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'05 CA DE Rolando Barragan (JUCO; transfer to Southern Miss)



Inglewood (Calif.) Morningside defensive lineman Rolando Barragan had another strong season and will be one of the top line prospects in the West next season. If he has his way, Barragan will be leaving the region to play his college ball.

<!-- No ad code -->Barragan, 6-3, 270 pounds earned all-state Underclass honors for the second year in a row this past season. He played right tackle on offense and rush end on defense finishing with 101 tackles, 36 for loss, 17 quarterback sacks, recovered six fumbles and forced five others. He's getting recruited strictly for defense and would play as an end in college but has the size and strength to easily make the transition to defensive tackle as well.

On the recruiting front, Barragan is hearing from most of the Pac 10 as well as Florida State, LSU, Ohio State and Colorado.

"I would like to leave the area although I'm looking at USC still," Barragan said. "They were one of my childhood favorites but right now, Ohio State is probably my top school followed by Florida, Florida State and Texas. That would be my top five schools. I'm planning to go to the Nike camp in San Diego but I'm still not sure about the rest of my summer camp plans right now."

Academically, Barragan is carrying a 3.0 GPA and said he would like to be a fire fighter when his playing days are over.

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CleveBucks said:
Wow, those are some SICK stats. 36 TFL and 17 sacks? And we lead? Nice to hear.

Must not be Petey's number one guy, huh? lol
He will now that someone else shows interest ;-) I am sure Petey will tell this kid that he will not recruit another DE for two more years ;-)
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I can't remember another recruiting year where so many oos kids were showing/mentioning solid interest in us.

Barragan was named all-state, along with Buckeye recuit Kahlil Bell, as a sophmore on the OL.

http://story.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=145&p=2&c=85718 (Premium from 1/6/03)

All-State Sophomores (Offense)

OL -- Marvin Jones (Bethel, Vallejo) 6-2, 265
OL -- Jacob Hickman (Centennial, Bakersfield) 6-4, 265
OL -- Russell Tialavea (Oceanside) 6-2, 250
OL -- Rolando Barragan (Morningside, Inglewood) 6-3, 270
QB -- Sean Canfield (Carlsbad) 6-1, 175
QB -- Michael Coleman (Arroyo Valley, San Bernardino) 6-0, 170
QB -- Jason Forcier (Mater Dei, Santa Ana) 6-0, 180
RB -- Kahlil Bell (Montgomery, Santa Rosa) 5-11, 195
RB -- Cary Harris (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 6-1, 165
RB -- Francis Okukwu (Stockdale, Bakersfield) 5-8, 180
RB -- Rylon Thomas (Valencia) 5-8, 165
RB -- Syd Thompson (Grant, Sacramento) 5-11, 175
RB -- Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village) 5-9, 170
RB -- Evan Williams (Vacaville) 5-11, 170
RB -- Antoine Wilson (Serra, San Diego) 5-6, 160 WR/DB -- Ryan Wolfe (Hart, Newhall) 5-11, 165
WR -- Jeremy Childs (Los Alamitos) 6-2, 170

And as a junior on the DL.

http://mb1.theinsiders.com/fhscaliforniafrm1.showMessage?topicID=10564.topic&index=2 (PrepCa.com Update 1/12/04)


DL -- Bernard Afutiti (Kaiser, Fontana) 6-2, 225, Jr.
DL -- Fev'aea'i AhMu (Serra, San Diego) 6-2, 300, Jr.
DL -- Rolando Barragan (Morningside, Inglewood) 6-3, 275, Jr.
DL -- Jacob Hickman (Centennial, Bakersfield) 6-4, 245, Jr.
DL -- Averil Spicer (Rancho Cucamonga) 6-2, 250, Jr.
LB -- Luther Brown (Lakewood) 6-3, 225, Jr.
LB -- Prince Hall (Moreno Valley) 6-1, 260, Jr.
LB -- Rey Maualuga (Eureka) 6-2, 230, Jr.
DB -- Cary Harris (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 6-2, 180, Jr.
DB -- Will Harris (Charter Oak, West Covina) 6-1, 185, Jr.
DB -- A.J. Scott (Palm Springs) 5-10, 190, Jr.
P -- Mason Thomas (Eureka) 6-3, 215, Jr.
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Kurelic said today that he is getting interest from OSU but is not a top priority...I have no idea about the level of competition in his conference but ALL STATE both ways is very impressive...

I wonder if he is better than Denlinger or Hight? Those two are probably a safer bet (excluding Hight's grades) but you never know...You have to take the best available with a low # of scholies!
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Rolando went to El Camino JC after high school and is now a top JC recruit with offers from Oklahoma, Tennessee and Auburn. Washington, Arizona, UCLA and Oregon are also recruiting him. He is now up to 6-foot-3 265 lbs. and is being recruited as a DT.
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