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'05 CA FB George Hypolite (Colorado signee)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member


George Hypolite
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 230 40: 4.7
Position: FB
Projected as: RB
Position Rank: NR
Class: 2005 Senior
High School: Loyola HS
(Los Angeles, CA)

JR Stats: 110 rushes/669 yds/5TDs
"I'm a good blocker and am still improving. I judge the holes good and I also catch the ball well for a back. I want to work on making better decisions running the ball in crowds and improve my cuts and jukes. I want to be faster and more explosive."

"I'm really open to what position I could play in college. I'll probably go in as a FB and shift to another spot, maybe LB, if things work out that way. Overall, I do everything pretty well."

BPs 330/SQs 625/VJ 33

2.8/June 5 SAT

Bio Notes: 1st team All-League, 1st team All-State Underclass honors as a junior.

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In the latest Rivals update Hypolite mentions that if he had to choose his 5 official visits right now Ohio State would be one of his destinatons and he mentioned the Buckeyes first. Could this be the big back so many Buckeye fans are craving? Hypolite does not have any offers at this point. His squat is up to 710 pounds.
I'm sure the staff is more than aware of Simpson and they didn't offer him. I'm not even sure how much interest they showed. Wouldn't have mattered anyone considering he's a scUM fan and even mentioned he didn't much care for Ohio State after he committed to the weasels.

I'm not saying the staff is actively pursuing a big back, I was only saying a good number of fans would like to see us land a back with some size. I happen to be one of them.
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George had some early interest in Ohio State, which apparently was not mutual. As Signing Day approaches, he has one major offer (Colorado), but is still undecided:

Despite Hypolite's high interest in the Buffaloes, he is not going to announce a final decision until signing day, which is this Wednesday.

"I am still kind of weighing out my options," he expressed. "I will have a decision on Wednesday."

What options are on the table?

"I don't really want to divulge them but I am still debating upon where I am going to sign," Hypolite said.
Great quote - keep 'em guessing until the end!

Rivals on George Hypolite (2/1/2005)
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