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'05 Basketball Recruit - Charles Jackson

good find brutus2002- one of the top players in Georgia





Buena Vista (GA)

Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 275 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.25 seconds
Bench max: 285 pounds
Squat max: 350 pounds
Vertical leap: 27 inches
GPA: 90
SAT: 920


Class: Senior

Position: Offensive tackle-tight end

Vital statistics: 6 feet 7, 265 pounds

Scholastics: Has 94 GPA, has qualified

College: Georgia, Miami and LSU lead

Interests: Averaged 20 points and 14 rebounds per game in basketball; shot put and discus in track

Favorite girl on TV or movies: Beyonce

Bush or Kerry?: Bush

Favorite piece of clothing: Green and black jersey

Favorite team and player: Pittsburgh Steelers; Michael Vick

Plays tight end in high school, but will be one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the south. Huge frame with long arms, moves extremely well with his tight end background. Unlimited potential as a college lineman.

Also a standout basketball player for the Georgia Hawks, and he might have a future in both sports in college. Averaged 18 ppg/14 rpg/6 apg/4 bpg.
"I got great hands and pretty quick feet. I'm a good receiver and use a good balance of quickness and power. I want to improve my agility and I got to get more leg strength. That would really help my explosiveness and leverage."

Insiders is reporting that he has been offered by tOSU
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