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'05 AZ DT Ekom Udofia (Stanford signee)


He is from the same school as QB Darren Mougey and has said in previous articles that tOSU was one of his childhood favorites and his brother attends Stanford

Udofia's Stats: 6-2, 290 lbs., 4.68 in the 40, 380 lb. max bench, 600 lb. squat, 4.1 GPA/1160 PSAT

Listed in Lemmings top 10 junior list

He had 87 tackles (37 for a loss) and 12 sacks as a junior

looks like he has an offer from Stanford and currently favors USC but still has tOSU interest


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update- Udofia currently has six scholarship offers -- Arizona, Arizona State, San Diego State, Stanford, Tenn, and a recent offer from Cryami.

His top choice right now is USCum but is also considering Tenn, scUM, tOSU, Oklahoma, FSU, Stanford
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Free Insiders article

Ekom favors USC slightly over Miami (offer), Tennessee (offer), LSU, Oklahoma and Stanford (possible offer). He also has offers from San Diego State, Arizona, Arizona State and Georgia.

"I think USC is close to offering. I sent out my film to them and my coach says they are very interested," said Udofia.

"I like them because they aren't too far away and they have great competition. It's the complete package because the academics are great too.

"I want to face great competition everyday in practice and during games. That's what I'm looking for in a school. I want to play for a competitive team. Arizona and Arizona State didn't perform well last year and I feel my top schools are just better opportunities."

Ekom grew up watching Miami. "I'm a big fan. They are a big-time program and always have great teams. They offered me about three weeks ago. I called Coach Larry Coker on the phone and he told me he was really impressed with me and said he has a scholarship waiting for me. Distance doesn't matter. I'm willing to go wherever."

But don't expect Ekom to make a commitment any time soon. "I definitely plan to take all five of my visits before I decide."

Ekom has 63 tackles with 37 for loss and 12 sacks as a JR. He also had three fumbles caused and recovered.

"I feel like I come off low and hard off the ball and I have real good hands. I study film a lot and know what I'm gonna see before I even face people. I have great moves and anticipate well. My biggest thing is to come off low all the time. I get tired in the fourth quarter and tend to go high. I'd also like to split the double teams better."

He BPs 390, SQs 605 and has a VJ of 30.

4.1 (4 scale)/May SAT
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