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04 Highlight DVD Retail


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I had thought about making one of these, but was worried about how to distribute it with copyright rules and such. Looks like there's a much better option for all of us, and its legal.

Leave feedback if any of you have seen this. I'm curious if its worth the $20 tag.
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That's good to know that they aren't just walmart quality stuff.

Does anyone have any of the 2003 highlight dvds that they'd like to sell? I'm trying to track down one. I'm also looking for the 02 one, but I doubt that will as undesirable as to be resold.
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martinss01 said:
they should have the nuge looking at the uprights on the cover.
Totally. I like this shot because of teh perspective with the stadium, but with how far out Nuge warms up you could get a similar effect. Tho you wouldn't ahve the same backdrop with the stands, as they'd be less full, which would be an undesirable side effect.
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