the Gators in July, but with Ron Zook's firing earlier this week, things have changed. Both say they still want to play for Florida, but their options are open once more. They plan on taking their five visits together and trips to Tennessee and N.C. State have already been set. Auburn has also moved into the mix and neither ruled out Miami or Florida State.

"Either way, we're going to school together," Williams said. "We're a package deal."

Dinner is winding down and the two phones on the table keep ringing. Williams reaches for his and speaks to the recruiter on the other line. After a few minutes, he covers the mouthpiece and looks at Richard.

"614?" he asks before handing the phone over.

"Ohio State, I'm pretty sure," replies the 3.9 GPA student regarding the area code before launching into another conversation with yet another one of the coaches hoping to sway them.

One South Florida coach has already seen enough of Williams and Richard to know the two can be a powerful combination. Frank Hepler's Plantation Colonels have already notched wins against Boyd Anderson and Piper. While he doesn't know the players personally, he is confident their on-field presence will make any college coach happy.

"If I were a college coach, I'd take them both," Hepler said. "Whether they're buddies or not, they're talented. The fact they know each other so well is only going to help them interact on the field more quickly."

And that's what Richard and Williams are hoping for. At least after tonight.

"This situation is a true blessing," Richard said. "This doesn't happen every day, even to be on the same side of the ball. When he's behind me, I know he's going to let me know what I'm doing wrong and vice versa. We're going to be on the field together as one and if we fall, we're going to fall together.

"It's good to know that."
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I split these two off from the S. Florida thread. They claim they are a package deal (so I kept them in the same thread) and both say they may visit tOSU.

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Vladimir says he is wide open again and tOSU is a school he is looking at-He says they have great coaching, players making the NFL and feels he can fit in with the Bucks.

He will go to Tenn this weekend, then NC St, Auburn, and probably Georgia and tOSU as his final two.
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Gerald Williams says he is still 65% committed to Florida (which probably means the same for Vladimir Richard).

He has many of the same favorites (after leader Florida) as Vladmir-Tennessee, N.C. State, tOSU and LSU. He mentioned visits to Tenn, NCST, Florida and Auburn- he said his 5th visit is up in the air. Although HH mentions above that Gerald/Vladimir may be visiting C-bus on Nov. 20th.
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Gerald Williams/Vlad Richard/Elijah Hodge will all be visiting NCST this weekend. Gerald said there was a possibility all three could go to the same school but says they will all do what is best for themselves. Gerald says that tOSU is one of many schools that call weekly but he has not set up any in-home visit yet.
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