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'05 FL DB Demetrice Morley (Tennessee signee)


After a unreal, great performance today, I think I have Tucker & Snyder hooked on Demetrice Morley. He was flying all over the field today, so much so, it was not real!

We have been approved to register him into Camp late, so I am hopeful we can work it out and get him up there in June.

BTW, I am sitting at a table tonight with Snyder & Tucker, and more of my Coach friends join us from Cincinnatti, Notre Dame, Kansas and others. It turned out to be a coaches convention at pier 66!

Lots of activity as spring ball comes to a close.
Thanks for the update, HH.



Safety / Cornerback
Miami (FL)

Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 176 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.53 seconds
Bench max: 210 pounds
Vertical leap: 35 inches
Shuttle time: 4.31 seconds

Registered over 50 tackles this past season as well as 9 interceptions. The school record is 20 interceptions and Morley wants to beat that this fall.
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The Hand!!! Is so plugged in the next woman that takes him on is going to light up like a pinball machine and payoff in silver dollars!

(Quote lifted from 1975 Oscar Award Winner One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, McMurphy) :blush:
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Sorry to report it does not look good here. With the way Coach Snyder treated Javier Estopiñan, he has been bad mouthing Ohio State and the recruiting process in the last couple of weeks. Demetrice is friends with Javier so we have not been able to overcome this. I really think the way Snyder treated some kids is going to hurt us in Miami-Dade County. Hopefully, when Tucker takes over the county, it can help to change things in general.
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Has it been determined that HH is Chris Carter....or that he isn't?

C'mon HH, let out a cheer for ole Middletown High.....

Just funnin'.

Thanks for the info, it is always appreciated. It has to be a wonderful feeling to help these young men reach their potential, get a quality education and realize their dreams. I envy and respect you immensly for the care and concern you afford these youngsters.

God bless and GO BUCKS!
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It doesn't sound very promising- hopefully he comes up to camp (as HH indicated) and things change

free insiders article

This year South Florida is loaded with outstanding defensive backs. One stands out from the rest because of his versatility and hard-hitting ability. The Noles along with several other schools are in hot pursuit.

Demetrius Morley of Miami (Fla.) Killian will give All-American Kenny Phillips a run for his money as the top defensive back in Dade County. The 6-0 and 180 pound standout has the athletic-ability and speed to play corner or safety at the next level.

Morley has some big offers, including Florida State and Miami. It appears he has his eyes on the local Hurricanes in a huge way.

”Miami is my leader,” he said. “It’s the hometown team and I’m a big Hurricane fan. My parents are huge Hurricane fans also. LSU is up there with Miami also. After them I like Florida State, Oklahoma and Florida.”

Another factor helping the Canes is the fact that Morley is the cousin of incoming Miami freshman Bobby Washington. He’s also friends with Florida State incoming freshman J.R. Bryant.

“I’m also real tight with Dorian Monroe of Coral Reef,” he said. “We met last year.”

Recently Morley made himself into a household name by shutting down some the top wide receivers in the Miami football camp.

“I did real well,” he said. “I shut down Jessie Hester and two other guys. I had two interceptions and I broke up a lot of passes.”

The South Florida star would like to camp at two others schools this summer but he’s not quite sure who it will be with yet.

Family is going to be his biggest factor in terms of choosing where he plans on spending the next four to five years of his life.

“The decision is going to be between me and my family,” he said. “They said they wouldn’t mind me playing out of town so I can experience something new.”

Morley registered over 50 tackles this past season as well as nine interceptions.
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free insiders

RECRUITING: Demetrius Morley has no favorites yet
By Mark McLeod GatorCountry.com
Date: Jul 5, 2004

Killian safety Demetrius Morley walked off of the field after the Cougars had dropped a heartbreaking 3-0 state semi-final game to eventual 6A champion Carol City defeated, but not broken. What was the pain of last winter has become a major source of motivation this summer for him.

Demetrius Morley (6', 180lb)
"We had a great year last year. We were right there. But it just didn't fall into place. We have a strong team coming back. On July 5th, we'll start with the cones for our footwork and speed drills and I'll tell you, I'm ready to get this thing going."

The Cougars went 11-3 dumping Palmetto, Coral Gables, and Southridge along the playoff road. But, Morley only mentioned that discouraging December evening. He is on a mission - a mission to get Killian to Gainesville for the state title game.

Despite lining up at safety, Morley will be among the top cover men in the country by year's end. As one might expect, he is being recruited by the top universities. "My focus has been on improving. I've spent this summer getting stronger and improving my speed. I've also watched some film with Coach Rolle to help make me better." Morley said that he would narrow his list of colleges later, but based on the way he spoke about Miami and LSU, they appear to be the schools that sparked his immediate interest.

When asked which coach impressed him the most Morley said, "Saban. Because I talked to him and his staff quite a bit. I like them and the facilities they have over there. They've got great facilities. It's a good school". The 6'0 ft 180lb player also named hometown favorite Miami as a top contender. Morley likes Head Coach Larry Coker and the Hurricane staff. He said that the home team had to be considered.

Wherever he goes, there is no question that Morley will line up at corner. His ability in man coverage is the stuff that defensive coordinators drool over. But, for the time being, leading Coach Billy Rolle's Cougars around that final cone for a December date in "The Swamp" fuels his motivation.

Mark McLeod What has been your focus this summer?

Demetrius Morley: "I've pretty much spent the summer working on getting stronger and improving my speed. I've also watched some film with Coach Rolle to help make me better."

Mark McLeod Who have you patterned your workout routine with - high school coaches, personal trainer, or advice from college players?

Demetrius Morley:"My head Coach (Rolle). On July 5th, we'll start with the cones for our footwork and speed drills and I'll tell you, I'm ready to get this thing going."

Mark McLeod Where have you improved most this summer?

Demetrius Morley: "My consistency. I really haven't improved in any one thing. I'm just more consistent."

Mark McLeod Which teams are recruiting you the hardest?

Demetrius Morley: "Miami, LSU, and Ohio State are recruiting me the hardest, if you're talking about the top teams."

Mark McLeod Have you determined your visit list?

Demetrius Morley: "No. That's something that I'll do later. I'm just focusing on getting better right now"

Mark McLeod Is there a school that you have looked at as a favorite?

Demetrius Morley: "No, I'm open."

Mark McLeod Of all of the coaches recruiting you, who has been the most impressive and why?

Demetrius Morley: "Saban, because I talked to him and his staff quite a bit. I like them and the facilities they have over there. They've got great facilities. It's a good school."

Mark McLeod Who else made a strong impression on you?

Demetrius Morley: "Coker, I talk to him a lot and the assistant coaches a lot. They're the home team. You have to look at the home team."

Mark McLeod What will be that one thing that does it for you when it comes time to determine which college is best for you?

Demetrius Morley: "Family. We'll discuss it as a family. They'll support me wherever I decide to go."

Mark McLeod Are you an athlete looking for a school to help improve your game while getting an education or do you consider yourself a student-athlete trying to get an education while trying to go to a school that can help me athletically?

Demetrius Morley: "Definitely athlete."

Mark McLeod What will you major in?

Demetrius Morley: "Business management."

Mark McLeod If you had to arrange three criteria - depth chart, education, and coaching staff in level of importance to you, what would they be?

Demetrius Morley: "Education, coaching staff, and then depth chart"

Mark McLeod What games do you most want to witness on your recruiting visits?

Demetrius Morley: "I don't know. No, really, I wish that LSU and Miami played. That's one I'd like to see."

Still a long shot but at least tOSU is giving it a try. He has really shot up the rankings this Spring/Summer.
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He just got back from Rutgers Camp where he did well.

I personally don't get a good feeling about him. He is being advised by some pretty shady people I know, who may have their best intrests in mind. Not feeling really good about him right now. Maybe it will change as the season goes on.
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