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'05 DC DB J.J. Johnson (Marshall signee)


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Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
J.J. Johnson
Safety / Cornerback
Washington D.C. St. John's
Height: 5-foot-11
Weight: 177 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds
Vertical leap: 33 inches
Shuttle time: 4.10 seconds
GPA: 2.7
SAT: 830
Rivals: no rating, no. 4 player in District of Columbia

Audibles: "I'm a lock down cover corner and play best out of a bump and run defense. I can really disrupt a receivers routes with physical play at the line of scrimmage." -J.J. Johnson

J.J. is interested in Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, and Marshall; he has no offers yet.

J.J. is a teammate of Buckeye recruit LB Rico McCoy.

J.J.'s father, James Sr., was a strong safety at Norfolk State.

Last seaosn, J.J. pulled a groin in the second game, and that injury affected him throughout the balance of the season; for that reason, he is a "sleeper" prospect heading into the 2004 season.

Rivals on J.J. Johnson (7/7/04)