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'05 CA OL Kevin Bemoll (California signee)


was offered by tOSU according to Rivals




Offensive tackle
Mission Viejo (CA)- teammate of tOSU verbal- Ryan Williams

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 295 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.1 seconds
Bench reps: 20
Vertical leap: 22 inches
Shuttle time: 4.53 seconds
GPA: 3.5
Bio Notes: Earned first-team all-league, all-Orange County and all-state underclass honors as a junior.

"He's a great player, bigger, faster and stronger than Drew (Radovich) was for us but to be honest." -Mission Viejo coach Bob Johnson
"He's a tremendous player and could be better than Drew Radovich (USC) who we had here two years ago. He's big, has good feet and is mean." -Mission assistant coach Marty Spaulding

Stats/Honors: First team all-league, county, and CIF as a junior. Was also a first team all-state underclass selection.
"I'm a decent pass blocker and pretty good run blocker. I'm pretty quick for my size and have good strength. I want to get better all-around. There's not one specific thing. I just want to get bigger, faster and stronger."

BPs 400/SQs 560

3.0/waiting on March 27 SAT results


Jersey#: 61
Name: Kevin Bemoll
Position: Offensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle
Grade: 11
Height: 6-5
Weight: 300
Date of Birth: 5-27-87
Place of birth: Pompton Plains, NJ
Goals after High School: Play football at a Division 1 School
College Preference: USC, Hawaii
Hobbies: Music
Most memorable football moment: Moving up to Varsity as a Sophomore
Biggest rivalry: Everyone we play

He wants to leave California- before Ryan verbaled he was listing LSU, Miami and Florida as his favorites (all offered)

Could Ryan help sway him to tOSU?? tOSU is now on his list of favorites- according to Rivals
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I wonder if we've ever taken 3 kids from one oos school?

I just listened to the Ryan Williams interview on BNR and he indicated that there was a good chance he would be taking Kevin (and possibly Sanchez) with him on a summer visit to tOSU.

Ryan said both Mark and Kevin are wide open and he would be try to get them interested in tOSU :osu:
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Here's a link to a new Rivals article:

LSU Rivals on Kevin Bemoll (7/2/04)

“My top schools right now are University of Florida, Miami, LSU and Ohio State,” Bemoll said. “I think I like Miami a little bit more than Florida but I haven’t seen LSU or Ohio State yet.”
This is good news, as Florida was his top school prior to beginning his summer visits. It sounds like Kevin still has an open mind.
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I think we really have a great shot here. everything ive read has me more and more excited, i love how humble the kid was. All too often u hear how Great these kids think they are (which granted, they probably are in HS) but he seems preety humble. anybody know where he projects on the line? Boone is a tackle obviously, Cordle seems to be a guard, Bemoll would be what? a takle?
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Bemoll projects as a tackle, and would a nice bookend to Boone.

Bemoll's favorites are Miami, Florida, LSU, and OSU. Bemoll has already visited Miami and Florida; is visiting OSU on or about July 9th, with Ryan Williams; and LSU around the 23rd; so there is a strong possibility he will make his college choice by the end of the month. Personally, I think that it will be OSU.
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