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'04 OH DE William Brody (Minnesota signee)


William Brody is a player that I have seen only a couple times last year, and twice this year. I think this kid has all the tools to be a big time player. I talked to a few Bennie alums and they told as a freshman he was 6-3 and played cb, they list him at 6-5 and 218lbs. and he looks it.. I read a quote in the Massillon paper from Howlands Coach Angle on Brody "Brody is all World and compared him to Shawn Crable"as good as Crable I don't think, but a player The buckeyes should look at? I have not seen him mentioned at all. Anyone else with any info on this player?
He was very very impressive in the Howland game. Every pass play he was in the backfield and made the quarterback get rid of the ball. It was insane no one oculd block him. I really didn't see hwo he was against the run, but he was a force coming off the edge. He looked like he might be scholly worthy
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Hubbard, He was outstanding against the run, the tigers double teamed him and ran away from him the whole game. I found a article from the Plain Dealer on the Bennie web site. It said he is 6-5. 220 and runs a 4.6 forty, also has five offers as of now. I'm going to the game on Sat. I will let you know how he plays.
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Hubbard, He was a monster he was in the back feld all night long they could not handle him. Alumni told He has 6 offers 2-Big Ten-4-Mac-1-Cinci. I saw a copy of Future Stars, Duane Long has him as someone to watch, I think he needs to be in the top 50!
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