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'05/06 Scout.com Top 100 Class (Revised 5/12/05)


Never Forget 31-0


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Paul Harris

</TD><TD noWrap width=3></TD><TD vAlign=top>Scout.com Class of 2006 Top 100
By Dave Telep & Scout.com Scout.com
Date: Apr 7, 2005

It’s traveling team season and that means its moving time on the rankings lists! In anticipation of the upcoming AAU season, Scout.com has tweaked its Class of 2006 rankings.
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Take a good look at this list now because it’s bound to change (dramatically?) over the course of the next few months. That’s right, you just know some new name is going to burst onto the scene ala Vakeaton Wafer did two years ago.

Up at the top, there’s little reason to change. Greg Oden is and remains the best prospect in his class. A game changer defensively, Oden was recently announced as the Gatorade National High School player of the year!

Scanning the Top 10 you’ll find a few changes but other than Paul Harris, the names pretty much remain the same. The Top 5 is strong as five players 6-foot-8 or better make it a tough group to crack. However, Wayne Ellington sitting there at No. 6 is just waiting for someone to slip up!

Harris earned his way into the Top 10 by simply being a worker. We still aren’t sure what position he occupies on the college level but we’re way past that. He’s a kid you find a place for him and let him do his thing.

If you’re into Top 100 lists, we hope you like this one! <LI>Scout.com Class of 2006

Current Top 100 players listing Ohio State:

Greg Oden #1, Deaquan Cook #8 (Verbal), Paul Harris #9, David Lighty #16, Mike Conley #19, Tom Herzog #31, Rob Thomas #58,
Dauquan is already ours (and is not a legit NBA threat yet), Lighty sounds like he's really warming to us thanks to Cook, and we still have a decent shot at Conley. What an instant impact matta has made... wow!
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nice to see JaJuan Jones make the list as well. Herzog really shot up the list...although I don't think we have much of a shot at him. There are a few other guys who used to be listing OSU as well:

#20 D.J. Augustin
#26 Ramar Smith
#50 Richard Semrau
#75 Anjuan Wilderness
#79 JaJuan Jones
#83 Stefan Welsh
#87 Willie Walker
#98 Albert Jackson

Then, if you look at the top 50 for 2007 you will see:

#1 O.J. Mayo
#4 Bill Walker
#18 Herb Pope (maybe we still have a shot with Rory Nicol)
#20 Keenen Ellis
#47 Dalla Lauderdale
#48 Aaron Pogue

What an impact Matta has had...
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Just take a second and look at the talent in the top 100 that is listing OSU, now does anyone think we would have a shot with some of these guys if OB was still at OSU?

Granted some of these guys are listing OSU and they have some interest but it doesnt mean much, but just the fact they are giving us a look is a major step in getting the program back into the minds of the prospects.
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Josh McRoberts

</TD><TD noWrap width=3></TD><TD vAlign=top>Scout.com 2005 & 2006 Rankings!
By Dave Telep National Recruiting Director
Date: May 12, 2005

SCOUT.COM - After analyzing and breaking down the classes of 2005 and 2006, we’ve got some new lists for your reading pleasure. There’s a new No. 1 in 2005 but an old face graces the top spot in 2006.
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<CENTER>Scout.com 2005 Top 100</CENTER>

<CENTER>Scout.com 2006 Top 100</CENTER>

The shakeup in the Scout.com Top 5 in 2005 is complete. Josh McRoberts, the preseason No. 3 ranked player has taken over the top spot in our final 2005 individual rankings. McRoberts, who had his jersey retired by his AAU team at the Spiece Fieldhouse alongside Oden in May of 2005, headlines one of America’s finest recruiting classes at Duke.

Gerald Greene vaulted way up our list as well. His athleticism and stroke from behind the arc are the primary reasons for his ascension to No. 2. Rounding out the Top 5 are Monta Ellis, Martell Webster and Louis Williams. By the way, don’t be fooled by Ellis and Williams’ average (by their standards) post-game efforts. These guys can play.

<CENTER>Scout.com 2005 Top 100</CENTER>

The Class of 2006 is headlined by a pair of can’t miss prospects. Greg Oden probably can’t wait to get himself to a higher level – be it college or the pros – because his game needs to be challenged. The dominant center remains our choice (and pretty much everyone else’s) as the top prospect in the class.

However, Kevin Durant has taken the bull by the horns. Forget the fact that he’s extremely thin, he’s been dominant on the AAU circuit and pretty darn good for Oak Hill as well. We’re talking about a big time small forward with range most 6-foot-10 guys can’t even fathom. He’s coming on strong.

We’ve slid a few guys around in the Top 10 but the names, for the most part, remain the same.

For years we’ve prognosticated that the Class of 2006 was loaded and it is at the top. One element of the class that is showing itself as the season continues is that there might not be the kind of depth we originally envisioned this class having.

The Top 10 in 2006 can stand tall with just about any group in a long time. However, after about 30 players or so, there is little separating the remainder of the Top 100. Expect guys to slide in and out of the Top 100 and up and down the Top 75 for the next year. Translation: unless your name is Durant, Oden, Wright, Arthur, Young, Ellington, Hawes, Cook Harris or Macklin, you’d better bring your “A” game all the time.

The one situation we’ll monitor closely is the race at the point guard slot. Tywon Lawson and Sherron Collins are the big dogs heading into the summer and the rest of the spots from 3-10 can change quickly.

<CENTER>Scout.com 2006 Top 100</CENTER>Also check out our position rankings from both the Class of 2005 and Class of 2006!

Some names of interest for the OSU program in the 2006 class......​
#1 Greg Oden​
#8 Daequan Cook​
#15 Lance Thomas​
#21 David Lighty​
#26 Mike Conley​
#49 Raymar Morgan​
#51 Luke Harangody​
#54 Jamil Tucker​
#59 Willie Walker​
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