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'05 CA RB/S Trason Bragg (UCLA walk-on)


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Trason Bragg
Ht: 5-10.5 Wt: 198 40: 4.5
Position: TB, SS
Projected as: S, RB
Position Rank: NR
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Loyola HS
(Los Angeles, CA)

Free Duane Long Article

Trason Bragg L.A. Prospect Has Family Roots In Ohio
By Duane Long
Date: Jul 22, 2004

SS/RB Trason Bragg of Los Angeles (Ca.) Loyola recently made a stop at Ohio State camp. We had a chance to talk with his father about the camp and his Ohio roots.

Running back/safety Trason Bragg of Loyola High School in Los Angeles is one of several California prospects showing interest in Ohio State this year, and a big reason why is his family roots. We recently had a chance to talk with his father, who originally hails from Ohio. He and Trason came to Ohio State for camp.

"Yeah, we were there last month," Mr. Bragg said. "We were at camp. We had been to Notre Dame and Michigan camps too, so he was a bit tired. He didn't perform as well as we had hoped. He ended up sitting out some at the end."

Bragg gave some details on his Ohio roots.

"I'm actually an Akron Buchtel grad," he said. "I had not been back in 30 years. I really did not realize how much I had missed Ohio. Ohio State is the school he is so aware of because of my roots back there."

Mr. Bragg said Trason liked what he saw from Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel and shared a neat little story about Coach Tressel from camp.

"He was super impressed with Coach Tressel," he said. "In addition to the Ohio State coaches who were at the camp, there were about 25 other coaches there. Coach Tressel had a little synopsis of all the coaches who were helping at the camp, and he did it without notes."

Trason is projected as a safety, but he also rushed for 1,102 yards last season.

"Yes, he is a running back too," Mr. Bragg said. "He led the league in touchdowns and rushing. He will be a three-year starter. In this program, most don't start until they are seniors."

Trason Bragg is 5-11, 195 right now. He has yet to receive an offer, but he brings a solid package at safety.

"He can cover and he can hit," Mr. Bragg said. "He has won at every level. He's a gamer. He played all of last year with a torn rotator cuff. He never missed a game."

Trason is looking at a variety of schools all over the country, but he is definitely interested in the Big Ten area.

"Out here, he likes Cal, Arizona State, Oregon, and UCLA. He really likes those Midwest schools though -- Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan," Mr. Bragg said.
I wonder if we will offer, or if he is the type of player who we will wait and see what happens with some other guys first. As a safety we are obviously looking at Myers-White, Oatis, Daniels (OLB possibly), and Ray Herring from FL among a few others. At RB we are looking at Wells, Ringer, and Colllins from FL (seems unlikely he leaves the state) among others.

EDIT: Trason will walk on at UCLA.

Whittier Daily News - 06/30/05
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